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Nightmare Fuel / Guardians of the Galaxy

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     The comic 
  • From the '90s series: Doctor freaking Doom stealing Wolverine's corpse and putting his brain in it. The 31st century's already a Crapsack World without a Nigh-Invulnerable Doctor Doom in the mix.
  • The Badoon's Zoms as reimagined by the second volume. They are stitched together corpses melded with machinery, which smell of blood, leather and oil. Mantis actually tries reading one of their minds, and finds there's still something left in there.
  • The opening of issue 7 in Volume 2, beginning with the original Guardians fighting the Badoon invasion of Earth, only for them to randomly start dying, due to time itself falling apart at the seams.
  • The Eldritch Abomination the team are attacked by on a mission to a Dyson Sphere. Only it's not an Eldritch Abomination. It's the sphere's population, who were the ground zero for a Negative Space Wedgie that fused them into one big screaming mass, which devours everything it touches. And nothing the team has can kill them.
  • Gamora getting set on fire by the sun. Sure she can heal, but it's still disturbing to see...
  • The alternate reality where the Badoon have taken over the universe. Or more accurately, what's left of it. And then there's how they're keeping reality intact; by caging all the Celestials and chaining them together.
  • And what the original Guardians do when they succeed in their mission: they just stop what they're doing and let the Zoms swarm over them.
  • Moondragon getting "impregnated" by an Eldritch Abomination, as well as how it got into her, by forcing its way down her throat. The only consolation is that we don't hear the noises, which the rest of the Guardians assuredly do.
  • Everything about the Cancerverse.
  • The Magus is already disturbingly creepy, but the moment he decides to torture the Guardians he's captured, partially to get them on his side, but also just for fun. Absolutely worst is his attitude towards Gamora.
  • What Phyla finds hidden in Sacrosanct. Image in, fighting your way through an army of church militants, you find what looks like a cocoon holding your ally, so naturally you open it, hoping to free him. Only it's not your friend, it's Thanos. And then he kills you, instantly.
  • What a just revived Thanos does to the Chuch's homeworld. He razes it to the ground and kills every living thing on its in the space of a few hours, all while in a blinding rage.
  • The only thing Thanos says in Vol 2. issue 25, just after he's been beaten, because knowing him, he could actually do it.
    Thanos: You forced me to live again. For that, everything dies.
  • Groot, possessed by the gone-rogue Venom symbiote. Later, Rocket. And then, Drax.
  • In Vol 3. issue 23, the team goes to visit the real planet were the symbiotes inhabit. After revealing themselves as heroes with bad publicity, they cure the Venom symbiote, fuse it to Flash and then take possession of the rest of the Guardians to speak with them. After releasing them, they inform the Guardians that they took the liberty of curing them of any disease they might have had including cancer in one of them. Yes, one of the Guardians was living with an undiagnosed form of cancer all this time. It's a pretty disturbing reveal inside what was otherwise, a pretty light issue.
  • J'son having a weapon with enough firepower to destroy a planet. Made much worse as this weapon was strong enough to destroy Hala, one of the strongest planets in any galaxy protected by the incredibly powerful Kree army. It doesn't help that at that point he was insane enough to find it a fun experience.
    J'son: I just blew up the Kree homeworld. And you know what? It was fun. It was cathartic.
  • The final fate of the universe in Infinity Wars. Gamora takes a page of her father's playbook by making half the universe's population dissapear. But while Thanos was merciful enough to simply just have them vanish form existence without pain or any kind of suffering, Gamora took the insanity to sadistic, and incredibly terrifying levels by having every single individual in the universe fuse with another to form a new being. And yeah, at some point it is implied that the two old beings are still conscious inside the new merged being, making it a horryfing case of Silent Scream.
    • There's also the way Gamora chose who would merge with who. If you think she would pick individuals who compliment perfectly with each other to form a better version of each other, well she doesn't. The merged new individuals are formed by the two life forms that were next to each other at the time of the merging. Meaning that if you were next to a dog, enjoy your new half-human, half-dog life.

     The film
Touching that Artifact of Doom was definitely not a good idea.
Peter Quill: There's a little pee coming out of me right now.

  • Let's start with Ronan.
    • He's so hellbent on destroying Xandar that he'll kill anyone standing in his way, and it almost seems that he's impossible to defeat. Even Drax gets beaten by him.
    • Later, when he's preparing to wipe out all of Xandar with the Infinity Stone he now wields, he takes the time to deliver a chilling boast to the onlookers that their entire way of life is about to be wiped out, and nothing can prevent their "righteous judgment."
    • Also, he's introduced bathing in some sort of blue liquid. We find out what it is when Ronan cracks a Xandarian's head open like a watermelon (off-screen)... yeah, that's Xandarian blood, which drains into an ornamental pool deep enough for Ronan to fully submerge in. That's a lot of dead Xandarians.
    • He basically one-shots Thanos' defacto second-in-command without a second thought. Keep in mind, this is the guy that gave Loki the power over the Chitauri army in The Avengers, and Loki was afraid of him. And all this is before he takes control of an Infinity Stone.
  • Ronan's Evil Gloating right before he prepares to use the Orb on Xandar. It really shows how warped his worldview truly is:
    Ronan: People of Xandar! The time has come to rejoice and renounce your paltry GODS! Your salvation... is at hand. [begins shouting in Kree]
  • Eson the Searcher, one of the Godzilla-sized Celestials, wiping out all life on a planet with a single stroke of his scepter.
  • In-universe, Quill's poor grandfather had to suffer through his daughter dying young AND his grandson disappearing forever without a trace, on the same night, just as he'd promised her that he'd look after her child. Poor guy.
  • Imagine being Peter. His mother dies, and the second he runs away from the hospital, he gets abducted by aliens and all he can do is scream for his recently-deceased mother. Then the aliens raise him but also semi-jokingly threaten to eat him because they'd never tasted a Terran before.
  • Carina's disintegration when touching the orb, pictured above. The Collector's previous servant starts banging frantically on the glass of her cage when she realizes what Carina is going to do, but it's too late to stop her. The poor girl's screaming does not help.
    • Which gets worse when you consider why she did it. What was her life under the Collector like that the first chance she attempted to kill him, she took it with only a moment's hesitation?
  • The cybernetic implants in Rocket's back are rather hard to look at.
  • Later, when he's drunkenly ranting about the experiments, it's revealed that the scientists took him apart and put him together multiple times. And he might well have been lucid during all this (or, worse, become self-aware sometime in the process. How'd you like your first coherent thought to be "Please let me die"?).
  • Nebula's rapid healing after being shot by Drax's bazooka, with bones audibly and visibly snapping back into place.
  • When Ronan starts blasting through the Nova Corps' defensive net, we see the commander of the squadron, Saal getting slowly crushed to death. Even Rocket winces at that.
  • The Sakaaran's faces behind their masks.
  • The effects of touching the Infinity Stone with one's bare hands are nothing short of horrifying. Your entire body begins to burn from the inside out. Your eyes melt as your skin crumbles and flakes off before the power eventually consumes you and vaporizes your body in a massive explosion. The last thing you hear is your own agonized shrieking. Unless you're Peter Quill or Ronan.
    • The Celestial using it to wipe out an entire planet.
    • For someone who spent the entire movie being a fairly nice if somewhat selfish guy, Peter Quill wielding it is terrifying.
    • Even though there's few things more satisfying than watching Ronan getting his comeuppance, the gasp of utterly horrified agony on his face as he's hit by the stone's power is terrifying.
  • Thanos. He only appears in person once, but that one scene makes him enormously creepy.
    Thanos: Return to me again empty-handed... and I will bathe the starways in your blood.
    • Ronan is intimidated by him. Look at the things he's done this page and take note of his Curb-Stomp Battle with Drax. Then let that sink in.
    • Thanos was outright called the most powerful being in the universe. That's counting a juggernaut like Ronan. If you think that's bad, just remember that Thanos doesn't even have the Infinity Stones... yet.
  • Although it is Played for Laughs, Groot's childish smile after he had slaughtered a couple of dozen or so of Ronan's men with his powers is rather unsettling. More so because of the other Guardians' look while Groot's has on a "I did good?" look with the smile.
  • The results of Groot's sacrifice as the ship crashes: Rocket, Quill, Gamora, and Drax are essentially left lying injured on the ground surrounded by the scattered body parts of their dead friend.
  • If Gamora's floating, dying body after the attack by her sister in space wasn't scary enough, then it is when Quill goes out to save her and ends up slowly dying as well. His skin quickly freezes up and his eyes get all bloodshot. Space Is Cold, indeed.
  • Groot taking on the inmate who harasses Peter by shoving two of his "fingers" up his nose and presumably continuing to grow them into his sinuses, if not piercing towards his brain. He then unceremoniously rips them out. Owwww. As they walk away, he can be heard crying in pain on the floor as blood splashes from his nose.
    • Imagine (or not) if Nathan Fillion's character did have his way with Quill. Getting raped is already a horrific experience, but considering the size difference between the men things would have ended especially bad for Quill.
  • Gamora's reception in the Kyln, surrounded by hostile inmates who wanted her dead because of her association with Ronan and Thanos. When they catch her later, a guard tells them to go to the showers because it'll be easier to clean the blood. As Rocket said, all the guards care about is preventing escape attempts.
  • Yondu's weapon is basically a really sharp arrow that would be near-impossible to avoid, considering how fast it moves. We only see it properly in action once and he slaughters twenty-odd people effortlessly, one of which was inside an armored vehicle, but that didn't slow the arrow down. If Yondu wants to kill you, you die.
  • Although they appear in a comedic scene, the rat-like creatures on Morag are creepy, especially when you see their teeth as they snap at Quill's face.
  • The remarks between Yondu and Kraglin reveal that Peter's father is a jackass. The following film shows that it's an understatement.
  • Pretty much the entire movie can be this, if one thinks about it. While the film is presented in a rather bright-colored and sanitized way, the film either shows or alludes to death by cancer, child abduction, prisoner abuse by guards, an implied threat of Prison Rape, several instances of actual or attempted mass murder and genocide, medical torture (including animal and child abuse), animal blood sports, slavery, suicide, and self-sacrifice which resulted in a character being smashed into a million pieces.


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