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  • Ash and Emily from Misfile crossed over into Official Couple status with this page
  • The Order of the Stick:
  • From Questionable Content, Jeph Jaques is on record saying that Martin and Faye were the official couple for the first 500 strips or so; however, before it visibly materialized, he changed his mind (later saying in the comic that they would have been a terrible couple) and delivered a Wham Episode that got rid of Martin/Faye and set up Martin/Dora. He later paired Faye up with Angus McPhee. However, he then broke up Marten and Dora and put Marten together with Padma, a new character, only to reveal that Padma would be leaving soon to California to take care of her mother. Faye then broke up with Angus leaving the current offical couples as Marten with Claire, Dora with Tai and Marigold with Dale.
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  • Zill and Kayla in Zoophobia.
  • In Red String, there's Schoolgirl Lesbians Fuuko and Hanae, and the almost Beta Couple of Reika and Eiji.
  • Lance and Silvia in Shape Quest, despite being rather oblivious to it.
  • Aubrey and Jason in Something*Positive.
  • Tom and Karla in Home on the Strange.
  • Piro and Kimiko from Megatokyo.
  • Helen and Dave from Narbonic Also Mell and Caliban as the Beta Couple.
  • Rikk, Aly and Rumy Oberf in Fans!. Also Will and Shanna Erikson and Tim and Julia Mitts as beta couples.
  • Alan/Bea in the 18th - century in the The Dreamer.
  • El Goonish Shive has three: Tedd/Grace, Elliot/Sarah ( formerly ) and Ellen/Nanase.
  • Homestuck has Dad Egbert / Mom Lalonde. They even have a romantic dinner together. Then they die. Their Official Couple status is cemented in this update explaining the Troll Romance Quadrants, where they're given as the paradigm for "matesprits" the closest parallel to human romance that Trolls have. Later on, Spades Slick and Ms. Paint. Despite implications that he used to have a thing for Ms. Paint himself, Hussie decides not to come between them and declares their ship canon on the spot. And of course, there's Rosemary (that's Rose and Kanaya, the Portmanteau Couple Name comes from Kanaya's last name, Maryam), seemingly a favorite of the fandom and now official!
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  • Predictably, the Girl and the Fed from A Girl and Her Fed.
  • Bob and Jean in The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!.
  • Walkyverse has Walky and Joyce. In the continuity spin-off Shortpacked! it's Amber and Mike of all people.
  • Persona for the Win:
    • Persona 3 FTW stays in line with Persona 3's hints and has MC/Aigis as the canon couple and FemC/Shinjiro in the Persona 3 FTW Distaff Counterpart storyline.
    • Persona 4TW originally had MC/Rise; however, Persona 4TW Add-On had them break up, and Gold'n Persona 4TW (which takes place in between the two) shows the cracks that led to them breaking up, and also indicates that MC/Marie will be the official couple in the future.
    • As for Persona 2 Win, the official couple there is MC/Jun.
  • Ally and Lisa of Sunstone.
  • Camel and Filoni in Agents of the Realm, established pretty quickly.
  • Fate and Love in Deities have been a couple since their first appearance.
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  • Sandra and Cloud in Sandra and Woo. Also Larisa and Landon as the Beta Couple.
  • Yuri and Natsuki in the fan comic Doki Doki Literature Girls become one after the Natsuri arc. Monika and Sayori become this as well during the Sayorika arc.
  • Maddie Grey/Andy Taylor in the Maddie series.
    • Ebony Larsson/Siobhan Pattinson in the series Outsiders.


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