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Game and Meta

  • Some lines in Vietnamese localized voice for tank crew, perhaps, were the most bellicose and rather hammy among other nations:
    • (Match started) "Xông lên, diệt hết chúng đi": Advance, kill them all!
    • (Match started) "Xung phongggg!": Forwardddd! (or chargeeee!)
    • (Match started) "Xông lên anh em!": Brothers, charge! (a common battecry among Vietnamese soldiers)
    • (Caused critical damage to enemy) "Thích hổ báo à?": What, want to be that aggressive?
    • (Destroyed an enemy tank) "Mày hả bưởi?: Oh, is that you? (the phrase was mostly meaningless, but it is comparable to "is that you that got hit")
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    • (Destroyed an enemy tank) "Chết mày đi!": Shut down, you bastard! (literally means "Die, you bastard!")
  • Many people failed to pay attention to the date when the designers released a YouTube video showing what they claimed was playtest footage of a German Ratte, a tank so large that its turret was a modified version of those found on a Scharnhorst-class battleship.
  • A developer's blog for the game's first physics overhaul features a back-flipping German tank.
  • 8-Bit Tales, which are hilarious World of Tanks-based shorts in 8-bit. There's one about the TOG II, the KV-5 and Arty in general.
  • A somewhat common sight is seeing one tank pushing another, much slower one up a hill, sparks shooting from their bumpers the whole way.
    • The presence of a TOG II* guarantees this, despite the immense weight of the TOG making such assistance irrelevant.
    • Also present - tank "conga lines" or "derp lines" consisting of an entire lineup of tanks pushing one another across the map.
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  • Really, anytime a TOG II* shows up, it's already comedy gold just by its appearance (in every meaning of the phrase). Doubly so for those one-in-a-million TOG cliffdives that ends with some poor unlucky sod having an 85-ton landship fall on them. Also whenever a TOG II player decides to drive into the water- the thing looks like the USS Monitor
  • The TOG II* hilarity reached epic proportions when, at Tankfest 2019, Quicky Baby gave away ten thousand rental codes for it. Tier 6 was nothing but TOGs for some time, and The Mighty Jingles (known for his love of the TOG II*) soon put up footage of an all-TOG game, complete with commentary that went full David Attenborough. QuickyBaby's reaction when he first sees he succeeded in creating a game where every player is driving a TOG II* (as he terms it, at "Tog O'clock") is itself hysterically funny.
  • Tanks accidentally falling of cliffs and drowning. Becomes even funnier if the tank that falls off the cliff or drowns is attempting to ram or push off another tank on the cliff edge, but ends up getting pushed off, or even better, misses and overshoots its target.
    • Artillery players are notorious for drowning their vehicles on purpose to deny the enemy team a kill, but real hilarity ensues when one of the enemy team vehicles goes after the artillery and either crushes it from above or rams it to death while underwater.
  • On the rare occasion that an artillery player goes into tank destroyer mode and tries to shoot an enemy tank at point blank range, the splash damage from the HE can blow up the artillery itself while leaving the enemy tank alive.
    • At certain point there could be unlimited amount of SPG's in one battle and lower level players tend not to change their positions simply shooting everything they see from the spawning point. When a scout tanks appears near group of low skilled bunched up SPG's, friendly fire is more common than you would think. The best part- you get an award if an enemy is hit by friendly fire near you.
    • On the other hand, when some light tank finds an arty and thinks they're getting an easy kill, only to be abruptly one-shot by their prey.
  • Having the last surviving vehicle on a team capture the enemy base - and getting killed in the five-second window before the victory is called (turning it into instant defeat).
  • Destroying an enemy vehicle by landing on them, especially if the tank doing the stunt would be completely unable to kill the enemy in any other situation. Special mention if the vehicle getting stomped is a Maus.
    • This backfires spectacularly if lightly armored vehicles like the Hellcat ram larger, heavier vehicles - the one attempting the landing is blown up instantly while the vehicle below isn't even scratched! Boom! And again!
  • Light Tank Wars. Sometimes balancer goes nuts (more than usual) and assigns 30 tier 4-5 light tanks in one game. The sight of dozens of ELC AMX note  racing around each other at circles is pretty unique experience. Its like aerial dogfights, but with tanks.
  • Witnessing a player's first encounter with an autoloader-equipped tank note . When the autoloader has fired 4-5 shots in the time it takes the victim to get off 1-2, and the victim quickly deciding to give up and try to escape.
    • Bonus points if they then whine in chat and threaten to report the autoloader player for "hacking".
  • Light tanks getting rammed, especially if A: they're the only ones moving or B: the victim is a Tank Destroyer that hits the brakes and has them run headlong into the often Heavy sized TD.
    • A T95 tank destroyer driver did so much damage that he ran out of regular ammo and had to use his expensive premium (aka "gold") ammunition against a fragile but very dangerous M41 Walker Bulldog light tank. The M41 driver started taunting him for his use of premium ammo, lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the front of the T95, destroying his own vehicle while failing to scratch the foot-thick steel armor of his opponent's front. Watch the awesomeness and the hilarity right here.
  • In 9.0, detonating an ammo rack now causes the victim's turret to fly off the tank. Cue the hilarity when it lands on someone, either giving them a nice little souvenir or potentially even killing whatever it lands on as it can still inflict damage on impact.
    • This ELC AMX is the most unfortunate victim of such cases, as the light tank is destroyed in one blow.
  • The end of Best Replays Weekly #13 contained a bonus clip with what many people have dubbed a DJ Maus.
  • There's enough hilarity via RNG shenanigans, game physics, and player incompetence to spawn multiple series showcasing these, including "Great European Random" and "World of Tanks PAPOJ" for the EU servers, "Why So Serious? RNG" and "Why You Heff To Be Mad?" for all servers, Wargaming's own "RNG: No Comment" series (currently on hiatus).
  • Big Name Fan The Mighty Jingles once held a contest to encourage his fans to drive the game's Joke Character, the horribly designed M3 Lee, and do their best to be a Lethal Joke Character. Several players played amazing games, carrying entire teams to victory in the much-maligned tank, but the winner by a combination of straight points and outright hilarity was a player who, when he completely ran out of ammunition, took out the final player of the other team by ramming into it, crippling the enemy's Fragile Speedster and proceeding to "kick this Panzer III to death."
    "I can only presume he is fueled by pure rage at this point."
  • Sometimes part of the game's comedy is just the sheer unbridled chutzpah of some players. The Mighty Jingles held another contest for best replay videos by weight class and tier. Several times he mentioned receiving numerous World of Tanks replays in varying classes from a player named "Bigdogg" who, in defiance of all good sense, is The Berserker in tank driver form. Jingles describes him as one of the most aggressive drivers he's ever seen. Oddly enough, the normally contentious World of Tanks fandom and audience loved this player, and many have clamored for him to upload his replays somewhere so everyone can partake of his sheer insanity.
    "It didn't matter what he was driving. He's a fucking psycho." *laughs*
  • The Fan Nicknames thrown around by the community can often get pretty funny. Check the World of Tanks page for a few.
  • Many players like to think that the TOG II* is actually a Wargaming releases a video about it! Then for April 1st, 2016, the HMS TOG II was released for the weekend event on the console versions of the game!
  • The gift of the Tier 3 BT-7 Artillery-type premium tank as the game's 5th anniversary gift resulted in the sadly too-brief spectacle of the "Derp Bart" rush, where each team had a dozen of the things on the field catapulting towards each other and everyone missing by miles due to a combination of the tank's high speed, long aim time, and apocalyptically bad accuracy.
  • Every so often, the physics engine glitches out, and the client and server desynchronize for a second before catching back up to each other. This results in tanks suddenly spinning violently in place, which is an amusing little visual glitch. Thing is, the game still remembers that they're multi-ton machines moving at unhealthy speeds, which this Marder II discovers much to its dismay when it gets roundhouse kicked by a Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t).
    • This Type T-34, meanwhile, discovers that the glitch is not all bad, as not only does he experience it while his tank is stuck (resulting in the otherwise doomed tank being able to continue the fight), but manages to dodge a shell doing so. With Drunken Master II's theme playing in the background to boot.
  • A Japanese advertisement for World of Tanks features a bunch of girls drawing with a nude male model. The instructor looks over one girl's shoulder and sees her drawing the very long 88mm cannon of a Ferdinand, to which the teacher nods appreciatively.
  • Christmas 2015 gift: free garage slot for everyone! And a gift Toldi III, which you will sell.
  • Their wiki is largely focused on serious stat-focused articles of the tanks at hand as well as general pros and cons of a given vehicle. Still, the articles manage to slip in a good chuckle or two, like this one for the Panzer II Luchs, which lists "Adorable" as one of the pros of driving this tank.
  • Never Live It Down: On April 10, 2016 at the eSports Grand Finals in Poland, it was a close tiebreaker match between two of the best teams in the World of Tanks community, NAVI and Hellraisers, for a grand prize of $150,000 and the title of 2016 World of Tanks Champions. Tragically, Hellraisers had lost the Championship despite a dominating performance on the final round due to a fatal and VERY embarrassing mistake by Applewow.
  • MeatheadMilitia, the publicity guy for Wargaming North America, is repeatedly trolled by the RNG. To no one's surprise, the comments are full of people pointing out how much this is just like the game itself.
  • Some featured replays on Wargaming's "Best Replays of the Week" series tend to count as this, mostly thanks to color commentator Luke Kneller. Best exemplified with Episode 51, where not only does he do a Meme Acknowledgement as to the Luchs, but he also riffs off The Lonely Island's "Like a Boss".
  • The Mighty Jingles has quite a few of these, but the prize for the most nuclear level of derp has to be this replay which can only be described as an outbreak of mass stupidity on the part of (almost) an entire Tier X team.
    The Mighty Jingles: "I can actually feel brain cells dying just watching what this team are doing."
  • AwesomeEpicGuys' series Another Day in World Of Tanks (starting with this video) is a compilation of hilarious and amusing gameplay footage. A constant source of clips is artillery and their "balance" of one-shotting almost every tank they see.
    • Best clip in Number 2? Someone getting Invader. In a T95note .
    • Number 18 features the game's "realistic physics"note , an SPG failing to even damage a tank point-blank, a G.W. Panther making a One-Hit Kill on a heavy tank, and a T95 bouncing off an AMX-40 (yes, really. The AMX-40 can potentially bounce the Doom Turtle's shots).
  • In World of Tanks Blitz, from certain angles in the "Yamato Harbour" map a yellow rubber duckie can be seen floating in the water beside the battleship.
  • Is it actually possible for a player to break their own tracks WITHOUT using an Artillery Gun or jumping off a cliff? YES.

The Chieftain

The Chieftain (Nicholas Moran) has made himself quite a funny multiplier on the World of Tanks team with his dry Irish humor and his other job description, one involving getting around tanks.
  • Any times he says his catchphrase of "a significant emotional event".
    Getting shot at is what we'd call a "significant emotional event".
  • The Chieftain does videos of him talking about and exploring the real life examples of the tanks in the game in the Inside the Chieftain's Hatch series. The fun of this come from the fact that he is 6'6" and is trying to get into various crew positions in the tanks (There is a reason that the Soviets had a maximum height for tank crews, and other nations weren't much better). A classic example was him trying to get into and out of the driver's position on the IS-4, which had a sealed hatch so he had to maneuver in from the main cabin.
    Now if you think we're joking, we're not. It is in the manual, and our Swedish translator has verified that's exactly what they are. Unless he's lying to us, in which case we'll hit him later.
  • There's a picture of him mimicking the Commissar from the "Drive me Closer" meme on top of the Karl-Gerät self-propelled siege mortar.
  • Of particular fun was when he decided to live stream a play session of the game, during which he planned to do simple Q&As about either himself, or the tanks in the game. Cue one of the viewers challenging him to play an American Tank, like he was the Tank Commandernote . To everyone's amazement, he actually did it, and to say that it was hilarious would be an understatement. Of particular note is when he tried to tell his 'driver' which way to go.
    The Chieftain: Your Other Left!
  • On the promotion of the reprint of Hunnicutt's book "Firepower", Chieftain offers a perfect answer to why someone would buy a book rather than download the scans online.
    Well, as already demonstrated, you can't use a PDF to beat the ignorance out of someone.
  • The Chieftain has started doing tests on some tanks to see how quickly he can open a closed hatch and exit that particular vehicle, as the crew might do in an emergency. This begins with his trademark dryness: "Oh bugger. The tank is on fire.", followed by him getting out as quickly as he can. On the Panther's commander position, the first tank he did this with, it took ten seconds just to get the hatch open.
    • The king of these when it comes to how fast he could get out would be the M4 Sherman. Something that he'd alluded to several times before he actually got around to looking at the Sherman itself, is that all the hatches were right above the respective crew-members, and spring loaded, enabling an easy open, and evacuation. When it came time to demonstrate, it took him longer to say "Oh bugger, the tank is on fire", than it did to actually evacuate the tank. Something that the real tank crews would be trained to do, and would be required to do in combat. He has also stated that while Shermans were easy to knock-out, their ease of recovery and repair, and the fact that their crews more often than not survived, meant that no Sherman crew would be out of action for very long before they were in a new tank.
    • Sometimes just the comentary as he is doing it is worth the price of admission: "Oof... ow... That's okay, I have 9 more... ow... ow..."

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