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  • Orion In A Nutshell from Flamu sums up the issue with the British Battleships at launch:
    Flamu: 5.9k Damage, 40% fire chance.... What the fuck? (goes in game) Maybe it won't be as strong in-game even though the stats look like pretty insane. But perhaps in-game it won't behave as (fires a salvo at a Caledon) strongly as the stats imply, I mean there's a chance it might just be a UI typo or- (shells hit Caledon and instantly kill it, with a citadel-hit) What. The. Fuck? Okay, maybe that was a fluke, 'cause I mean (fires at a Tenryuu) because there's no way you should be able to devastate Cruisers with HE because that would just be completely retarded and I'm- (shells hit Tenryuu, doing the exact same as what they previously did to the Caledon) What the fuck? Okay, maybe it's much weaker against (fires at a Bellerophon) battleships in return, because surely Wargaming would have searched for some balance here and they wouldn't just- (shells hit the Bellerophon, not doing large amounts of damage, but setting no less than three fires) what the fuck? (Shells fired between cuts hit the Bellerophon, setting another fire) What the fuck? (Bellerophon is sunk due to the fire set) Okay but that's just- (More shells fired between cuts hit a different Bellerophon, setting yet another fire) Really? What the fuck? (Final Bellerophon burns down)
    • Early version of British's battleship line during its initial run in test server has the Repair Party consumable on Tier 10 Conqueror healing more than the damage taken.
  • Izumo is the tier 9 Japanese Battleship, following an excellent two tiers in Nagato and Amagi, but itself being rather underwhelming in comparison. Because all its guns are all forward of the superstructure, they are often found bow-on reversing. Izumo captains must think they can get their Amagi back if they reverse hard enough.



  • The Mighty Jingles decides to try and sneak past an A.I.-Miyogi after shooting him up for a while and deciding he didn't have the time to deal with him. The Miyogi rams him for it, causing a lot of surprise and disbelief for the team.
  • LittleWhiteMouse, an NA Community Contributor, is well known for her very detailed Premium Ship reviews. As well as some hilarious author notes and opinions.
    • Regarding the Tier 5 Soviet premium DD Okhotnik:
    LittleWhiteMouse: Okhotnik makes me think of what would happen if you asked a small group of six year old children to design a destroyer and they each tried to one-up each other. "My destroyer is going to have four guns and six torpedoes." "Yes, but MY destroyer is going to have FIVE guns and EIGHT torpedoes!" By the time you get to the kid that designs Clemson, with her twelve torpedoes and six rifles, you know things are getting a bit out of hand. The Okhotnik is the next abomination to be conceived and you should probably stop the exercise there before someone reinvents the Kitakami.
    • Regarding the skill floor of the *Admiral Makarov* note :
    LittleWhiteMouse: Makarov is so damn fragile that even social-justice-warriors tell her that she needs to toughen up and stop being such a victim about incoming fire. This is not an easy ship to do well in.
  • When USS Georgia, a preliminary design of the Iowa using a theoretical 18inch gun load out, a lot of people thought it was a joke leading into April fools (it was announced alongside a lot of other April fools content). Indeed a lot of community contributors went along with the "joke." But April 1 came and went and Georgia began testing on the live server the next day. In a way, its funnier than anything they actually could have done.
  • Wows Nightly News's stuff (an NA user making web comics) can be pretty funny, especially the crawl.
    Crawl: Liberty ship laden with highly acidic salts made from You Tube comments sunk during Operation Aegis. Environmental groups say it could take years for the toxins to dissipate naturally.
    • Issue 48 was about how the the downvote option was removed on the NA forums. It treated it like covering a funeral for the downvote emoji. The image of all the forum emojis at a funeral alone was hilarious.
    Hindeburg: Family members have asked the community to remember Downvote "by giving the stupids the negativity they deserve."

Promotion and Website

  • On March 10th the site apparently started gearing up for April fools day with by announcing dolphin carriers as a new ship type.
    • On March 11th the followed it up by stating they were adding Seasland as a new port.
      • Which was complimented with a picture of Mikhail Kutuzov extinguishing a fire on the ocean platform with the caption "Source: totally legit"

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