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The Addicted Series/Calloway Sisters series is a New Adult book series by Krista and Becca Ritchie that deals with issues such as addiction, the difficulty of being famous, abuse, and mental health issues. The six main characters are Lily Calloway (a sex addict), Loren Hale (an alcoholic), Rose Calloway (Lily's sister and a fashion designer), Connor Cobalt (Lily's tutor and Rose's boyfriend), Ryke Meadows (Lo's brother) and Daisy Calloway (Lily and Rose's much younger sister, who is also a model). The original series is the Addicted series, focusing on Lily and Lo. Calloway Sisters is a spinoff that fits into the narrative, and focuses on the other two couples: Connor and Rose, and Daisy and Ryke. There are ten books in the two combined series:

  • Addicted To You, 2013 (Addicted)
  • Ricochet, 2013 (Addicted companion novel)
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  • Addicted For Now, 2013 (Addicted)
  • Kiss The Sky, 2014 (Calloway Sisters)
  • Hothouse Flower, 2014 (Calloway Sisters)
  • Thrive, 2014 (Addicted companion novel, bridging the gap for those who didn't read KTS and HF)
  • Addicted After All, 2014 (Addicted)
  • Fuel the Fire, 2015 (Calloway Sisters)
  • Long Way Down, 2015 (Calloway Sisters)
  • Some Kind Of Perfect, 2016 (Epilogue novel that concludes both series)

The authors have a website [1], Tumblr [2], Twitter [3], Pinterest [4], Facebook [5] and YouTube [6]. The series extras (missing scenes, a web series, playlists and YouTube chats) are here [7].


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