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Drinking Game / World of Tanks

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A drinking game for World of Tanks.

Take a shot everytime you:

  • Damage an enemy.
    • Two if it was a critical hit.
    • Three if it destroys a module.
    • Down your drink if they die immediately after, due to concentrated fire from your teammates.
    • Down your drink if the shot damaged the Ammorack
  • Kill an enemy.
    • Two if it wasn't with an autocannon.
    • Three if it was a oneshot.
    • Four if you weren't using a derpgun.
    • Down your drink if you couldn't see them.
    • Drink a bottle if it was an accident.
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    • Down a bottle if it destroyed the enemy tank's Ammo Rack.
  • Spot an enemy.
    • Two if it was more than one enemy.
    • Three if it was practically the whole enemy team.
    • Down your drink if you didn't die in the process.
  • Bounce a shot.
    • Two if you were shooting at an enemy with weak armour.
    • Three if it costs you the kill.
    • Four if it costs you your life.
  • Get killed.
    • Two if it was by artillery.
    • Three if it was a oneshot.
      • Add 3 full glasses of Vodka if killed by a KV-2 or an ISU-152
  • Die from fall damage.
    • Two if you weren't in a light tank.
  • Ram kill an enemy.
    • Two if you die in the process.
    • Three if you kill a higher tier tank.
  • Witness a teamkill.
    • Two if you were the teamkillee.
    • Three if you were the teamkiller.
    • Down a glass if it was an accident.
    • Down your bottle if the victim threatens to report you.
  • A Wargaming 'bounty' tank is in the match you're on.
    • Two if he's on your side and you can't shoot him yourself.
    • Two if he's an enemy and you hit him.
    • Three if you manage to claim the bounty by killing him.
    • Four if his team wins because the other side got stupid trying to collect the bounty.
      • Drink the whole bottle if he survives in the process.
  • Whining
    • One if people are complaining about match maker in chat.
    • Two if it's a light tank complaining about being at the bottom tier.
      • The glass if they are Tier VI or above and should know better by now.
    • Two if they are complaining about artillery being OP.
      • The glass if they TK their own artillery.
    • Three if they run out in front of everyone and get killed, then spend the rest of the battle saying that their team let them down.
    • Four if the dead person starts telling the opposing team where his side's tanks are.
  • A tank lands on another.