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"According to old-timey men's magazines, not only were the Nazis substantially sexier than all but the most Harrison Ford-laden of period films would have you believe, but times were so tough during WWII — what with the rationing of metals and all — that even the most elite Gestapo officers were only permitted a single button."

Nazisploitation (also called Nazi exploitation) is a subgenre of the Exploitation Film and Sexploitation film that centers around Nazis committing horrific sexual acts as overseers of prisons or camps during World War II. Most follow the women in prison formula, relocated to a death camp or Nazi brothel, with a particular focus on gore, sadomasochism, and degradation. The genre also found its way into Pulp Magazines.

Related is the short-lived genre of stalag fiction, which were pornographic dime novels on similar themes very briefly popular in Israel of all places, before being banned by the government. This was around the time of Adolf Eichmann's trial.


  • Parodied in the trailer for Werewolf Women of the SS (courtesy of Rob Zombie) that ran with showings of Grindhouse.
  • Alternate History meets Slash Fic in this short story 304 Adolph Hitler Strasse by Lavie Tidhar, about a descendent of Heinrich Himmler who starts writing online Nazi/Jew slash.
  • Frauleins in Uniform: A subversion; the girls are Germans wanting to serve their country and not prisoners being forced into sex. Likewise, German soldiers are depicted as good guys. The Soviets are the villains, instead.
  • Blitzkrieg: Escape from Stalag 69 is essentially a Stealth Parody of this genre.