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  • Acting for Two:
    • SpecialForm12 voices both Dans.
    • HyperJacob96 voices Kiriya and Saki.
    • Madds McCool voices Emu and Makoto, and in episode 5, she also voiced Burgermon. She voiced Balance and Yakumo in Chou Super Hero Taisen Abridged as well.
    • GokaiOrange voices Takeru and the announcer in Chou Super Hero Taisen Abridged.
    • AzzyFox reprises his role as Kouta from his and Mana's Kamen Rider Gaim Abridged Oneshot in The Stinger of episode 4, and later voices Ren Amagasaki in the series proper.
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    • Karn voices Lucky and Kaito.
  • Actor-Inspired Element:
    • Several things involving Nico are references to stuff that her voice actress Mage likes.
      • Nico liking Ghost and jumping to Takeru’s defense is pretty much how Mage reacts when anyone talks negatively about Ghost.
      • When Emu and Asuna first meet Nico, she can be heard humming the Zyuohger theme. Mage, despite having mixed feelings on the show itself, adores Yamato Kazakiri and has referred to him as her husband numerous times. Mage also plays Amu in Chou Super Hero Taisen: The Abridged Movie.
      • In episode 5, Nico has a line about This Very Wiki‘s page putting Emu under The Friend Nobody Likes. Mage is a troper and has contributed to this page herself.
      • Nico’s transformation phrase is a reference to Suite Pretty Cure ♪, which is her favorite season of Pretty Cure.
    • Kuroto’s redneck accent from Nico’s failed use of Bang Bang Shooting and Masamune’s Australian accent were introduced by SpecialForm12 on a whim.
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  • Approval of God: The people behind the series have shared fan art made specifically for the abridged series on social media.
  • Attention Deficit Creator Disorder: Marcos has several projects aside from Ex-Aid Abridged and Ghost Abridged. He makes “History of” videosnote , livestreams, specials, and more. This has gotten to the point that he has put ProtoDubs in charge of scripting Kyu The Dub.
  • The Cast Show Off:
    • Mana (Poppy's voice actress) gets to show off her singing skills quite a bit, even singing a cover of the Jingle Bells song in the show proper.
    • Mage also gets to sing Nico’s insert song.
  • Character Blog: One for, of all characters, YanderMage.
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer:
    • Some weird examples involving This Very Wiki.
      • In episode 5, Nico remarks that TV Tropes put Emu under The Friend Nobody Likes. At the time the episode came out, the TV Tropes page for Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: The Abridged Series did have an entry for that trope, but it stated that everyone somewhat qualifies to each other and only specifies Takeru as a particular example among the cast. It was not until after the episode was released that the TV Tropes page was subsequently edited to make Nico's statement accurate.
      • During a cast commentary, Emu’s voice actress pointed out that a TV Tropes contributor misheard her line in episode 5, saying that the teal Ex-Aid actually calls Super Mario Sunshine archaic rather than arcane (see Sophisticated as Hell on the main page). Like the above example, the page was soon edited to correct the mistake.
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    • Played straight with NICO NICO ★ RIDE FEVER. In it, she mentions that it’s “been three years” since there’s been a female rider, obviously referring to Kamen Rider Marika. However, before Nico transformed, Alia transformed into a Ridernote , and in the actual show, Poppy transforms into Kamen Rider Poppy a whole two episodes before Nico has the chance to become Ride-Player Nico.
    • Episode 8 has Kamen Rider Poppy state that her stats are equal to Fruit Jesus. According to the supplementary information that this line is referring to, the ability parameters of Kamen Rider Poppy are actually more than three times that of Gaim’s Kiwami Arms, not equal.
  • Creator's Favorite:
    • Marcos has said that the Graphite & Saki ghosts are his favorite characters in the whole abridged series.
    • Graphite is Proto’s favorite character to voice, which he admits in The Stinger for episode 8.
  • Creator's Favorite Episode: ProtoDubs considers episodes 2 and 3 his favorites because they set up the Running Gags in the series.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices:
    • Madds McCool is the voice actress for Emu, Makoto, and Burgermon. In Chou Super Hero Taisen Abridged, she also voices Yakumo, Shouichi, and Balance.
    • HyperJacob96 does a very convincing girl voice, and even voices Saki.
    • Yoshitaka’s voice actress is Zony.
    • With ProtoDubs having Loads and Loads of Roles, it was inevitable that he would fall under this at some point. In his case, he voiced Hiiro’s assistants Satsuki and Mizuki in “Hiiro's Goofy Movie”.
    • Surrounded by Perverts, who voices Grandma Fumi in the third episode of Ghost Abridged, is male.
  • Deleted Scene:
    • This video goes includes several deleted scenes and bloopers.
  • Enforced Method Acting:
    • Madds McCool actually wrapped a belt around her neck during the scene when Emu remarks on having been choked by someone in spandex as Genm strangles him.
    • Maddie also jammed a fork into an electrical socket while recording the sounds Emu made when he failed to use Drago Knight Hunter Z for the first time.
    • HyperJacob96 reportedly blacked out from shaking his head so vigorously to produce the noises Lazer makes when Dangerous Zombie weakens him.
    • Both Mage and ProtoDubs started to cry themselves when they recorded their characters crying in episode 13.
  • He Also Did:
    • Poppy’s voice actress Mana is one of the creators of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V The Abridged Series. The other creator, AzzyFox, played Kouta in episode 4 of Ex-Aid Abridged and voices Ren Amagasaki in this series as well.
    • Mentioned above under Actor Allusion, Kiriya’s voice actor HyperJacob96 is a significant contributor to the online rap battle community, making his own rap battles and even working on the team behind “Epic Rap Battles of Pokémon”.
    • ProtoDubs and SpecialForm12 have toku podcast called Bugster Bros, and often end each episode with an improv skit playing their characters from Ex-Aid Abridged. SpecialForm12 is also known for making translations and fansubs of various toku media, like next episode trailers.
    • Aside from voicing Yoshitaka, Zony11 used to be a typesetter for TV-Nihon's fan subs.
    • GokaiOrange is currently an annotator for The Annotation Station, and was even the one who suggested they do Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?. Naturally, his contributions can be recognized by the orange annotation boxes and tokusatsu references.
  • Irony:
    • Despite the joke of ProtoDubs voicing everyone, the rough cuts of Chou Super Hero Taisen Abridged played in some streams show that Marcos accidentally forgot to include ProtoDubs in the ending credits. This was noticed and fixed before the final cut was released.
    • Kanon, Edison Damashii, and Grandma Fumi only have one line each in the entirety of Kamen Rider Ghost: The Dead Abridged Series. Their voice actors, Mage, SpecialForm12, and Surrounded by Perverts, are the only members of the cast who actually like Kamen Rider Ghost, making their limited presence in the abridged series rather ironic.
  • Loads and Loads of Roles: ProtoDubs voices a lot of characters, including Hiiro, Hiiro’s dad, Another Hiiro, Parad, Graphite (from episode 3 onward), and Onari (from episode 2 onwards). This video takes it Up to Eleven, having him do every character's lines in episode four and claiming that his recordings are edited to sound like the original voice actors after the rest of them died, leaving him to voice everyone.
  • Magnum Opus Dissonance: While the fanbase has criticized episode 2’s reliance on what could have become Overused Running Gags and catchphrases and generally feels that the show started Growing the Beard around episodes 3 and 4, ProtoDubs favors episode 2 specifically for those exact reasons of establishing the running gags and catchphrases.
  • The Merch: Marcos has begun selling T-shirts with designs based off of jokes from the abridged series, such as the Henshin DLC and Parad's name.
  • Missing Trailer Scene:
    • The trailer for Chou Super Hero Taisen Abridged has a line from Another Hiiro about working at a homeless shelter, but this was omitted from the final cut because Marcos wanted to be more subtle in characterizing him as a better person than the real Hiiro.
    • Kaito has a line in the trailer for Kamen Sentai Gorider Abridged that references the Gaim Abridged Oneshot, but it wasn't in the actual special.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Shbebly the Great voiced Secretary Hinata, Graphite, and Onari in their debut appearances, but ProtoDubs has been voicing those characters afterwards.
    • Gorider Abridged has Kaito and Yoko voiced by Karn and Zephryn, respectively, rather than their original voice actors from YugiohKetchup's Kamen Rider Gaim Abridged Oneshot, ZoidsBN and AzzyFox.
    • Taiga’s voice in the “Where does Dan keep his Bugvisor?” comic dub was provided by AJ of Toku Podcastu rather than Smith Danigans.
  • The Other Marty:
    • The deleted scenes video includes lines for Emu that were recorded by a different voice actor before Madds McCool was cast.
    • The Totally Radical-speaking Ride-Player in episode 8 was supposed to be voiced by Surrounded by Perverts, but Marcos had forgotten that his lines were already submitted months prior to the episode’s release and had GlennShiraishi record them at the last minute.
    • Haruto’s voice actor XenoBlazeVA also recorded lines for Young Haruto in Wizard X Decade, but Young Haruto is voiced by Surrounded by Perverts in the final cut.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Episode 7 introduces Ren Amagasaki and features him recruiting Asuna into joining him. Ren and Asuna are respectively voiced by AzzyFox and Manabingu, aka YugiohKetchup, the creators of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V The Abridged Series.
  • Romance on the Set: Between Mage and Karn.
  • Schedule Slip: The third episode of Ghost Abridged was planned to be released on April Fools' Day, but was delayed due to some of the voice actors not having submitted their lines yet.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Marcos’s channel was temporarily terminated after Toei issued copyright claims on it. Other episodes have also been removed or blocked from viewing by copyright strikes.
  • Talking to Himself: This occasionally occurs.
    • The two Dans, father and son both voiced by SpecialForm12, spoke to each other in Cards Against Humanity.
    • The TokuSins video for the Brave special had ProtoDubs get kicked out of his chair by Hiiro, who he voices. For that matter, this is in full effect in the ProtoDubs voices everyone video.
    • During a stream, Emu and Makoto had to share a room together. Both are voiced by Madds McCool. They spoke to each other again in Chou Super Hero Taisen Abridged, with Emu and Yakumo also falling under this in the same movie.
    • In some of the videos on his personal channel, HyperJacob96 occasionally has the characters he voices in Ex-Aid Abridged interact with each other and/or with him.
      • In his Q&A video, Kiriya appears and ends up arguing with Jacob. Saki also appears, but both Kiriya and HyperJacob96 tell her to shut up, causing her to cry.
      • Another video by HyperJacob96 had Stinger (who he voiced in Chou Super Hero Taisen Abridged) and Kiriya trading jackets.
      • In his review of a bad "My Little Pony vs. Pokémon" rap battle by Animeme Rap Battles, Kiriya shows up near the end to call BS on Jacob's claim that he could probably make a rap battle as good as ERB's if he had the $10,000+ budget that "MLP vs. Pokemon" was made on, stating that Jacob would most likely spend the money on Orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes. Jacob retorts that it'd still be a better use of money than what Animeme Rap Battles made with it.
      • Kiriya, Heart, and Saki conversing with each other in a Steamed Hams video.
    • ProtoDubs has Loads and Loads of Roles, so it's only natural that his characters end up talking to each other at some point.
      • Ever since Graphite started being voiced by ProtoDubs, his ghost talking to Hiiro falls into this. This also comes into play with Hiiro and Another Hiiro in Chou Super Hero Taisen Abridged, with Another Hiiro even speaking to Graphite's ghost.
      • Proto voices everyone sans Emu and Beast in "Hiiro's Goofy Movie", including Hiiro's nurses Satsuki and Mizuki, so of course this happens.
    • A case of this in the original Ex-Aid that was averted in the abridged series. When Emu splits into the two Mighty Brothers, they speak to each other. Rather than both Ex-Aids being voiced by Madds McCool just like Hiroki Ījima voiced the both of them, Maddie only voices the teal one. According to his voice reel, ProtoDubs is actually the voice of the orange Mighty Brother (i.e. the one that Parad eventually becomes).
    • Kaito and Lucky, both voiced by Karn talk to each other in The Stinger of Gorider Abridged.
  • Throw It In!:
    • The Book of Kouta was an ad-lib made by Takeru’s actor, GokaiOrange, during a top ten video.
    • Most of episode 5 (and Ghost Abridged episode 2) was ad-libbed, according to Marcos. Examples include Nico's TV Tropes line and Kuroto's redneck accent.
  • What Could Have Been: Enough for its own page.
  • Word of God: Some of the voice actors for the series are tropers and will reveal official details by hiding them on TV Tropes itself, though you’d have to look into the edit history and figure out who’s who to know which statements are from them.
  • Word of Saint Paul: SpecialForm12's interpretation of episode 7 is that abridged!Emu using the Maximum Gamer is symbolic of him embracing the part he played in creating Mighty No. 9.
    • Mage has said the reason Nico's transformation phrase changed from “It’s Nico time!” in episode 5 to “Let's play! Kamen Rider! Modulation!” when she actually transforms is because she was so inspired by Taiga’s heroism that she let go of her grudge against Emu, and wanted to show him that he didn’t have to fight alone.
    • Mage has also written a short prequel for Nico, explaining what her life was like before she met Taiga.
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: The abridged series was in its planning stages while the original Ex-Aid was still airing, and released its first episode about two-thirds of the way into the season’s run, so some details from the initial plan had to be changed to accommodate developments in the actual series, like Nico’s prominence and Graphite’s revival.
  • Written by Cast Member:
    • Although Marcos is the main writer for every episode and usually doesn’t voice act for the show himself, episode 2 was collaboratively written by him, ProtoDubs, and SpecialForm12.
    • HyperJacob96 wrote The Stingers for both Episode 4 and Episode 8.

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