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"Now, let's get down to business."

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    Episode 1 
  • Emu starts out the episode by watching Markiplier's Five Nights at Freddy's let's play.
  • “I'd rather play Tony Hawk's Pro-Skater 5!”
  • Once Asuna catches up to Emu
    Asuna: I can't believe you just treated a kid that way! How did you become a doctor in the first place?!
    Kid!Emu: One day, I wanna save lives, just like you!
    Emu: G-Good question.
  • Emu left his Gameboy at the bench, causing a world-wide panic… again.
  • “We're gonna get sued if you use that!”
    • And the Gamer Driver goes into a Blue Screen Of Death.
  • Asuna capping off the episode by changing into Poppy and saying to Emu in a cutesy voice, “I'm going to kill you, desu.” Emu can only reply with a Flat "What"

    Episode 2 
  • At the start of the episode, Poppy sings, “You're gonna die die die soon,” to the beat of "EXCITE".
  • When Hiiro says his Catchphrase from the original series to Emu, “to your existence, I say no thank you,” Emu goes on a long rant about how awesome he is that plays through the title screen and culminates in, “and I’m glad your girlfriend is dead!”
  • Kiriya telling Taiga, “You're not the one who's gonna kill me.”
  • Genm activating the Shakariki Sports Gashat.
    Gashat: EA Sports! It's in the game!

    Episode 3 
  • Graphite, haunted by Saki's ghost, finds Hiiro attractive.
    Graphite: You won't catch me, gay thoughts!
  • Taiga resolves to shoot Graphite in his handsome face so Hiiro will be normal again.
    Emu: Hiiro was normal once?!
    Taiga: And did I just call Graphite handsome?
  • Emu tries to transform into Robots Action Gamer Level 3, and the Robots Gamer painfully chomps down on his head.

    Episode 4 
  • The episode starts with Emu doing a Let's Play of Five Nights at Freddy's, but has to stop because one of his patients (who he insists on referring to as Souta 2) is screaming in pain.
  • The Ministry of Health saying that they'd prefer if Kuroto was never found because he liked Mighty No. 9.
  • The page image comes from this episode. Nobody is enthusiastic for Kuroto's presentation.
  • The entire Christmas scene.
    Emu: Ho ho ho! You're all getting coal this year.
  • Emu is shocked that Hiiro has a father. Later, he answers Kiriya's phone call as "Dadless Gamer M".
  • Nico's entrance.
    Taiga: Can I help you?
    Nico: Waddup, f**ko?
    Taiga: Oh dear god.
  • Dangerous Zombie only works on those that are toxic enough to handle it. Luckily, I played a round of League before I got here.”
  • “It was obvious you were gonna die… but it wasn't supposed to be this soon!”
  • Kiriya suddenly realizing that everything he said could've been taken the wrong way, and his last words to Emu:
    Kiriya: I'mnotgay ]]
  • When Kiriya is finally dead, Emu yells out, “WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOR?!
  • The Stinger showing how Kouta stole Kiriya's jacket.

    Episode 5 
  • Marcos released two previews. Both of them are equally hilarious.
    • The first one shows Hiiro being haunted by Graphite's ghost. The ghost proceeds to throw Saki's final words at Hiiro. His response? "I told you I can't speak Japanese".
    • The other is based on an already hilarious scene from Ex-Aid episode 17.
  • When Emu uses Mighty Brothers XX and splits in half, the halves fight over if Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Sunshine was better, to the point where Kuroto walks off the screen.
  • "I'm gonna pop!"
  • After Emu de-transforms:
    Emu: So… was that masturbation or self-cest?
    Asuna: DO IT AGAIN!
    • Kuroto's and Parad's plan to take over the world is… to start a podcast called the "Bugster Bros". After a moment…
    Parad: Oh yeah, how's that other project coming along?
    Kuroto: Meh. It's alright, I guess.
    Focus to his computer screen to see Kamen Rider Chronicle's logo.
    • The exchange before this.
    Parad: Oh, Gashat, how I love you—
    Kuroto: Enough! (grabs Gashat out of Parad's hands) Gashatto yokose.
    Parad: Come on, Dan, relax. Besides, what's the worst you can do to me, besides spank me?
    *Beat* as Kuroto gives him a Death Glare
    Parad: Okay, okay! Just stop looking at me like that!
    • And at the end of the episode, after finding out that there is already a "Bugster Bros" podcast: (Hosted by Kuroto and Parado's voice actors, no less)
    Kuroto: They may have ripped off our podcast, but we got the next best thing: Chibi Wars 4!
    Parado: What happened to 1, 2, and 3?
    Kuroto: I could say the same thing about SpecialForms 1-11.
  • "For I have the power of non-copyrighted Puyo Puyo on my side."
  • This little exchange:
    Nico: YOU'RE [Emu] SUCH AN A**HOLE! No wonder TV Tropes puts you under The Friend Nobody Likes!
    Asuna: You've clearly not seen the fanfics…
    Nico: I know, I wrote some of them!
  • In the original show, Nico swore revenge on Emu for beating her in a gaming tournament, even though Emu was kind to Nico, and hoped to play again. What does Abridged Emu say to Nico after beating her?
    Emu: Don't worry, kiddo, you'll always be a loser. Yeah! Who's the only winner?!
    (Back in the present)
  • Why does Nico fail to transform with Taiga's driver and gashat? As helpfully explained by the voice coming from the equipment…
    Kuroto: (in an inexplicable redneck accent) User has not purchased Henshin DLC. Please enter your account number to continue the transaction. This is not Dan Kuroto. Listen to the Game Master!
  • Emu mistaking Burgermon for the Great Pumpkin.
    • Hiiro (while being haunted by Graphite and Saki's ghosts) makes the same mistake and tries to hug Burgermon.
    Hiiro: Oh my god, is that the Great Pumpkin? I f**king love you!
  • Taiga's Only Sane Man status is in full effect here, to the point where he angrily yells about it.
  • The end of the episode is Kuroto eating the JuJu Burger Gashat, much to Parad's disgust.
  • In The Stinger, we learn that, thanks to Kouta, Kiriya is currently trapped in the form of Bike Gamer after getting sent back to Earth.
    Bike Gamer: Thank you for choosing Bakusou Bike. To ensure a safe experience…
    Kiriya: Hello? Can anyone hear me?
    Bike Gamer: …be sure to wear a helmet at all times, and keep a tight grip on the handlebars while riding…
    Kiriya: Help! My soul's trapped in this bike shell!
    Bike Gamer: Please check if the meters are functioning correctly…
    Kiriya: Fruit Jesus said he'd bring me back to Earth, but I can't get out!
    Bike Gamer: …and make sure the wheels are not flat. To start the experience, please get on the seat, and press "A" to start. We hope you enjoy the ride.
  • In the second half of The Stinger, Marcos reveals that Mage apparently ad-libbed a line with so many cuss words, half of it got bleeped out.
    • According to Mage, the line was actually "Call us that again and I'll sever your balls off and serve them as takoyaki to unsuspecting patrons". Marcos deliberately over-censored it to make it sound like she swore more than she actually did.

    Episode 6 
  • The Graphite & Saki ghost duo that only Hiiro can hear are absolute gold in this episode.
    • They're even haunting him as he reads the opening disclaimer.
    Graphite: Say the line!
    Hiiro: No.
    Saki: (giggles) Being a ghost is fun!
    • Poppy doesn't trust Hiiro with the truth about Emu's game disease because she saw him talking to ghosts.
    Hiiro: We can't let the intern know.
    Graphite: Tell him about your girlfriend!
    Saki: Yeah, Hiiro, tell him about me! Ooh, and tell him about the time I vomited mid-blowjob because of those Hot Pockets!
    Hiiro: Shut up.
    Poppy: But I didn't say anything—
    Hiiro: Not you. The ghosts.
  • Nico interrupting Taiga's message to the CR. You can hear their dialogue overlapping.
    Taiga: I believe Ex-Aid has been inf— OW! Nico, stop! I was being cool, and you just waltz in here to ruin everything!
    Nico: Waddup, f**kos? Gimme your Gashats or else I'll delete that Vocaloid reject from existence! Buy me the Henshin DLC, Dad!
  • Tsukuru can't help Taiga and Nico make a new gashat because he's busy with… legal issues.
    Tsukuru: McDonald's dropped our brand deal on JuJu Burger and we're being sued over the title on grounds of cultural insensitivity.
    Taiga: What!?
    Tsukuru: Now we have to stop all further game development to rebrand it as Judeo Judeo Burger!
    Nico: But I thought McDonald's sponsored our damn show! Where are all the Happy Meal toys coming from?!
  • Emu and Asuna attempt to visit Masamune in prison to get some exposition on Kuroto's backstory. It's decidedly unhelpful.
    Masamune: Call him Kuroto, or worthless. He'll answer to both. Now, here's his backstory. I found a virus on his computer. The Bugster virus.
    Asuna: Is that it?
    Masamune: Ye.
    (cut to Emu and Asuna walking outside)
    Emu: Well we learned a whole lotta nothing.
  • All the confusion surrounding Kuroto and Masamune's surname.
    • People have addressed Kuroto as Dan so much that he almost forgot his real name.
    • Parad has taken to calling Kuroto "Daniel."
    • Masamune tells Emu that Dan is their surname, which is what Kuroto is most known by because they're Japanesenote . Despite Masamune speaking with an Australian accent.
  • Kuroto's master plan is to create the ultimate game, Chibi Wars 4, which he insists is the real title. Kamen Rider Chronicle is just a publishing error.
  • The Wham Line scene at the end of the episode is emphasized by "Armour Zone" playing in the background.
  • In The Stinger, Emu and Asuna meet Lucky, who's eager to die and expects to see them again in Chou Super Hero Taisen Abridged.

    Episode 7 
  • Emu's eagerness to "take care" of Kuroto when the latter is admitted into the hospital. Asuna follows along to see the torture.
  • After Emu and Asuna leave to torment Kuroto, Hiiro's dad tries to play DoReMiFa Beat, only for Sad Ex-Aid to block the screen.
    Hiiro's dad: (losing the Goofy voice) What the hell is this?
  • The Self-Deprecation jokes when Hiiro tries to look through Kiriya's computer, made all the funnier by his deadpan voice.
  • Kuroto explains how Emu is the creator of Mighty No. 9. Basically, that was the game idea he sent to Kuroto in his fan mail instead of Mighty Brothers XX, and Kuroto's jealousy was over that. Then he sent the notes to Keiji Inafune and infected Emu with the Bugster virus.
  • Ren Amagasaki's debut.
  • Nico calling Taiga a "f**king c*cklord" during her "The Reason You Suck" Speech to him.
  • The entirety of Hiiro's flashback to how he got the blank Gashat for Maximum Mighty X. It involves him seductively licking cake frosting off his lip, "The Bike" as a helpful NPC that he kills to win, and Poppy getting cheated out of having her own special.
  • The Maximum Mighty X Gashat being voiced by Emu, calling announcing himself as the only winner. Plus an "[Actual Gundam reference]".
  • Kuroto dying before he can reveal the reason for his father's Australian accent.
  • Emu's attempt to rally the others together to stop the Bugster virus with The Power of Friendship, which falls flat because he's Emu.
    Emu: You won't leave me, right, Poppy?
    Asuna: I promise. Go get some rest. (hears phone ring) Hehe… sucker. (picks up phone) Hello? Ren? Is it time to leave Emu?
  • Afterwards, Hiiro and Taiga change their minds and agree to work with Emu. While Taiga's response is sincere and heartfelt, it's immediately followed up by Nico cupping her hands in front of Emu's face for Gashats and saying this.
    Nico: This b*tch empty, YEET!
  • Kuroto coming back as a ghost in The Stinger to haunt Emu and tell him Mighty No. 9 isn't that bad, only for Parad to shoo him away. He leaves with the Bike Gamer, which is still repeating the safety message from episode 5.
    Kuroto: Fine. Let's go, Bikey. But this god is gonna come back! And in Book of Mormon form!

    Episode 8 
  • Hiiro is actually concerned about Emu, and breifly wonders if he should give him his cake to make him feel better… right before internally saying, "my cake," and pulling it away from Emu.
  • "Oh, Christ, the phone bill's gonna be though the f**kin' roof!"
  • When advertising Kamen Rider Chronicle, Poppy says the game is harder than PUBG'' and Fortnite''.
    • Taiga's reaction after the ad:
    Taiga: Kamen Rider Chronicle?… I want it!
  • When Ren calls Nico and Taiga an OTP, they both tell him to perish at the same time.
  • "This just in on Ex-Aid Abridged; humankind? Sucks."
  • "Did you know my stats are equal to Fruit Jesus?"note 
  • "Hold up, you meme loving f**ks!"
    • When Hiiro wonders if Nico is another female Rider, Nico is quick to correct him; she's a Ride-Player.
    Nico: Hopefully that'll save my ass from dying!
  • Emu tries to comfort an infected Nico by telling them that everyone is doing their best… except for him, which results in his dick getting kicked in by Nico while calling him an asshole.
  • After Poppy makes her Heel–Face Turn, Nico chases her a bit while yelling, "begone, thot!"
  • The Stinger, involving Masamune calling Kiriya in heaven to bring him back to life and to give him a new jacket in exchange for Kiriya betraying his friends, and a Spanish-speaking Takeru. Notably, the fact that Kiriya's friendships mean less to him than getting his clothes back from Kouta.

    Episode 9 
  • The revival of Kuroto:
    Poppy: I remember… something about Kuroto.
    Taiga: Poppy! I know what you're thinking.
    Emu: You better be not have brought back that burger killing son of a—
    Kuroto: Wassup, losers?!
    Emu: Oh, f**k off!


    Episode 10 

    Episode 11 
     Chou Super Hero Taisen | The Abridged Move 
  • What does Hiiro say to wake Amu up?
    Hiiro: Hey, you, you're not a disappointment to your family.
  • After Amu wakes up in the CR, Emu gives her this verbal liability waiver.
    Emu: You also agree that we're not responsible for any emotional damage we might do to you. Nod your head if you understand.
  • Emu's reaction to seeing the Kyurangers' Humongous Mecha, beautifully ad-libbed by Maddie.
    Emu: WHAT THE F**K IS THAT?!
  • For her fight against Stronger, Amu is referred to by the announcer as the obligatory Sentai representative, to which she protests that she has more qualities than that.
  • At the start of Amu vs. Stronger, Poppy accidentally almost calls the former "Emu".
  • What does Amazon say when he starts his battle with Amu?
  • When the Game Master (Another Hiiro) pulls Emu into the Game World, he has to select characters for his team.
    Momotaros: Huh?! You don't know the great Momotaros? Kids these days don't know the true hero of Den-O.
    Urataros: You called?
    Momotaros: Kid, don't pick this guy. He has bad stats.
    Urataros: Whatever. (spins Momotaros's slot to land on ToQ #5) Look at this beauty; pink, elegant, modest…
    Kagura: I'm also only ten years old!
    Urataros: If you're ten, I'm ten.
    Momotaros: Creep. Get outta here already.
    • Momotaros picks the next character, but before settling on Yakumo, it initially lands on Specter with the face of Sad Ex-Aid, much to Emu's shock. His reaction to regular Specter (who shares his voice actress) isn't much better.
    Emu: That's just a plank of wood. I never wanna be him.
    Makoto: F**k you!
    • When Yakumo makes the obvious reference to MagiYellow that he lampshades only the audience will get, Jin comes up. He sounds like a hippie.
    • Kitaoka hands them a paper with Japanese on it. Edited onto it is a translator's note saying, "Keikaku means plan".
  • When Kitaoka first transforms, the conspicuous way the scene is shot prompts him to say, "Don't look at my butt."
  • Balance & Naga introducing themselves to CR.
    Balance: Yo yo yo! What is up, my non-robo companions? We are the best of the Kyurangers! I'm balance, at your robo service!
    Naga: Am Naga.
    Graphite's ghost: Guess our comic relief time is up. Let's go, Saki.
    Graphite's ghost: Hah! It gets better every time, I swear.
  • After Emu and Poppy catch up with Eight (or as Emu calls him, Soda #3) they try to convince him not to kill Hiiro, with little success. It doesn't help that their first instinct upon reaching him is to think about eating him on a JuJu Burger.
    Poppy: What he said. Pipopapobye, bitc—
  • When Hiiro summons several cameos for the final battle, many of them try to say their catchphrases only to be interrupted by each other.
    Shinnosuke: You’re cruisin’ for a— aw, come on, really?
    Takeru: ORE WA— Hey, wait!
  • The defeat of Shocker Leader III has Ferbus silhouetted over it.
  • One of The Stingers is of YanderMage giggling maniacally and warning that The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You while Zyuland burns behind her.

  • Takeru’s voice in general.
  • The fact that the "Sad Ex-Aid" image originates from a piece of Rule 34 fan art of Ex-Aid's Action Gamer Level 1.
  • In episode 22 of Ex-Aid proper, Kuroto apparently kept the Gashacon Bugvisor on his person without having it confiscated, a plot hole which his voice actor filled on Twitter by saying that he hid it in his rectal cavity. Then a fan made a comic about this, and the Ex-Aid Abridged cast did a dub of said comic, as well as occasionally bringing it up in other material.
  • From the Cards Against Humanity stream:
    Hiiro: If you're the Genius Gamer "M" then I'm the Genius Surgeon “H”.
    Nico: That's not cool.
    Kiriya: And I'm the Genius Bike "K"!
    Emu: You owe me royalties for that.
    Hiiro: It's not supposed to be cool; it's supposed to be awesome.
    Nico: Well, it's not that either.
    Taiga: According to Nico, Genius Gamers know of the letter H in a different context.
    • “A big black di— okay.”
    • Parado being trapped in Emu's basement, which is actually the CR operating room. Poppy is with him.
    Parado: She keeps poking me in the eye, Emu! The eye!
    • After possessing Emu's body to answer questions addressed to him in-character, Parado later gets his revenge by putting Emu in the basement.
    • Saki is also in Emu's basement, somehow.
    • As is Kuroto. According to Emu, Kuroto put himself in there.
    • My girlfriend vomited mid-blowjob.”
    • When Nico becomes the Card Czar the first time:
    Taiga: I know you're gonna pick the right one, Nico.
    Nico: Yeah, I'm not gonna pick yours!
    Emu: Are you sure you wanna disobey your father like that, Nico? Isn't it past your bedtime?
    Hiiro: He's not her father; she calls him daddy, Emu. Please, get it right.
    • Taiga says that Nico can't pronounce, “henshin,” right because she just got back from Singapore.
    • Come on! Fisting Arms!
    • Kiriya wins a round with a card for Kamen Rider BLACK, with Takeru (who was the Card Czar) saying, “Once you go black, you never go back,” which Taiga never wants to hear from him again.
    • What happened to the JuJu Burger Gashat after Burgermon died?
    Kuroto: I ate the friggin' thing.
    Nico: I'm sorry, you WHAT?!
    Parado: I saw it, it was really weird.
    • At the end, Parado decides he's going to kill Kuroto a couple times for fun.
  • Takeru Meets Poppy
  • During a livestream, they do a skit in which Takeru tries to spread (or rather, sell) The Book of Kouta to Alain, only for Alain to admit that he can't read.
  • For Marcosatsu's "Everything Right and Wrong With Kamen Rider Brave: The Revived Beast Riders Squad" video, ProtoDubs provides additional commentary in-character as Hiiro. Hiiro is actually the one mocking his own special more than Marcosatsu is, since the latter is too busy gushing about how much he loves the Continuity Nods to Ryuki.
    Hiiro: I heard he ate poop.
    • ProtoDubs initially declines the offer before "Hiiro" shows up, calls him a nerd, and knocks him out of his chair.
    • When Hiiro and Marcos are going over the opening scene, they discuss how Hiiro gives extremely confusing contradictions about whether or not he cares about anyone, which is apparently intentional on his part.
    Marcosatsu: You're sending me a lot of mixed signals.
    Hiiro: Good.
    • When Hiiro is about to mention his girlfriend in the context of how Asakura should be as dead as her, Graphite's ghost haunts him and mocks him about his Catchphrase being an Overused Running Gag.
    • Emu getting attacked from behind by Asakura with a pipe.
    Marcosatsu: I really don't know why but I liked seeing Emu getting hit nonchalantly after this explanation.
    Hiiro: The intern needs to be hurt more. (cut to Emu getting beaten to a bloody pulp) I didn't mean get hurt that much!
    • Speaking of Emu getting beaten up, Madds McCool provides this line in-character for him as Asakura is stomping his bleeding face into the ground.
    Emu: How come Hiiro was invited to this video?! I'm the only star of the show here! I demand another video written, starring, and directed by me, the Genius Gamer Emu Hōjō! W-wait a second, where are you going? Come back, I'm not finished yet!
  • This video by ProtoDubs claiming that none of the other voice actors exist and that he is the sole voice actor of Ex-Aid Abridged, whose recordings get edited to match everyone else's voice. It consists of him alone doing every character's lines.
    • Marcosatsu's comment, which he eventually started posting randomly on other YouTube videos, to the point that some of the cast have memorized it.
    Marcosatsu: I can explain everything. Everyone in Ex-Aid Abridged, including myself, got in a plane crash while on their way to the recording studio but Proto was the sole survivor. He walked over 500 miles to reach civilization in California where he found my house and decided to become Marcosatsu. He took it upon himself to continue my dream and finish Ex-Aid Abridged. Proto got the scripts and began to record everything. Unfortunately for him, I also survived and thus, the epic battle between Marcosatsu and ProtoDubs began. In the end, I allowed Proto to voice everyone but to keep the spirit of our friends alive, I altered the voices to match the original people. I miss everyone. Hey man, this is just constructive criticism but you are extremely fat and Hiiro said his catchphrase too much despite it not being said at all. Please, make a Kamen Rider Build the Abridged Series. I think you should do a better job at script writing because Hiiro is supposed to be serious even though you're making him into a different character completely. I also think think that saying the same comment over and over gets really grating but I'm going to do it anyway because I have nothing to say whenever I'm proven wrong. You should also release Everything Wrong With My Girlfriend is Dead Feat. Taiga or else I'm going to stop not paying you on your Patreon that you don't talk about but I'm gonna say you shill every video anyway. Keep it up, ProtoDubs. By the way, watch my hour long video about how your opinions are wrong and should be taken 100% seriously.
  • In the 'Zyuoh Dance Featuring Everyone', the voice actor for Kiriya is featured and one can see sad Ex-Aid in the background. Marcos, evidently, added it in during editing. His response?
    Marcos: The bike is lying. You can never trust a bike.
    Hyperjacob: I posted proof you poo. You can never trust a Marcos.
    Marcos: Fake proof.
  • Mage (Nico's voice actress) got a keychain of Nico. The artist drew a picture of a tiny RidePlayer Nico… and drew a comic of Nico's first line in episode 4. Marcos was a bit taken aback by this.
  • Mage was not very happy when she saw Marcos' bleeping lead This Very Wiki to believe that she cursed way more in The Stinger of episode 5 than she actually did, and told the editors to "jot that the fuck down".
  • Emu finally got a Nintendo Switch, no thanks to that stupid bike!
  • Watch as Saki tries (keyword: tries) to celebrate the Fourth of July.
  • Amongst the awesome song covers found on Mighty Album X, the ProtoDubs in-character Song Parody of One Week and the nonmusical audio clips of HyperJacob96 and SpecialForm12’s recordings for the Doctor Mighty XX Gashat stand out as rather bizarre.

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