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Nightmare Fuel / The Incredible Hulk

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The Incredible Hulk (2008)
You really wouldn't like him when he's angry...
  • Blonsky's transformation in all its slow, gruesome glory.
    • His appearance as the Abomination isn't much better.
    • The exchange he shares with a fellow soldier shortly before the climax. What really sells it is the look he gives as he says it.
  • Bruce hulking out in the factory, in a nightmarish sequence that rather fittingly feels as if it were ripped straight out of a monster movie.
    • Stand-out moment is Blonsky seeing the Hulk's face half obscured by shadow. The Hulk is often called a monster by other characters and shots like this help prove why they'd find him so frightening.
  • The film's page image comes from the fight between Hulk and (enhanced human) Blonsky at Culver University. At one point, Blonsky keeps firing grenades at Hulk until the latter rips off pieces of metal to use as a shield. Blonsky fires another grenade, and Hulk blocks it...and gives Blonsky a nightmarish snarl, letting him (and us) know that he is well and truly pissed.
  • The Abomination's rampage in Harlem is very scary as well.
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  • Stern's grin as exposure to the Hulk's blood begins to transform him into The Leader. It's not shown to completion, but there's enough for the audience to say, "This cannot be good."

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