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Awesome Music / The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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Music can never get any better than this.

If there's another thing that Witcher 3 deserves praise for, it's the soundtrack. As The Angry Joe Show said, it is "unquestionably superb".

Main Game:
  • "Silver for Monsters", otherwise known as a good portion of the kickass track from the "Sword of Destiny" trailer.
  • "Steel for Humans" gets you really pumped up for a fight. As a Bilingual Bonus, the lyrics of the song are from an old Bulgarian wedding song, celebrating the boy and girl being wed and wishing they have as much health in their new home as there are leaves in a forest.
  • "The Wolven Storm" is a poignantly beautiful ballad sung by Priscilla, encountered in Novigrad while looking for Dandelion, and it has driven people to tears both in- and out of universe.
  • "The Orphans of Crookback Bog", which makes an already unsettling setting even creepier.
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  • "Ladies of the Woods" is a sinister, spine-chilling track that plays when the Crones of the Crookbag Bog are encountered in person.
  • "Hail to Caranthir", the Boba Fett of the Witcher-verse, no, even better. For at least our Golden Child of the Aen Elle doesn't go out like a punk and his boss battle with Geralt is accompanied by this awesome track!
  • "Song of the Sword Dancer" is a really badass combat theme.
  • "Go For It", the theme that plays when Geralt and Ciri trash Avallac'h's lab and whenever Geralt and Zoltan go Back-to-Back Badasses.
  • "Merchants of Novigrad" truly captures the feel of a bustling marketplace and is an excellent song of choice for going out shopping.
  • "Kaer Morhen" is a beautiful and melancholy rendition of Geralt's theme.
  • "Blood On The Cobblestones", while one of the more infrequent tracks, really captures the tense nature of a fight to the death on the mean streets of Novigrad.
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  • "The Fields of Ard Skellig" is simply gorgeous, capturing the cold beauty of Skellige islands.
  • "Whispers of Oxenfurt" is a peaceful and beautiful track.
  • "Cloak and Dagger", which plays during horse races, perfectly captures the speed and the thrill of competition.
  • "Drink Up, There's More!" is a fun track bustling with energy, befitting of a tavern atmosphere.
  • "Hunt or Be Hunted". Throughout the game, this track plays when Ciri has to escape the Wild Hunt...that is, right until she unlocks the full potential of her powers and turns the tables on her pursuers, at which point the Hunt becomes the hunted.

Hearts of Stone:
  • "Hearts of Stone", the main theme of the eponymous expansion, intertwines the ominous, Affably Evil feel of Gaunter O'Dimm leitmotif with a badass rendition of Geralt's theme.
  • "You're... Immortal?", the theme of Olgierd von Everec's boss fight, one of the toughest humanoid fights in the game. With the fight taking place at night, in front of the burning mansion, in a circle of hollering onlookers, this atmospheric track perfectly underscores the high-speed, high-stakes sword duel.
  • "Mystery Man" is a suspense-filled track that serves as an amazing backdrop for planning out a daring heist.

Blood and Wine:
  • "Lullaby of Woe"; once upon a time, witchers were feared by humans far more than the monsters they hunted.
  • Related to the above is "Blood and Wine", the main theme for the eponymous DLC pack. It underpins the fact that Geralt is about to be in for the fight of his life against vampires in the story.
  • "The Banks Of The Sansretour" welcomes you into Toussaint and, coupled with the Scenery Porn view, makes the place feel even more like a fairytale.
  • "The Slopes of Blessure" embodies the beauty of The Duchy of Toussaint.
  • "For Honor! For Toussaint!", the combat music in Toussaint, is incredibly thrilling.
  • "Beyond Hill and Dale", the soundtrack that plays in the Land of Thousand Fables, carries a dreamlike atmosphere of childhood memories, but also has a subtle uncanny feel to it, hinting at something not quite being right in the fairytale realm.
  • "The Beast of Beauclair" is the ominous, epic music that plays when you fight Dettlaff in his humanoid form. When he hits his One-Winged Angel phase, "Tesham Mutna" kicks in, making the fight even more tense.