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Drinking Game / Victor Vran

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Take a shot:

  • Everytime Victor finds the corpse of another hunter
  • Everytime the Voice taunts Victor
  • Everytime you met Tzar Borimir
    • Another shot if his speech is nebulous
    • Finish your drink when he quotes the "He who fights monsters" famous lines
  • Everytime you notice a Shout-Out
  • Everytime you kill something with the post-mortem explosion of a lava spider
  • Everytime you do a Wall Jump
  • Everytime you start again a level to attempt to complete a challenge
  • Everytime you fail a challenge
    • Another shot if it was a timed challenge failed because the timer expired
  • Everytime you complete a challenge
    • Another shot if it was the last challenge of the level
  • Everytime you find a secret chest
  • Everytime you're killed by a major boss
    • Take two shots if you kill a major boss
    • Finish your drink if you killed the major boss with all five hexes activated

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