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The Incredible Hulk (1977 series)

  • The episode "A Solitary Place", has the Hulk saving a bunny from a bear trap. Then begins petting said bunny, gently, and with care.
  • Likewise in "The Snare", when he places a bird back in its nest and strokes it gently.
  • Whenever people acknowledge Hulk is a good guy and show some gratitude. Even more when they learn the truth and decide to keep David's secret.
    • David himself was unsure about the Hulk's morality, but Elaina Marks, in the pilot episode,assured him that Hulk was a good guy.
    • In "Ricky", the episode's titular character not only was grateful, but, in an overlap with the funny page, also taught the primitive-minded Hulk how to open a soda can and drink its content.
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    • Even Jack has his moments: in "Prometheus", he genuinely tried to reason with a Hulk stuck in mid-transformation, being really upset when the other people nearby ruined his efforts for a peaceful solution. Jack even admitted that Hulk saved his life sometimes.
  • David and his father parting ways on good terms in "Homecoming" after the two had spent years estranged from each other after his mother's death. He leaves his family home with his father and sister now assured in the knowledge that he's alive rather than dead, and will keep his secret like everyone else.
    • The reason why David has to leave is also an interesting moment: Jack McGee has stopped by, not looking to pursue reported sightings of the Hulk as usual, but to offer his condolences to David's family over his (presumed) death. David's father in turn offers him a seat at their dinner table so he doesn't have to be alone for Thanksgiving.
  • A meta example is the episode King of the Beach, which seems to have been made primarily so that Bill Bixby and the showrunners could spend 40-odd minutes telling the audience what an awesome guy Lou Ferrigno is under the Hulk makeup and how he's far more than his muscles or his disability. The chemistry he and Bixby share throughout the episode makes it clear just how much of a friendship the two had off-screen.

The Incredible Hulk (1996 series)

  • In "Helping Hand, Iron Fist", Hulk hears a woman screaming and, thinking it's Betty, goes on to rescue her and her family from hoodlums harassing them on the highway. Again at the end, when Hulk remembers Rick being his friend, breaks out of the containment unit, and checks on the injured boy.
  • In "Man to Man, Beast to Beast", Hulk's scenes with the young boy he befriends named Taylor and his pet dog Scout.
  • At the end of "Mortal Bounds," Gargoyle, of all people, is the one who saves a dying Betty from the gamma virus that is killing her. When Banner is surprised by this, Gargoyle says that even a monster like himself is still capable of noble deeds.
  • In "Doomed", seeing the sibling-like relationship between Bruce and his cousin Jennifer Walters. Later, when Hulk meets Jennifer and learns that they're family, meaning he is not alone as Jennifer assures Hulk she will always be there for him. When Jennifer is fatally wounded during an attack by Doctor Doom, subsequently captured by him and wired with bombs to make Hulk do his bidding, Hulk stays at Jennifer's side holding her hand until he reverts back into Bruce.



  • Edith Banner smiling at an infant Bruce while she's outside in the garden.
  • Both moments between Betty and Hulk:
    • When Betty first encounters Hulk outside her cabin, she immediately recognizes him as Bruce and then, mirroring a moment in Betty's dream, Hulk gently picks her up and places her on top of her car. Then he stares at Betty and softly smiles at her as she bears a striking resemblance to his mother. They share a brief period of peace before the Gamma Dogs arrive.
    • In the midst of Hulk's rampage in San Francisco, Betty convinces her father to let her go to the Hulk to calm him down. Looking closely, Hulk looks to be on the verge of tears when he sees Betty on the steps. She calms him to the point of changing back into Bruce and the two share a tearful embrace.

The Incredible Hulk (2008)
Sometimes, the Hulk is never alone to face his problems.
  • Every moment between Betty and Bruce is sweet. From her driving out in the rain to find him to cutting his hair and finding him clothes to willingly becoming a fugitive to help cure him. This troper's personal favorite moment is after Ross has captured them and is bringing them in, Betty slides her foot across to Bruce and smiles. He holds her hands and kisses them without saying anything. It's enough to make your heart melt.
  • The moments between Betty and the Hulk:
    • During the university fight when General Ross orders the gunship to fire on the Hulk, with his daughter in the line of fire, the monster's first instinct rather than attack it (at first) is to shield Betty from the bullets.
    • Hulk knows exactly who Betty is and won't attack her. His face visibly softens when she approaches him.
    • The cave scene. After Hulk carries her in gently, Betty wakes up...and yells in fright. Hulk doesn't get angry - yep, the Hulk doesn't get angry, and simply backs away into the rain in order to allow her to calm down. It doesn't take her long, and she approaches him. Then the thunder starts, and Hulk starts roaring at it and throwing rocks into the air, before signally for Betty to stay back - he thinks the thunder is a threat, and is trying to protect her from it. Then Betty leads him back inside, assuring him that everything's OK. The next morning, Betty wakes up lying on the now normal Bruce. If she had fallen asleep that way, she was willing to rest against him while he was the Hulk, and that says a lot.
    • Doubles as a tearjerker. After the Hulk defeats the Abomination, Betty walks up to the Hulk and assures him everything is OK, just like back at the cave. Then the Hulk wipes at tear off Betty's face, looks at it on his finger, and says her name. The Hulk also looks back at Betty sadly one last time just before he leaves.
    • One can even say that Bruce's heart grows three sizes when he becomes the Hulk.
  • The tail end of Bruce's conversation with the security guard becomes sweet after you learn that the security guard was portrayed by TV Hulk Lou Ferrigno.
    Bruce Banner: You are the man.
    (Bruce and the guard fist bump)
    Security Guard: God bless you, brother.
  • The film overrules and overrides Ang Lee's movie in order to fit into the continuity of the MCU, but fans of the iconic 1970s TV show were surely pleased to see several nods, including the green eyes as Banner Hulks Out, a nearly shot-for-shot recreation of the show's Title Sequence for the film's opening credits, and snippets of "The Lonely Man" theme woven into the movie's score. Plus cameos from Lou Ferrigno (Ang Lee did the same, but here Lou gets lines, and gets to voice Hulk on the silver screen) and a posthumous cameo from Bill Bixby.

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