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Tear Jerker / Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: The Abridged Series

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  • Kiriya's death is played surprisingly straight, and the sadness in Emu's voice is absolutely heart-breaking.
  • Genm murdering Burgermon right in front of Tsukuru is just as heart wrenching as it was in the original.
    • Emu’s grief over Burgermon’s death is also rather emotional. Although he’s usually a jerk who doesn’t care about his child patients, there’s something genuinely sad about how he laments the death of Burgermon, even if the reason for it is Played for Laughs.
    Ex-Aid: You monster! The Great Pumpkin was loved by children around the world!
    Genm: The only good pumpkins are the ones in spice lattes!
    Ex-Aid: He was a burger, damn you!
  • Taiga briefly remembers his failing to save Saki in episode 7.
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  • Taiga and Nico's fight in episode 8. It's a shockingly tense moment, and they both sound genuinely pissed at each other.
  • Poppy crying that Bugsters and humans can't co-exist, and that she can't bring herself to kill Emu because she's hurt too many people.
  • It's an offhand joke when first brought up, but Emu's mentions of having a Disappeared Dad in episode 4 unintentionally foreshadow the revelations in Mighty Novel X that his father really did abandon him canonically, and that he's suicidally depressed because of the issues this caused him.
  • Episode 11:
    • Nico in tears over Taiga's Heroic Sacrifice, revealing that he is "the only real family [she has] left". Whatever is happening in her home life before she wandered into Taiga is terrible enough for her to beg Taiga to stay alive, implying living with a disgraced doctor is better than living with her parents.
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    • Parado's death is played absolutely straight, and hearing the real terror in his voice is unnerving.
    • Hiiro finally accepting Saki's death:
    Hiiro: My girlfriend... is dead. And I've learned to live with that.
    • It should be noted that in the bloopers section of the video, Mage and ProtoDubs actually started crying when recording their lines.
  • Nico's prequel story, "The Days Before...", while short, shows just why Nico wanted to run away. You really start to understand why Nico started to call Taiga "dad" almost immediately, if that was her home life beforehand...

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