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  • Adaptation First: Disney only released the show in the Asia-Pacific, while they released the Licensed Game worldwide. As such, a bunch of countries only got the game and not the show.
  • Blooper:
    • The music is accidentally left out in the Previously On… segment of episode 3 of the Great War in the Bizarre World Story Arc. As a result, the segment feels very empty.
    • The English version of Joys of Seasons episode 6 has the spoken dialogue significantly delayed on the YouTube version and all of the audio delayed on the iflix version.
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    • Episode 68 of Joys of Seasons has two brief instances where the animation is inadvertently replaced with a multilingual "Media offline" screen for a split-second. This only applies to the English version, which later got a second upload with the error corrected (though the original version with the error was kept as well).
    • The English version of Mighty Little Defenders episode 6 originally had the spoken dialogue, but completely lacked music and sound effects save for the theme song and end credits music. This episode was later reuploaded with the audio fixed.
  • Cash Cow Franchise: It's one of the most popular animated television series in China, thus causing it to make quite a bit of money off of its merchandise.
  • Channel Hop: This series has aired on a handful of channels throughout its run, among them CCTV-14, Hunan TV's Aniworld, and ZJTV.
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  • Completely Different Title: The Hindi title is entirely different. It's Kya Bakra Hai!, which translates to What a Goat! in English.
  • Content Leak: Due to briefly being unlisted and hidden, some episodes of the English dub of Mighty Little Defenders were found by fans a few days before their intended release date. Once these episodes were privated until they were intended to come out, fans made copies of them early.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: The original Chinese dub features:
    • Female Zu Qing as males Weslie, Night Wolf, and White Handsomey.
    • Female Liang Ying as males Paddi and Wilie.
    • Female Liu Hongyun as males Sparky and Banana Wolf.
  • Dueling Dubs: There are two dubs of Pleasant Goat Fun Class. The first dub was put on the Mandarin-learning app Miao Mi and the second dub was released on YouTube.
  • Fandom Life Cycle:
    • Stage 5 at its peak in China, due to having a lot of seasons and merchandise. It slowly cooled down to stage 3/4 when people grew tired of it, but it looks like it might reach stage 5 again as it's gaining back popularity.
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    • It's always been in stage 0(a) in the West due to a complete lack of exposure to the show, though it's slowly inching towards stage 1 or possibly 2 due to fans spreading the word about the show and getting people interested.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Xi Di Di/Little Brother Happy or Xiao Xi Ur/Little Happy for Weslie.
    • Hui Da Guh/ Big Brother Grey or Hui Da Xu/ Old Man Grey for Wolffy.
    • The goats (and Wolnie sometimes) tend to be called just by their adjectives (lazy, etc.). Or the goats are called in the same "format" as Weslie's nicknames.
    • An anthropomorphic flower character appearing only in Pleasant Goat Fun Class: The Earth Carnival episode 16 (and no other episodes) is popular among English fans. She has been nicknamed "Bloom Sister" due to not having an official name.
    • The show as a whole is sometimes nicknamed Xi Hui, which is based off of the Chinese title.
  • Flagship Franchise: Creative Power Entertaining has other shows, but they pool most of their efforts into making Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf and it gets the most merchandise.
  • Hey, It's That Sound!: The Super Mario Bros. coin sound appears in episode 5 of Pleasant Goat Fun Class: Sports are Fun.
  • Image Source:
    • Provides the image for Alliterative Family, showing Wolffy, Wolnie, Wilie, and their names.
    • Provides the image for Double Take, which shows Wolffy doing a double take after looking at a candy house.
    • Provides the image for No Dub for You, showing the Chinese show being on an English streaming website.
    • Provides the image for Roll Out the Red Carpet, showing a well-dressed Wolffy walking down a red carpet.
    • Provides the image for The X of Y, showing a War of Invention poster.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • A few of the English dubs are accessible if you know where and how to find them. However, the English dub of the first season's Great War in the Bizarre World Story Arc, which was on DramaFever before it shut down, has not resurfaced apart from a very small handful of episodes and clips (again, if you know where to look).
    • The websites that hosted early manhua strips went down and CPE didn't put all of the manhua strips on their app, making some early strips hard to find.
  • Late Export for You: South Korea didn't get the fourth and fifth movies (released in China in 2012 and 2013 respectively) until 2020.
  • Long-Runners: It started around 2005, and it is so popular that it now spans 2,000+ episodes, with no signs of stopping. Basically, it's to China what SpongeBob SquarePants is to America.
  • Marathon Running: Some seasons air really quickly due to their popularity. For example, The Athletic Carousel aired 60 episodes in only 4 days.
  • The Merch: There are over 1,000 different products aimed at different demographics, including fashion products, home goods, skin products, school items, and different toys and electronic items.
  • Milestone Celebration: The seventh film, Amazing Pleasant Goat, was made to commemorate the franchise's 10th anniversary.
  • Name's the Same:
    • The show shares its name with a Canadian band.
    • Paddi's pet egg, Eggy, shares his English name with a character from the original 1996 line of GoGo's Crazy Bones toys.
  • No Dub for You:
    • This show aired outside of China on Nickelodeon Asia, but it was kept in the original Chinese.
    • This show was put on the streaming service in Malaysia, but it was kept in the original Chinese.
  • No Export for You:
    • The "Goat Olympics" were only broadcasted in China and Taiwan.
    • The live-action movie only showed in China.
  • The Other Darrin: The English dub. They keep changing the voices of the characters with each season they dub.
  • Pop Culture Urban Legends: Rumors circulated that there would be a Japanese dub with an impressive cast. Creative Power Entertaining said that the news was false.
  • Recursive Adaptation: It began as an animated series, and it was later adapted into a comic series in a magazine, which then got adapted back into an animated series.
  • Recycled Script: One strip of the manhua has Weslie and Wolffy look fierce at first only to end up playing Rock–Paper–Scissors. This is the exact same joke as the Episode Title Card of episode 60.
  • Referenced by...:
    • This show is referenced a bit in Happy Heroes. Given that the director of Happy Heroes was also one of the higher-ups on the team creating Pleasant Goat, it makes sense.
      • One of the monsters is sent flying by Happy S., and is later shown to have landed in a dark ominous place with Wolf Castle in the background.
      Big-head Monster: He hit me so hard I have no idea what cartoon I've ended up in!
      • When Big M. and Little M. are wolves in the fairy tale arc, Big M. remarks that he has suddenly developed a fear of frying pans... then he got hit with a frying pan.
      • When Mr. Lightbulb is trying to introduce television to the citizens of Planet Mystery, he mentions that one could see shows on it. Aqiang points out that he could do that too, and dresses up as a wolf and says "Dearest sheep, I've arrived!"... Mr. Lightbulb hits him with a frying pan.
    • The streaming service iQiyi has a search bar. Before you type something in, the search bar might have the placeholder text Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf.
  • Release Date Change: The season Mighty Little Defenders was originally slated to premiere in the summer of 2018, but the production team was forced to change the episodes so that they were less violent. This caused the season to be delayed to January 2019.
  • Rereleased for Free: Quite a few movies/shows originally costed money to watch before they were put up for free on Youku, iQiyi, and other sites. However, this didn't last because they eventually made you pay to watch some seasons.
  • Sequel Gap: From 2009 to 2015, the series released at least one theatrical film per year. The announcement that the eighth film would be released in 2021, six years after the seventh film, Amazing Pleasant Goat, broke this pattern.
  • Schedule Slip:
    • Movies came out at a pretty steady and consistent rate up until 2015. After the 2015 movie came out, fans had to wait 6 years for the next movie to come out in 2021.
    • Mighty Little Defenders was due to air in summer 2018, but they had to edit the show to make it more suitable for children and families. Because of this, it was delayed to winter 2019.
  • Talking to Himself: Quite a few of the original Chinese actors voice more than one character at a time:
    • Zu Liqing as Weslie, Night Wolf, and White Handsomey.
    • Gao Quanshang as Slowy, Dark Handsomey, Master Paopao, and Brother Tai.
    • Liang Ying as Paddi and Wilie.
    • Deng Yuting as Tibbie, Jonie, and Fragrant Wolf.
    • Liu Hongyun as Sparky and Banana Wolf.
    • Zhang Lin as Wolffy and Yellow Wolf.
  • Troubled Production: Mighty Little Defenders had a troubled development for half a year. The National Radio and Television Administration forced Creative Power Entertaining to edit the fighting scenes to make them more suitable for kids. They also forced CPE to change the weapons. This caused the season to come out much later than expected.
  • Uncredited Role: Many official YouTube uploads completely remove the credits.
  • Unfinished Dub:
    • The myriad English dubs only cover select seasons, not the entire show.
    • Of the movies, I Love Wolffy and its sequel are the only ones to have no English subtitles.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In its early stages, the show was called Lazy Goat and Big Big Wolf and Paddi was the main character.
    • There were plans to make this show into a huge international hit. Never happened.
    • There's speculation that there was going to be an I Love Wolffy 3, but it was cancelled due to the first two doing poorly at the box office.
    • In 2017, they registered a trademark in the United States that would've allowed them to release lots of merchandise, but they never used the trademark and they let it expire.
  • The Wiki Rule: Yes, even this has a wiki. It's right here. There is another one as well, but that one has since been abandoned in favor of the newer one.
  • Working Title:
    • The show was originally titled Lazy Goat and Big Big Wolf when it was still initially in development, and Paddi was the main character instead of Weslie.
    • When the eighth movie was first announced, it had the title Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf Movie 8.

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