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Quotes / Bad Powers, Bad People

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"You're destined to be a bad guy if your powers involve poo, or raising the dead, or kissing people and turning them into monsters, or melting people's face with your hands... Those are bad powers, and even if you're a nice guy, if you wake up with the ability to boil people's blood, you should just resign yourself to a life of crime or lab work."
Dave Campbell, Dave's Long Box

"I'm bad luck. Good was never an option for me."
Jinx, Teen Titans, "Lightspeed"

"What they're basically saying here is that evil isn't caused by people making choices, it's because the power itself makes them evil."

Dumbledore: Voldemort had powers that I will never have.
McGonagall: Only because you're too... well... noble to use them.

True Dhar is said to be drawn to those beings who seek ill towards other beings or the world at large. True Dhar promotes an absolute vision of destruction and dominance where other magic promotes cycles of extreme adaptation and creation. This means that Dhar and True Dhar are the most destructive of all Aethyric forces, used knowingly by only the most power hungry or insane spellcasters — like the Druchii or perhaps the greatest practitioners of Necromancy.
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Realms Of Magic (2nd ed)

Subconscious... In a way Stand abilities are the users' subconscious abilities. If there's any guilt in their heart, they might subconsciously hit the brakes... But whoever this is enjoys cruelty. Actually, he lives for it. That's how his ability became this. This guy doesn't have any brakes at all! He has no limits on how evil he can be!
Giorno Giovanna about Cioccolata, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo


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