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Drinking Game / The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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Take a drink whenever any of the following happens in ''The Witcher 3''.

  • Geralt says any of the following lines:
    • "Damn, you're ugly!"
    • "Wind's howling."
    • "How long are you going to keep me waiting?"
    • "How do you like that silver?"
      • Take two drinks if he says this while using a steel sword.
    • "What now, you piece of filth?"
    • "Run, Roach."
  • A NPC is available for Gwent.
  • Geralt dies from a short fall.
  • Geralt mentions his dislike for portals.
  • The guards say any of the following lines:
    • "You'll choke to death on three pounds of steel."
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    • "Pam paraaaaam! Pam pam paraaam!"
  • Roach spawns in a very inconvenient spot.
  • Whenever Geralt visits the armoursmith in Novigrad that greets him with the line "Top notch swords!"
  • When a major character dies.
  • Whenever a quest-giver mentions that more than 5 people have died from this monster/bandit/other problem. Trying it with a fewer number than five may lead to alcohol poisoning.
  • When you make a poor choice that leads to the most disastrous outcome.
  • When you get a bad ending, where Ciri is presumably killed. Oh boy, you're gonna need it...

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