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Tear Jerker / The Incredible Hulk

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  • The opening credit sequence depicting Bruce's accident, his ensuing rampage as the Hulk, and the aftermath in which an enraged General Ross orders him to keep his distance from Betty, who was injured during the whole affair.
    • The alternate opening scene of the movie is even worse. We see Bruce climbing to the peak of a mountain, pull out a gun, and just as he cocks the hammer back, his eyes turn green and the big guy wakes up.
      • Also, if Bruce's rant during The Avengers (2012) is anything to go by, it would seem that this scene is canon.
        Bruce: I got low. I didn't see an end, so I put a bullet in my mouth and the other guy spat it out!
  • Bruce having a trauma-induced flashback to the campus incident.
  • Bruce trying to make love to Betty, only for his heart rate monitor to act up, showing that he can't even do that.


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