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What Could Have Been / Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: The Abridged Series

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  • The original plan for Emu was that he would be The Quiet One or The Voiceless and have either no lines at all or be extremely soft-spoken and his obligatory once-an-episode line would be interrupted by someone. He was also written as just some random stranger who wandered into the hospital, stuck around, and put on their coats, rather than an actual doctor, but that was scrapped.
  • Nico was meant to speak purely in dial-up static. Then the actual Ex-Aid show began giving her a bigger role with more important things to do as Ride-Player Nico and Mage was cast as abridged Nico. Amusingly, fellow Kamen Rider Ex-Aid abridged series Ex-AIDS would use a similar gimmick for Poppy's character.
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  • When he guest starred in episode 12 of ProtoDubs and SpecialForm12’s podcast Bugster Bros, Marcos revealed that Souta 2 was supposed to have more lines in Episode 4, but they were removed because he feared they might be annoying.
  • This video of deleted scenes and bloopers includes more behind the scenes stuff.
    • Graphite was going to be a one-off character who says nothing when Parad monologues to him and got one line expressing his gratitude for being part of Ex-Aid Abridged shortly before getting unceremoniously killed off. That changed when the actual Ex-Aid series brought the character back and the planned joke would’ve fallen flat. His ghost was also going to be silent.
    • Parad’s voice was going to be high pitched with occasional cracks reminiscent of a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, but it was decided that this joke would quickly get annoying. Then ProtoDubs delivered a masterful performance based on Pegasus and they rolled with it.
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    • Hiiro’s dad wasn’t going to appear in the abridged series at all, but then they changed their minds and planned out a joke where he only appeared at the end of the series and Hiiro would introduce him as his father, to Emu’s surprise. Then this joke got moved to episode 4, introducing the character to the series earlier.
    • Poppy was going to be Evil All Along and would have killed Emu at the end after spending the rest of the series making seemingly empty threats to do so, but this plan was apparently scrapped beyond her lines in the first few episodes.
    • Kuroto’s Manchild character was going to be emphasized by him having a high-pitched voice provided by an actual kid, but this was deemed annoying and got changed.
    • Parad's betrayal of Kuroto was written as him arguing to Kuroto that Mighty No. 9 sucks, leading into The Reveal that Parad was on the development team for that game. This was scrapped when Ex-Aid proper revealed that he was actually Emu’s Enemy Without. Also, Kuroto’s entire motivation as a character was going to be that he wants to erase every negative review of the game, taking Complaining About People Not Liking the Show to an extreme level, but this also changed.
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    • The notes include some minor Running Gags that didn't make it into the finished product. One of these gags was that the characters would react to every Captain Obvious Reveal plot twist with shock while treating less obvious and more unexpected developments like Kamen Rider Poppy as The Un-Twist in-universe, but the only remnant of this in the abridged series is Emu calling Kiriya's death a Foregone Conclusion.
    • The full version of Pinple Pell heard on Mighty Album X has a few differences from the demo version.
  • YanderMage's lines in The Stinger of Chou Super Hero Taisen Abridged were shortened from the version Mage originally recorded. The full monologue can be found here.
  • Hiiro was originally going to be voiced by Marcos’s friend Dallas before the latter suddenly disappearednote . Proto, who was only going to voice Parad, was then cast as Hiiro (and everyone).
  • The GenmStop joke in episode 3 was added because the original scene with Graphite went on for too long and was in danger of being struck with copyright.
  • The dialogue that Smith Danigans and Mage recorded between Taiga and Nico in episode 5 was far more extended than the footage allowed for the final cut. Maddie also ad-libbed more lines for Emu to be an even bigger Jerkass to Nico in the following scene, but those got cut as well.
  • The planned adaptation for Kamen Rider Wizard would have been of its summer movie, Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land, but Marcos found the source material so boring and impossible to make an entertaining script out of that he decided to cancel the movie adaptation and instead focus on adapting the final two Post-Script Season episodes of the TV series that crossover with Kamen Rider Decade.
  • For Wizard X Decade, both versions of Haruto were planned to be voiced by XenoBlazeVA, who recorded lines for the younger one, but the finished cut has Surrounded by Perverts voicing Young Haruto as a Time-Shifted Actor instead.
  • Due to the series being Screwed by the Lawyers, planned adaptations for the post-show material was forced to be scrapped. All we know is that Karen would’ve voiced Nico’s New Old Flame as a Casting Gag.

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