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  • Hulk and Umar ranked somewhere in-between strangely hilarious and Dude, Not Funny!. It is basically in the uncomfortable weirdness area, which, along with being so unexpected, is why it stood out so much.
    • In the original Defenders series where Umar made Hulk her love slave, he was physically exhausted after six minutes. In the Heart of the Monster storyline where she comes back for seconds, with Hulk now in his Green Scar/Worldbreaker mode, they go all night long.
    • Again from Heart of the Monster, when Doctor Strange, Amadeus Cho, and Sofia Di Cosimo go through a portal to the Dark Dimension and emerge looking like cut-rate Dungeons & Dragons characters. Strange is particularly irritated.
  • Hulk: Broken Worlds #2: Adam Warren's story of the time the 245-foot tall kaiju Marvel Mangaverse Hulk went moongazing, and ended up derailing Ragnarok by beating the Fenris Wolf to death with Jormungandr.
  • About half of Jason Aaron's run.
  • During Peter David's tenure, the Hulk took on the Professor persona and was able to reverse his Hulking Out so that as he got angrier, he became a savage, furious... Bruce Banner. The image of a skinny scientist acting like the Hulk is as funny as you think.
  • Rick Jones survives a crashing Skrull saucer thanks to a parachute pack he had on hand. Why did he need a parachute pack? "I always carry a miniature parachute with me in case I have to jump from an exploding Skrull saucer." (Peter David had actually written himself into a corner and forgotten about Rick; the parachute incident made Rick ultra-savvy and reinvigorated the character.)
  • Bruce's entire relationship with Maria Hill. They really love annoying each other, and Bruce keeps borrowing things from her (including money). He goes through a lot of iPads.
  • In the Indestructible Hulk and Daredevil team up, Daredevil jumps down into a dark space while Maria asks him to wait until they at least get him a light...
    Daredevil: You are adorable.
  • During one issue of Peter David's run, the Rhino impersonates a mall Santa, but his temper causes him to eventually snap and start tearing up the place. The Grey Hulk comes in and starts fighting him. Eventually a sales rep from a mom and pop cookie store attempts to calm the two down by offering up free cookie samples, leading to this gem:
    The Rhino: Are these macadamia nuts?
    Sales Rep: Why yes.
  • In Incredible Hulk #349 by Peter David, Spidey realises that Mr. Fixit is in fact the currently presumed dead Hulk. His reaction? this hammy exchange:
    Mr. Fixit: Egad NO! I've been FOUND OUT!
    Mr. Fixit: I have to ESCAPE!
    Spidey: HUH?
    • cue Mr. Fixit making his escape by jumping straight through the roof as seen by a very confused Spidey ... only to smash down on Spidey from above seconds later.
    Mr. Fixit: Nice of you to wait around.
  • In the beginning of issue 181, the Hulk crash-lands in Canada, right on top of a farmer's fence. The man, not giving a single damn about the fact that it's the Hulk, starts yelling at him... and the Hulk apologises, before wondering what the heck he's doing.
  • It's not canon, but there was an old house ad for Marvel subscriptions that featured the Hulk, dressed in a smoking jacket and slippers, sitting in a well-furnished upper class sitting room, and addressing the reader in a voice like Alistair Cooke, "It is I, the ever-incredible Hulk." It's adorable, and ends with the classic line, "Be elite! It's neat!"
  • In the Civil War II: The Fallen #1, Daredevil is responsible for reading Bruce Banner's will after he is killed by Hawkeye. Apparently the Hulk owned Jimi Hendrix's guitar for no reason other than he thought it would be cool to own it.
  • Way back in The Incredible Hulk #6, when Bruce transforms into the Hulk, but with Banner's head. He's not pleased.
  • At the end of the ‘Mr. Fixit’ run, Green Hulk shows back up during an argument. Afterwards, there is a scene taking place in Banner’s subconcious as Grey Hulk is attempting to hold shut a door which Green Hulk is trying to get through.
    Mr. Fixit: Great, just great, I manage to establish myself, get a rep, and people started to forget I used to have the skin color and IQ of an avocado. Then you had to show back up!
    Green Hulk: (reaching around the mental door Grey is attempting to shut) Hulk smash puny grey Hulk!!
    Mr. Fixit: Hey! Is that Lou Ferrigno?
    Green Hulk: (looks behind him) What?
    Mr. Fixit: (slamming shut the door) Sucker!
  • When Rick Jones was set to marry Marlo Chandler, the Marvel heroes agree to throw him a bachelor party. It leads to the teen heroes spiking the punch, the party getting invaded by The Ecdysiast - the nom de plume for a stripper - and watch a pornographic film - with poor Cap covering his eyes - that they find out stars Marlo!
    • Just the fact that Captain America was assigned the task to hire entertainment for Rick's bachelor party... and he hired The Ecdysiast thinking she was a magic act.
    • Also just the fact that in a place like the Marvel Universe, a fancy name like Ecdysiast wouldn't be any different than anyone else's costumed identity.
  • During the Batman/Hulk crossover, The Joker uses his new powers granted by the Super of Worlds to troll the two heroes. The Hulk's annoyance at being turned into a clown and a Picasso drawing have to be seen to be believed.

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