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The Incredible Hulk (2008)

  • The second trailer shows in parts but very clearly why you shouldn't piss Banner off enough to let out the Hulk:
    • First, he bursts out of building and shatters the pillars in his way.
    • By throwing large hunks of sharp metals, he takes out a gunship and splits a Humvee in half.
    • The quiet scene of Betty and Hulk sitting together is partly this and partly CMOH.
  • Several during the battle with the Abomination. Such as when the Hulk saves Betty from the exploding helicopter by clapping his hands together. The force of that clap sent a blast of air which blew the flames away from the survivors.
  • Police Car Gauntlets!
  • The Abomination being one of the few to have the honor of handing the Hulk his ass. Also, catching a rocket that was shot at him without even looking, then smashing against his chest just to show how tough he is.
  • "Hulk! SMASH!" Followed immediately by the Hulk ripping Abomination's elbow bone out and stabbing him with it.
    • Also a subtle one for Abomination as well, since he kept fighting with a broken arm. Even with a Healing Factor, that takes time to heal.
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    • When the Abomination was swinging the chain around like a hammer, and the Hulk stopped to cause a crack to open underneath him is totally awesome. It showed how the Hulk has won many times by out-thinking his opponents.
  • The Abomination has one in the final fight too. After taking an insane amount of punishment from the Hulk, including the aforementioned police car gauntlets, he spits out a tooth, and all he has to say is, "Is that all you got?"
    • Just as the time before, that certainly was not all Hulk had. He proceeds to break every bone in Blonsky's body and nearly strangles him to death with his own chain.
  • Doc Samson giving General Ross a well-deserved verbal smackdown.
    You know, it's a point of professional pride for me that I can tell when somebody's lying. And you are... I used to wonder why she never talked about you... Now I know.
  • One of the very last scenes of the movie, where Bruce is meditating in a cabin in the woods, then he opens his eyes revealing the bright green of the Hulk. Combined with his knowing smirk shows that he is now in complete control.
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  • The Hulk thrust-kicking a bragging Blonsky across an entire city park and into a tree, breaking all of Blonsky's bones. If not for the previously-administered Super Soldier serum, Blonsky would have died.
  • Despite being a villain, you had to be impressed by Blonsky in the park after he took the Super Serum. Sprinting far faster than soldiers years younger is cool enough, but he took on a very pissed Hulk with just a pistol and HELD HIS OWN! This is a guy who is barely superhuman.
  • Bruce showing off his aikido skills against the bullies who harassed Martina, both at the factory and when they get in his way while running from the military. It was made pretty clear if not for the fear of his pulse increasing and them outnumbering him, he would have kicked their ass one-on-one.

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