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  • The series began with one. A scientist testing out a nuclear weapon finds a teenager having driven into the blast radius of the weapon. He runs towards the boy and throws him into a protective ditch.
  • From the Finale of Planet Hulk: 'He calls himself Worldbreaker because he knows that one day, his rage will burn this planet clean. But today the planet burns him. Sears him to the very bone. But he will not let her go. Today the Worldbreaker unbreaks his world.'
  • Pretty much the entirety of Planet Hulk is one, huge CMoA for our lovable, huggable, angry green guy.
  • World War Hulk. Just... World War Hulk. Especially the last issue.
    • The greatest moment in World War Hulk comes early on with Hulk vs. Black Bolt.
      Hulk: I didn't come here for a whisper, I want to hear you scream!
  • During his first fight with the Galaxy Master, a Cosmic Entity, Hulk defeats him by jumping inside the Galaxy Master and ripping his mechanical core to pieces.
  • The entire Greg Pak run might count as one.
  • In their first battle with the Hulk, the U-Foes end up suffering from Power Incontinence and seemingly die on their own without the Hulk needing to do anything. In their second appearance, they've gained full control of their powers and managed to defeat the Hulk. They then hijack the world's TV broadcasts, stringing the Hulk up as Bruce Banner and threatening to murder him on live television. The rest of the hero community is trying to track Banner down so they can help him out, but they're either unable to find him because Vector is blocking their efforts to find Banner (Iron Man, Doctor Strange, etc.) or unable to get there to help him (Alpha Flight, Daredevil, Spider-Man, etc.) Eventually, Banner's friends rescue him, and he's in an extremely bad mood from being publicly humiliated by the U-Foes. He then Hulks out and proceeds to destroy the U-Foes one after another, to the point of forcing himself through Vector's repulsion waves with pure brute strength to get to him. Keep in mind that this is the usually mild-mannered Banner who's mad enough to do this, the guy derided by the various Hulk personas as a pathetic weakling. See what happens when you try Bullying a Dragon, boys and girls?
  • Hulk in the Dark Dimension. He's destroying everything... and he's so happy.
  • The rapid-fire show of what the Green Scar did to relax after being freed of the Banner persona in Jason Aaron's run: swimming with whales, roasting a shark over a fire on a mountaintop, exploring a Mayan temple, rodeoing a triceratops, bathing in an active volcano, wrestling an octopus, and climbing a mountain in a thunderstorm. All while wearing trousers and boots that fit him.
  • It's somewhat diminished by the fact that he was playing the pawn to Banner, but Hulk managing to take on two of his biggest rivals - Wolverine and the Thing - at the same time and beat them soundly, to the point where they both agree to never speak of the encounter again, counts for something. Special mention goes for twisting Wolverine's arm and stabbing him through the skull with his own claws, and ripping a chunk off of Thing's hide, and crushing it to powder right on front of his eyes.
  • While we're at it, Banner's whole manipulation of the Hulk in order to get everything he needs to find a cure...that he has no intention of using on the Hulk himself.
  • Betty Ross stands up to her father by Calling the Old Man Out at her wedding.
  • When two of the dominant Hulks (Savage and Joe Fixit) threaten to tear apart his psyche, resulting in Banner transforming into a bizarre mish-mash of the three personas, inside his mindscape Banner finally declares enough is enough and that he's had it with the both of them and punches out both Hulks simultaneously declaring "Banner is the strongest there is!". Outside, Banner reverts to normal. That "puny Banner" took control and dealt with the Hulks is astonishing.
  • The incident marked under Immunity Disability. During the Countdown storyline, Joe Fixit aka Grey Hulk has been poisoned, and is suffering from heart attacks. After collapsing from one, he goes to Reed Richards, where he collapses again. When he wakes up, he is told he is having multiple heart attacks, but they can't do further tests since even his gums are too hard for the needles to pierce. So what does Joe Fixit do? He asks for a test tube, holds it in front of him, and to the horror of those viewing, starts beating on himself till he bleeds out enough. Just awesome .
    • In fact the whole storyline is a CMOA for Joe.
  • During the Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe event, the cosmic entity In-Betweener, an equal of Galactus, is split into two, the Order and Chaos halves. The Order half takes over the global SHIELD organization with his powers to advance his plans for the universe. Dr. Strange senses a massive power-concentration inside one helicarrier and believes it to the Chaos half that the Order half has imprisoned. He sends Longshot to release the Chaos half since himself going would risk getting controlled by the Order half while Longshot is protected by his probability powers. When Longshot reaches the helicarrier chamber where the power is being emitted, he does not find the Chaos half but the Jade Giant. Oh and the power Dr. Strange sensed. That was the Order half putting his entire power into restraining Hulk since he couldn't control him. Let me repeat that. Half of a cosmic entity, who at full power rivals Galactus, cannot control the Hulk and it is taking all his power to restrain him. He is eventually forced to let Hulk go to get back enough power to continue his plans, and immediately after Hulk is free, he takes control of Ghost Rider, Scarlet Witch and Dr. Strange. Gives you a whole new perspective on how much the Hulk can ramp himself up when pushed.
  • Doctor Octopus and Doctor Doom, two super geniuses who are also megalomaniacs with egos as big as the planet, admitting Banner is their superior in his field is awesome as well.
    • Doom's case is doubly awesome, since in the case of Octavius he was forced to admit it since he was unable to solve the problem he was facing at the time, while Doom said it while musing to himself. Doom admitting his inferiority to someone in something under no pressure is definitely an awesome moment for the person.
  • While the fight between Joe Fixit and Wolverine was more of a CMOA for Wolverine than Joe, the fight itself was something to behold.
  • How The Hulk beats the Maestro. He knows he can't win against a version of himself a century older, far stronger and utterly ruthless. Instead, he tricks the Maestro into standing on Doctor Doom's time platform. When the Maestro finds himself in a desert, he muses that it's no problem as he'll just conquer whatever time period he's in. He then peers into the distance to see a man in a lab coat running at a youth sitting in a car....Then it hits him what he's seeing as he spins around to see the original gamma bomb standing literally next to him. Before he can do anything, it goes off and the Maestro is incinerated in the very same explosion that created the Hulk.
  • In Chaos War, Brian Banner returns acting on behalf of Mikaboshi. Rebecca Banner (Bruce's mom) and various love interests are also revived, and Brian tries to recreate the death of his wife. This time however, Bruce is able to defeat his father with help from his friends, thereby laying the past to rest.
  • Bruce's EPIC Calling the Old Man Out in issue #377. Bruce is confronted with a vision of his father hurting the Hulk personalities. Bruce finally has enough and delivers this epic speech:
    No! It wasn't me! It was you! YOU were the monster, father! You were insane. You were so convinced that your radiation work had given you a monster son. And you killed my mother, and I was so afraid. You got so mad, and I saw what emotions did, and I....I was so afraid....of buh...being like you. emotions, and I....(choke)...I'd be safe. Safe....and.....and calm....and.....and puny. I'm so puny. bad.. I'm.....I'm sorry, ma. I'm suh.....I'm suh.....I'm Suhhhreeeeeee.....
    • At this Brian, who has been shown as a large wolf-like monster, just shrinks back to his human form and vanishes. The two Hulk personalities dismiss him as nothing as a result.
  • This line:
    Bruce: You know, it just now occurs to me that maybe the real reason I became the Hulk... was to protect the world from Banner.

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