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Awesome Music / Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: The Abridged Series

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Mighty Album X

  • Hitomi no Tsubasa, the third opening theme for Code Geass, gets an English cover to accompany the final battle against Cronus. Once again, Mana delivers an excellent performance.
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  • Although episode 4 had to cut the scene short for copyright (and spoiler) reasons, a full cover of Pinple Pell from the Christmas episode is available, and Mana kills it as hard as Genm kills Lazer.
  • Also a funny song that stands out amongst the rest of the album, Hiiro and Graphite’s version of One Week by the Barenaked Ladies.
  • Serendipity, the song that plays at the end credits of the finale, is a heartwarming sendoff to the series performed in-character by Mage, HyperJacob96, ProtoDubs, Smith Danigans, and SpecialForm12. Oh, and Mana too.
  • Introduced in the album is Mana's English cover of Life is Beautiful, the credits song from the Ex-Aid summer movie True Ending. At this point, you’d think Mana sings as many songs as Proto voices characters.

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