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Heartwarming / The Incredible Hulk

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The Incredible Hulk (2008)
Sometimes, the Hulk is never alone to face his problems.
  • Every moment between Betty and Bruce is sweet. From her driving out in the rain to find him to cutting his hair and finding him clothes to willingly becoming a fugitive to help cure him. This troper's personal favorite moment is after Ross has captured them and is bringing them in, Betty slides her foot across to Bruce and smiles. He holds her hands and kisses them without saying anything. It's enough to make your heart melt.
  • The moments between Betty and the Hulk:
    • During the university fight when General Ross orders the gunship to fire on the Hulk, with his daughter in the line of fire, the monster's first instinct rather than attack it (at first) is to shield Betty from the bullets.
    • Hulk knows exactly who Betty is and won't attack her. His face visibly softens when she approaches him.
    • The cave scene. After Hulk carries her in gently, Betty wakes up...and yells in fright. Hulk doesn't get angry - yep, the Hulk doesn't get angry, and simply backs away into the rain in order to allow her to calm down. It doesn't take her long, and she approaches him. Then the thunder starts, and Hulk starts roaring at it and throwing rocks into the air, before signally for Betty to stay back - he thinks the thunder is a threat, and is trying to protect her from it. Then Betty leads him back inside, assuring him that everything's OK. The next morning, Betty wakes up lying on the now normal Bruce. If she had fallen asleep that way, she was willing to rest against him while he was the Hulk, and that says a lot.
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    • Doubles as a tearjerker. After the Hulk defeats the Abomination, Betty walks up to the Hulk and assures him everything is OK, just like back at the cave. Then the Hulk wipes at tear off Betty's face, looks at it on his finger, and says her name. The Hulk also looks back at Betty sadly one last time just before he leaves.
    • One can even say that Bruce's heart grows three sizes when he becomes the Hulk.
  • The tail end of Bruce's conversation with the security guard becomes sweet after you learn that the security guard was portrayed by TV Hulk Lou Ferrigno.
    Bruce Banner: You are the man.
    (Bruce and the guard fist bump)
    Security Guard: God bless you, brother.
  • The film overrules and overrides Hulk in order to fit into the continuity of the MCU, but fans of the iconic 1970s TV show were surely pleased to see several nods, including the green eyes as Banner Hulks Out, a nearly shot-for-shot recreation of the show's Title Sequence for the film's opening credits, and snippets of "The Lonely Man" theme woven into the movie's score. Plus cameos from Lou Ferrigno (Ang Lee did the same, but here Lou gets lines, and gets to voice Hulk on the silver screen) and a posthumous cameo from Bill Bixby.


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