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"Reaper High" is a roleplay-slash-chatroom founded 24 July 2006 by deviantartist Red Roxy, the highschool for the Gifted, the Magical and the Undead!

Get ready for a school filled with dormitory hijinx, dimension-hopping, studying for exams, getting to class on time, starting bar brawls, fighting monsters, dealing with spontaneous mutations, causing nuclear war... Wait.

Art and Stories from Reaper High sessions can be found on their deviantart group. Alternate chatrooms can be found here and here.

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Tropes to be found in this school include...

Roleplay specific tropes:

Powers and Abilities specific Tropes:

  • Compelling Voice: The Music Meister even teaches a class about it.
  • Mad Scientist: The entire point of the Genius Sanctum.
  • Morphic Resonance: Clarisse's blue-and-green eye colour always remains the same, no matter what the form is.
  • Smells Sexy: Nick's secondary power, given the way her pheromones attract so many followers.
  • Super Smoke: Nick's primary power.

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