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Incredible Hulk is a fan favorite comic book by Marvel that has been referenced in other media.


Asian Animation
  • Motu Patlu: The episode "The Bulk" is named after The Incredible Hulk, fitting for an episode where Motu gets injected with a Super Strength serum that makes him grow in size. The description for the episode's official upload on Wow Kidz' YouTube channel outright compares it to "the famous Hulk".

Fan Works


  • Game Night: Max has a trivia question about Edward Norton and gave hints that he played the Hulk.
  • In a deleted scene in Step Brothers, Dale gets a pair of Hulk hands for Christmas. Which becomes Hilarious in Hindsight thanks to the existence of Wreck-It Ralph (the title character is played by Dale's actor, John C. Reilly).
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  • In Blood Harvest, Sarah refers to Scott as the Incredible Hulk.
  • Nicky from Dominick and Eugene is nicknamed the Incredible Hulk because of his strength. He has a Hulk poster, a number of Hulk T-shirts, and some Hulk action figures he plays with at night.

Live-Action TV

Western Animation


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