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  • In a rare auditory example, the Laugh Track skips at one point on the third verse to Ray Stevens' "The Streak".
  • Frank Zappa wrote an ode to the Special Effects Failure called "Cheepnis". Found on the album Roxy & Elsewhere (1974), it opens with Zappa monologuing about the concept of cheepnis (which is what he calls the Special Effects Failure) in relation to his love for monster movies, citing an example from It Conquered the World.
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  • Kelly Rowland's Dilemma is a pretty iconic song from the The Oughts, thanks to heavy airplay that in the music video, the message about unrequited love is displayed, amongst other things, as a unanswered text message. In Microsoft Excel, that is.
  • The Beatles' "Magical Mystery Tour" features a stock sound effect of a bus driving between the stereo channels. However, the stock sound effect ended with the bus skidding and crashing, which it actually does on one occasion where the faders are brought down too slowly. (On another occasion, the sound effect is cut off suddenly before the crash with an audible click.) Cue Paul Is Dead jokes....

Music Videos

  • Spoonfeedas' Attack of the Hadedas includes a giant bird that looks like it just stepped out of Birdemic in homage to movies of its kind.
  • Pretty much all of Randy Travis' "Before You Kill Us All" has bad chroma-key. Most obviously, there's a constant mask around Randy's mullet, and his guitar clips the background a few times.
  • To say the CGI in Eiffel 65's Blue was dated even in 1999 is an Understatement. The way the band is inserted into the footage makes it all the more jarring.
    • The fight scenes are less "fighting" and more "a bunch of guys lightly tapping aliens once and a while". Either that, or the aliens have exceptionally poor combat skills.
    • The video for "Move Your Body" is a sequel to the "Blue" video, the band being poorly-inserted and CGI included.
      • The music video for Zorotl's I Wanna Be calls back to both above examples (although with a similar-looking alien and different musicians). Made worse where the later happens in a sports stadium.
  • The Beastie Boys music video for Don't Play No Game I Can't Win is all a bunch of dolls/action figures and other toys in an action movie-like adventure. You can clearly see the wires, hands, and dowel rods used to maneuver everything.
    • There's also the Boys' music video for Intergalactic, which intentionally and lovingly recreates the bad effects of Japanese Kaiju movies. From cardboard-looking miniatures to ridiculous robot costumes to a full-size car obviously not matching up with its model equivalent, it's all there.
  • The effects for ZZ Top's music video for "Doubleback" are pretty bad.
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  • The bike morphing into a pimpmobile from Coolio's "Fantastic Voyage" video. THAT IS NOT HOW MORPHING IS DONE. It's so bad the copyright owner is embarrassed.
  • The poorly Photoshopped bus stop sign in the "Friday" music video by Rebecca Black, as seen here
    • Also the night scene, which was clearly filmed on either a greenscreen or a simple backdrop.
  • It's Raining Men... through crappy green screen effects. The sets are also quite cheap-looking.
  • Invoked in the video for "Jurassic Park" by "Weird Al" Yankovic. Most of the video is done in Claymation, but when the park's gates are shown a second time, one of the torches has gone out - so an arm reaches in and lights it with a lighter.
  • The borderline Body Horror 'floating' effect from Blancmange's "Lose Your Love" music video. Not to mention it failed as soon as it started, unless it was intentional.
  • The music video for Will Smith's "Men in Black" features a poorly done dancing aliennote  midway through. The practical alien body parts towards the beginning don't fare much better.
  • The music video for Brainbug's Nightmare is intentionally full of this, mainly as homage to the 50's.
  • Billy Joel's "Pressure" has some very obvious matte lines in certain scenes.
  • Played for Laughs in the Tenacious D music video for Rize of the Fenix, done up to look like a video that hasn't been dropped yet, with hastily-edited duplicate shots of fans, weird-looking disembodied heads of Kage and Jables on swords and devilish snakes to represent critics, too many explosions (and explosion fails), horribly animated bats, superfluous green-screen shots, shoddy CG supertitles, and many VFX screens and clipart images reading "Stockpic," "Unrendered," and "Missing Media."
  • Although the human violence in Biting Elbows' video for "Bad Motherfucker" is realistic enough, the incident when the protagonist kicks the German shepherd out the window uses a very obvious stuffed dog dummy. Possibly an intentional example, if the band didn't want to receive outraged e-mails from dog lovers by shooting the event too plausibly.
  • P. Diddy's "Come With Me" video, which was a tie-in music video to the 1998 Godzilla movie has the title character as an example, in which the title character looks compressed and looks even worse than in the movie.
    The Music Video Show: I'm watching the video right now...the monster looks like garbage, let's watch something else."
  • The video for A Flock of Seagulls' "I Ran", which is shot in a Hall of Mirrors setting, fails to hide the camera reflected in the mirrors that pass behind the musicians.


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