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Tear Jerker / The Incredible Hulk

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1977 series

  • Elaina Marks' death in the pilot movie. She doesn't even get to say a proper goodbye to David himself, since it's the Hulk who gets to watch her die. She tearfully wonders who will take care of him and then confesses her love, before passing away. The Hulk screams to the heavens in anguish.
    • Later, when standing over her gravestone, David (with no memories of her last moment with him as the Hulk) says that he always loved Elaina. And he thinks she loved him back, "although you never said it."
  • At the climax of the second part of "The First", Dell Frye's Hulk, seemingly out of sheer spite, throws the last remaining sample of the serum that would've cured both him and David on the ground, destroying it completely. David's reaction is especially powerful; he's spent the last couple years running, fearing the beast inside of him coming out, and he had finally found salvation....only for it be taken another person just like him, no less. All he can do now is cry....and then the "Hulk out" music starts...
    David: [his eyes wet and green-white] No! NO!!
  • If David crying is already sad, things get sadder when the Hulk cries. It happened in the pilot episode, after the Hulk realizes that Elaina Marks is dead, despite his efforts to save her.
    • Similarly, he cries when he arrives too late to save a murdered girl in "Of Guilt, Models and Murder".
    • And in "Married", when David's wife dies as a result of a disease.
    • The only situation in which Hulk's tears aren't related to death is in "Homecoming", as his father, with whom David had just made peace after years of estrangement, tells Hulk to go away (in order to protect him from persecution), but Hulk wants to be with his father.
  • The Lonely Piano Piece, entitled "Lonely Man," which plays at the end of most episodes is widely considered to be one of the saddest pieces of music ever composed.

1996 series

  • In "Innocent Blood", in an effort to save a dying Bruce by getting him worked up enough to Hulk out, Betty and Rick are in tears as they're forced to yell at him and lie that they think he's a destructive monster who has ruined their lives, that they wish he never existed and they never want to see him again. In the end, their effort to break his heart in order to save him works, but their harsh words hit Hulk hard and he's taken them to heart. Rick and Betty try to explain they didn't mean any of the things they said, but Hulk doesn't understand and leaves, feeling alone and rejected by his two closest friends.
    Hulk: Betty. Rick. Friends.
    Betty: [starting to cry] No, Hulk. We're not friends. I'm frightened of you. You're destructive and... I don't love you, I hate you! [begins sobbing]
    Hulk: Hate Hulk?
    Rick: [also crying] You've ruined our lives, man. You've ruined everybody's life! We wish you'd just... just go away. Just leave us alone.
    Hulk: No. No. Rick? Betty?
    Betty: You're a monster. I never want to see you again. Do you hear me? Never!
    Hulk: BETTY!
  • The scene in "Mortal Bounds" where Gargoyle sadly examines his restored face and laments that he will have to return to his deformed self in order to survive.
    • The scene where Don Blake reveals that the antidote to the virus won't be ready in time to save Betty, driving Bruce to tears. Happily, it becomes a Heartwarming Moment when Gargoyle arrives and gives Bruce the rest of the antidote the two of them created earlier, saying that even a hideous troll like himself can perform a good deed.
  • In "Darkness and Light Part 3", when Hulk's mindless rage is broken by his concern for a possibly-injured Betty, he asks her why she lied to him about how she'd never hurt him and flees further into the desert, leaving Betty to believe Hulk blames her for his pain.

  • The opening credit sequence depicting Bruce's accident, his ensuing rampage as the Hulk, and the aftermath in which an enraged General Ross orders him to keep his distance from Betty, who was injured during the whole affair.
    • The alternate opening scene of the movie is even worse. We see Bruce climbing to the peak of a mountain, pull out a gun, and just as he cocks the hammer back, his eyes turn green and the big guy wakes up.
      • Also, if Bruce's rant during The Avengers (2012) is anything to go by, it would seem that this scene is canon.
        Bruce: I got low. I didn't see an end, so I put a bullet in my mouth and the other guy spat it out!
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  • Bruce having a trauma-induced flashback to the campus incident.
  • Bruce trying to make love to Betty, only for his heart rate monitor to act up, showing that he can't even do that.


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