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  • The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! has Molly's pet alien "tentacle bunny," Snookums. Snookums began life as a Kaiju, but then got shrunk to the size of a basketball. However, he still has all his original mass and is strong enough to move around freely. Hence, the ground shakes when he hops, and he can defeat almost any opponent by hopping into him like a battering ram.
  • The Order of the Stick. Belkar Bitterleaf, the Sexy Shoeless God of War, weighs 30 pounds.
    • Also Durkon Thundershield, though larger than Belkar he's powerful enough (as a strong caster) to require Deus Exit Machina frequently.
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  • Sluggy Freelance has Bun-bun, a vicious mini-lop rabbit who's among the more powerful fighters in the comic (which also features gods and whatnot) and can take on bigger opponents effortlessly. Turns out he's a god himself, specifically a god of strength suffering from amnesia.
  • Hyraxx D'Mofiti from Buck Godot: Zap Gun for Hire is an alien who, while not all that small, is about a head shorter than average humans and is of fairly slight build. Yet she is able to throw Buck, who is several times her size, around with ease an collapse a heavy wall on him. Buck assumes she's another assassin sent after him but actually she's just a tabloid reporter (although in the setting being able to not get killed is more important than being able to make a good story if you want to be a successful journalist).
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  • In Charby the Vampirate most of the cabin inhabitants by virtue of being monsters that look like children, or puppies.
  • Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures has Wildy San, who, like Belkar, is the team's resident Sociopathic Hero. Her brother, on the other hand, seems to rely more on strategy.
  • Digger has at least one example: Lady Surka, Warrior Shrew and professional troll.
    • Digger herself is a slightly more minor example.
  • Kiwi, the tiny fairy in The Dreamland Chronicles, has the magic to carry or slam around much bigger characters.
  • Basically any Racconan in Tales of the Questor. They top out at around two and a half feet tall, but their "magic" powers, martial traditions, and sheer love of overkill make them a hazardous handful.
  • Da'kor from Inverloch. They are the size of a human child, but in a fight an unarmed da'kor has a fair chance of defeating a human swordsman.
  • Nike from Demon Eater. Sure, he's larger than the main character, but there are true gargantuans out there. And none can stand a chance against him.
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  • Erika and the Princes in Distress : Pita may seem short and scrawny, especially compared to the other women of the Kingdom of Brutes... but when she enters into an access of Unstoppable Rage, she is able to easily lift and wield rocks several times her own size. Even Erika is impressed by her strength.
  • Song from Tales Of A Gay Asian she is less than 5'7 yet she can easily push 3 sophomore boys into a wall.
  • Ixnay from Elf Blood: She's a pixie, literally around as tall as a pint glass. She's not strong enough to operate human/elf-sized door handles. She can easily take down a seven-foot tall, armoured hulking brute in a fight through guile and magic.
  • In Schlock Mercenary, the titular mercenary ends up eating a plasma grenade, which destroys most of his body mass. Being a carbosilicate amorph, Schlock's distributed body system meant that he survived, but as a much smaller version with child-like innocence and little memory of his past. But though he's only about the size of a human head, don't mistake him for being any less dangerous, as he managed to shoot down a cruiser when he got loose inside it.
  • Referenced in Super Stupor, where The Dragon tells the Supervillain that he's quitting when there's a little girl in Super Hero costume at their doorstep, as The Dragon knows that "the younger and cuter they are, the worse they're going to kick your ass". The Big Bad still goes to fight after a henchmen tells him she can fly but is otherwise physically weak. Omitting her ability to channel the power of the entire sun at will.
  • A power of one of the heirs in Archipelago. Though she isn't actually short herself, the power she has enables her to shrink, and get proportionally stronger and tougher; which, among other things, has enabled her to punch through stone golems and surviving tons of falling rocks.
  • Nanase of El Goonish Shive is only about 5'4", but is widely regarded as possibly THE most skilled fighter among the main cast. She can also bench press up to 160 pounds (almost certainly more than Nanase herself weighs), and that's without her magic passively enhancing her strength; WITH magic, she can bench over 200.
  • Bad Moon Rising has Madison, who stands just about five feet tall and picks fights in bars full of dangerous hunters of supernatural beings — none of whom have any reason to like her, given that she's technically supernatural herself — for fun. Even smaller is her brother Peter, who is introduced lobbing Molotov cocktails at vampires, but his status is debatable: Peter would probably be of average height if he had legs.
  • Mario & Luigi: Cleanup Crew: Toad is not only able to carry Toadette while running at full speed, he's able to carry Princess Peach carrying Toadette.
  • Jakkai from Slightly Damned are only 3 ft tall and are very poor at magic but are physically stronger and more agile than humans.
  • Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic: Clover Firelight is a halfling, reaching up only to the waistline of most people around her. She's also a deadly assassin and quite at the right height to dish out Groin Attacks.
  • In Yokoka's Quest, Yfa, despite his small size, is able to pick up heavy objects and Yokoka with ease. His high strength is also shown on his stats page.
  • Gourmet Hound: Lucy is sometimes seen carrying boxes that just as tall as her much to the chagrin of Clementine and Graham. Not to mention, her first meeting with Graham involved her tearing down his door by herself.
  • Boyfriend of the Dead: Do not fight hand-to-hand with Alex if you are a zombie. Her kill count has reached the hundreds by now. Humans fare little better, even if armed with guns.
  • Everyday Heroes: Philo is an insect-human hybrid, still in his larval stage, but with full human strength (and apparently some knowledge of judo).
  • I'm the Grim Reaper: Scarlet is only 5’3, but is a force to be reckoned with. Brook is even shorter and is an even more formidable opponent. Both are Grim Reapers.


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