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The eighth movie will be the end of the franchise.

By then, the show will have gone on for 16 years, and they might want to wrap things up with a movie.

The show will end with the wolves forming Wolf Village.

This was suggested by my dad, but I decided to share it.

In the final episode, the wolves will move away and form their own self-sustaining Wolf Village. They will all be vegetarians who won't want to eat goats anymore.


Pleasant Goat Fun Class will have a crossover with the main show.

Mr.Wolffy, Mr.Right! had a crossover with the main show as a one-off gag. Fun Class might get something similar.

The normal goats will question why their Fun Class selves are so cute and educational, and normal Wolffy will question why his Fun Class self is so kind to the goats.

There will be a War of Invention 3.

War of Invention 2, also known as Mighty Little Defenders, was pretty popular, so...

  • ... Ehhhhh? The fourth season of Marching to the New Wonderland is Rescue Across Time, and it seems to pick up where both the War of Invention series and the Marching to the New Wonderland series left off...
  • Confirmed!

It takes place in the same universe as Happy Heroes.

But they're on separate planets.


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