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"I-I can't believe it, he [Don Octavio] flooded that aquarium with tar... all those poor dead fish!"
Bentley Turtle, Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves

A solemn gorilla turned the handcrank of a barrel organ. A monkey in a sailor suit performed a jerky hornpipe. The apeman's chest board proffered an art nouveau invitation to the Théâtre des Horreurs. His partner – face shaved and powdered so that at first you might take it for a human child - wasn't happy. The monkey's arms were folded like a jolly tar's, sewn together at the elbows and wrists. The stitches were fresh. Tiny spots of blood fell. The creature's tail was docked too. It wasn't dancing, but throwing a screaming fit to music.
A busker who so mistreated a dumb animal in London would be frogmarched by an angry crowd to a police station, though he could do worse to a real child and have it taken all in good fun.

By the time it attained its mistress' bed, my first victim had fairly frozen stiff. It died soon thereafter. When the girl attended her chores the next day, her eyes were red and vacant. A few soft words of empty kindness brought her to my bed without hesitation. From the wetness of her nether-parts and the blood that flowed from them, I learned why wolves smile in the night.
You see, as the water fell upon that cat, as the warmth of her mistress spread itself across my bitter skin, the Lex Praedatorius screamed itself into my skull. This world, you see, is filled with claws and bellies, with those who hold the blade and those who turn their throats to its edge. Until that night, I had felt apart from my own kind, cold as a fortress but with a furnace within; that furnace leapt into a blaze when I embraced the blade of cruelty. Such wonders I beheld then! Such powers as would make gods tremble on their thrones! Compared to them, the trifling plays of men are naught but shadows.

The tiny white mosaic tiles at the edge of the pond, slimed with blood and guts; and Yulian slimed, too, his face and hands sticky with goo. Cross-legged by the pond like a buddha, Yulian, the frog like a torn green plastic bag in his inexpert hands, slopping its contents. And that child of – of innocence? studying its innards, smelling it, listening to it, apparently astonished by its complexity.
Necroscope II: Wamphyri

Once again Cox and his cronies have been discharging their pistols at the dolphins, against all decency and the common laws of the sea. Many God forgive him, because no righteous sailor will. Indeed, I suspect in this case even the Almighty will find his mercy overly strained!!!
Captain Roberts, Nation

Young Vaughn, he ain't got the Quiet, he's got the other thing. He thinks he's got the Quiet, Billy, and that's as well. Because the truth is, he's got the Screaming, and Richard knew it. He opened that poor monkey like it weren't even a clutch purse, and he snapped that fox without a thought, and the whole thing as if he was making porridge.
Billy Friend's dad, Angelmaker

"Well, there was a bit of a fracas, as we say, and it turned out that a man had a dog, a half-dead thing, according to bystanders, and he was trying to get it to stop pulling at its leash, and when it growled at him he grabbed an ax from the butcher's stall beside him, threw the dog to the ground and cut off its back legs, just like that. I suppose people would say 'Nasty bugger, but it was his dog,' and so on, but Lord Vetinari called me in and he said to me, 'A man who would do something like that to a dog is a man to whom the law should pay close attention. Search his house immediately.' The man was hanged a week later, not for the dog, although for my part I wouldn't have shed a tear if he had been, but for what we found in his cellar."
Watch Commander Sir Samuel Vimes, Snuff

<What are you doing?!> Jake roared.
<Um ... urn ... I guess this eagle's brain kind of took over for a minute,> David said. <l can't believe I just did that! That poor bird! I just lost control.>
It was possible. It was hard, sometimes, to control the animal you'd morphed. So it was possible that's what had happened. The others certainly bought it. Cassie comforted him. But I have an instinct for lies. Maybe it's because I can lie pretty well when I need to. I know a lie when I hear one. David had killed that crow. Deliberately. In cold blood. For absolutely no reason.
Marco, Animorphs #20: The Discovery


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