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SPOILER ALERT: As a Moments subpage for Spyro Reignited Trilogy, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. Venture past this point only if you dare! You Have Been Warned.

Spyro the Dragon (1998)

  • In the opening cutscene, Gnasty Gnorc is watching the dragons on a modern-ish television inside his keep. You can see that it's full of Gnorc-centric motivational posters, many of which have twisted messages that incentivize his evil, destructive nature. Fittingly, one reads "Gnowledge". When you finally visit the same room in Gnasty's Loot, his portrait is now a shrine to himself surrounded by love letters and Christmas lights.
    • When Lindar calls Gnasty ugly, he looks visibly dejected, as if he really does consider himself attractive. Notably, being called "simple" and "no threat" only irritate him to a degree. It's even funnier when you consider his own case of Adaptational Ugliness, making him even more of an eyesore than he was originally.
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  • Delbin in Artisans is hiding his face behind his canvas when freed. This extends to his appearance in Gnorc Gnexus.
  • When rescuing Argus in Artisans, Spyro's exclamation of "Cool flash! Do that again!" has him excitedly sitting down like a puppy wanting a treat.
    • You can also see Argus holding a half-eaten watermelon. For no reason.
  • Gavin in Stone Hill pours himself a cup of joe using his tail as he's rescued. He kisses his bicep as he vanishes.
  • After Astor is freed in Stone Hill, he proceeds to start a Rambling Old Man Monologue like before. This time, when Spyro says "no thanks, see ya!", he actually turns around to go the other way. Forgetful Altair from the Blowhard boss level provokes the same reaction.
  • Some dragons are unable to fly (being either too fat or too old) or just don't have the capability based on where you rescue them, resulting in some struggling to do so as they vanish. Notably, Astor needs to use his cane to get off the ground.
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  • Nils in Town Square, a sculptor, tries to fly away, but knocks over the bust of Spyro he's working on. He can be seen reaching for it as he vanishes.
  • Also in Town Square, one of the Skill Points requires you to charge at all the bulls and get their horns stuck in the ground. As if just being able to do so wasn't hilarious enough.
  • The Shepherd enemies in Stone Hill and Toasty will do a little jig after swiping at you with their crooks.
  • Toasty the sheep without his disguise bears a striking resemblance to the protesting sheep from the original commercials, who is actually supposed to be Toasty as shown in a PlayStation Underground video. Thanks to juxtaposition in the first trailer, Spyro's response to seeing Toasty himself for the first time is, "Ummmm...".
  • Remember back in the first game where the Balloonists just casually let Spyro use their head to get on the balloon? Here, they actually react when he does it. And it is glorious.
  • The mooning Foot Soldier gnorcs in Peace Keepers are back. Defeat them with the cannons as they have their butts out and you'll get the aptly-named trophy/achievement "Shoot the Moon".
    • Likewise, a Skill Point has you scaring six of the Foot Soldiers into their tents in the first place.
  • Upon freeing Conan in Dry Canyon, he's facing away from Spyro, where he gets confused and turns around before keeping his gear close in an upstanding manner.
  • Ivor in Dry Canyon is holding an unlit bomb. As he fades out, he sneezes and is implied to have lit the bomb with his sneeze.
  • Doctor Shemp will pantomime firing a Finger Gun at you while idle. During your battle with him, he'll also make the Throat-Slitting Gesture and Eye Am Watching You in your direction.
  • The trophies for both Night Flight and Crystal Flight require you to flame all of the fairies holding arrow signs. The trophies in question are named "Hot Wings."
  • The Green Druids throughout Magic Crafters are more melodramatic, directing moving platforms like orchestra conductors. Rescue Cyrus in High Caves and his delivery of "please do something" will sound like this merely annoys him.
  • The Skill Point for Blowhard requires that you ride a Druid platform for ten seconds. No skill, no looking around, not even really doing anything: just standing on a moving platform for a little bit nets you an in-game achievement.
  • To illustrate that the electrical floors in Beast Makers and Terrace Village are dangerous, the Electric Gnorcs operating them now shock themselves when activating them.
  • A sign in Terrace Village reads "NO SKYDIVING" (Terrace Village is on a high jungle plateau surrounded by a foggy abyss). Also, the cages used to contain the fairies in Lofty Castle have signs reading "DO NOT FEED!"
  • Bubba, one of the dragons in Misty Bog, will rant at Spyro to "squish and squash" Gnasty's minions. When Spyro mentions flaming and charging because they're dragons, Bubba leans in close and gives him a Wink "Ding!" and a thumbs-up. Note from Spyro's delivery that he goes along with Bubba's joke this time instead of being weirded out.
  • The Armored Banana Boys from Metalhead are now wearing buckets on their heads. If they or a regular Banana Boy damage you, they'll pump their fists in triumph.
  • Upon rescuing Jed in Tree Tops, Spyro opines that he "could've found an easier spot to get stuck", although this time he sounds more exhausted than anything. Jed shrugs as he flies away, much as he was originally implied to do.
  • The Clock Fools in Dream Weavers and Jacques run around giggling like leprechauns as you try to catch them. Not only will their clocks ring as they time out, they themselves imitate ringing.
  • When you rescue Kasiya in Dark Passage, he's reclining on his tail, apparently half-asleep. As he vanishes, he goes back to his slumber.
  • Mudada in Lofty Castle is holding a large stuffed fairy doll when you free him. Telling you how "fairies are always on your side", he makes the doll wave at you.
  • Copano, the dragon you rescue in the secret area in Haunted Towers, is merely sitting with a cup of tea, and doesn't fly away as he vanishes. One wonders what he was doing there before his imprisonment.
  • When re-rescuing Tomas in Gnorc Cove, Spyro saying "You gotta believe!" is now accompanied by a tone that really doesn't wanna say it again, as well as a look on his face that says "did I really use to say that...?"
  • There's a trophy that requires you to chase Gnasty Gnorc around his course a total of five times. Yes, that means you have to fail to torch him in time more than once. The name for this trophy is "Dragon and On and On"
  • When defeating Gnasty, his animation has been changed from a dramatic fall to his knees, to trying to get up and getting knocked right back down by his own mace slamming him on the head after he accidentally tossed it into the air.
  • The 120% ending plays out as it usually does, but the specific timing of the whole scene implies that Spyro was explicitly trying to keep Gnasty happy by applauding his efforts... only for the Gnorc to start casting crystalizing magic again out of sheer pettiness that he was called "misguided".
  • The defeat animations of some random enemies have been updated with small details that make them more comical.
    • Hit the Cannon Patrol gnorcs in Peace Keepers and they'll salute as they hit the ground.
    • The Green Druids, Elder Wizards and Armored Druids of the Magic Crafters levels reveal the Goofy Print Underwears they wear under their robes when they hit the ground.
    • The Gnorc Dudes of Misty Bog are wearing metal plates as body armour. When they are sent crashing on the ground by a charge, their piece of armour will fall on their head.
    • The Boars throughout the Beast Makers worlds make a truly derpy expression when they're defeated.
    • When a Cupid falls in Dark Passage or Lofty Castle, their arrow falls just short of their groin.
  • The end credits show pictures of Spyro hanging out with the Artisans dragons. A few of them have some pretty dang funny moments:
    • Darius and Spyro performing a play; the tiny Spyro seems to have beaten the much larger Darius in a fight and is roaring.
    • Tomas is teaching Spyro how to play the guitar; Tomas does not seem to take well to Spyro's high-powered electric guitar, while Spyro himself is shredding like a pro.
    • Nils teaching Spyro how to sculpt; Nils makes a sculpture of Zoe, while Spyro makes one of himself... and adds sunglasses to it, and dubs it "Spyrocles". Nils seems to have gotten distracted by this, as he accidentally chiseled off one of the statue's arms.
    • Spyro Face Doodling on a sleeping Delbin.
    • Gildas teaching Spyro painting; Spyro's drawing is a sheep on fire.
    • Lindar is more amused than annoyed by Spyro acting as a cuckoo clock in a grandfather clock.
    • Gavin is making coffee for himself and Spyro; Gavin himself seems to take black coffee, while Spyro has a fancy sparkling purple drink. Spyro is also reclining on a lawn chair with glasses and idly using a tablet phone in the other claw.
    • Devlin is making a cake, and Spyro suddenly leaps out of it, much to the former's surprise.
  • Even the fodder have some added hilarity:

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!

  • In the cutscene when Spyro arrives in Avalar, when Zoe attacks Ripto, she steals his scepter, and when she tries to make off with it, Gulp grabs it in his mouth and eats it, whereas in the original game, Gulp caught the scepter in his mouth when Crush accidentally hit Ripto sending it flying into the air.
    • Also during the opening cutscene, Hunter expresses doubt that someone like Spyro is a dragon. Spyro's snarky comeback causes Hunter to make the most hilariously annoyed face.
  • The cutscene where Spyro and Elora introduce themselves is made quite a bit funnier and cuter this time by the two characters' body language. When Spyro asks if she's "some kind of goat", he starts staring at her hooves, and Elora bends over to meet his gaze as if to say "My Eyes Are Up Here", somewhat embarrassing him, before replying "I'm a faun, you dork!" with a hint of laughter.
  • When Elora comments that Hunter can't even keep track of his running shoes, he actually looks down and realizes they're not on his person. An embarrassed Hunter pretends not to notice as the rest of the cutscene plays out.
  • The Black Comedy intros and outros of the levels are often even funnier than in the original game.
    • In Idol Springs' outro, instead of accepting the idol in their barbecue with a shrug, the locals exchange looks that scream "This is not okay".
    • In Metropolis' intro, the droid waits for the bus alongside a rocket pig, like normal, only this time the droid clearly has trouble accepting this strange occurrence, and immediately averts his gaze when the pig notices.
  • In the original game, one could easily skip past Moneybags to get to Aquaria Towers by going to the balcony next to the speedway and just glide over the wall. Not in this case! They raised the wall.
  • Crush's club is now a giant roasted chicken leg, and in his idle animation, if you don't move for a while, he actually starts to eat his club.
  • Remember from the original version when the Yeti in Colossus made an idol fall on top of himself by repeatedly jumping? Here, he makes it fall with a single stomp.
  • In the same vein as the "Hot Wings" trophies, the "Warm up the Crowd" trophy actually has you torching the audience in Ocean Speedway. You could do this in the original, too, but now there's actually an incentive to do this.
  • The cutscene in Autumn Plains has Moneybags accidentally hitting Gulp in the lower jaw while practicing his boxing moves, unlike in the original game where his punch went over Gulp’s mouth.
  • This. Toys for Bob knows damn well what That One Sidequest is.
    • To make it even more clear, beating said sidequest earns the player a gold trophy (appropriately titled "Trouble No More"). To put it into perspective, the other gold trophies in Ripto's Rage involve beating Crush and Gulp without hitting any fodder, beating the ox in Metropolis without taking damage, and earning the 100% Completion reward.
  • The Catbat enemies in Skelos Badlands look more like cats with wings this time. To reinforce this, their projectiles have been changed to flaming hairballs.
  • Bombo has had his name Bowdlerized to Bob. It's funny enough that one of the most annoying sidequests involves a guy named Bob, but when you realize the developers are Toys for Bob, and you're retrieving flags that he selfishly keeps to himself, you realize that you're essentially taking toys from Bob!
  • In the original, Juliet from the "Sowing Seeds" side-quest infamously sounded like a screechy-voiced male. Any players expecting them to keep that in end up surprised that she sounds more feminine than she did originally.
    • Meanwhile, Little Bo Peep is given a more masculine voice than in the original.
  • In the original games there was the Swimming in Air glitch. Come this new style there is now the Climbing in Air glitch! Seen here.
  • There's a trophy that requires you to steal a Popcorn Crystal from Hunter. It's as cruelly hilarious as it sounds.

Spyro: Year of the Dragon

  • In the opening cutscene, when Hunter gets stuck in the hole to the Forgotten Realms, Argus gives an Aside Glance before simply whacking Hunter into it with his tail.
  • The Armored Rhynocs in Cloud Spires (the ones disguised as valkyries) will randomly sing opera during their Idle Animation.
  • When Bianca is tasked with creating a monster, it goes about the same as it did in the original game. What's new is that Sgt. Byrd gets to react to the scene in question. He is decidedly unimpressed when Bianca accidentally turns Buzz into a rabbit.
    Sgt. Byrd: Oh my...
  • Sleepyhead the Rhynoc Wizard from Spooky Swamp gets a visual upgrade to reveal just why he's so easy; He literally just woke up, and can't get his head in gear long enough to put up more than a token effort despite his apparent declaration of vengeful fury towards whoever wakes him up.
  • During the cutscene where Spyro and Hunter spy on Bianca (the beginning of the famous "Hunter saves Bianca" scene), Hunter starts looking at Bianca with a lovestruck expression. Spyro first stares at him in surprise, then glares at him in disgust.
    • When the de-magicked bunny bounces on Hunter's head, the latter grows more and more annoyed. Rather than just bump it away in the original, Hunter first grabs it and gives a little growl as if to say "Dude, enough.", then tosses it.
  • In the scene where Bentley is freed, when he says "With the grace of a wounded sparrow", he wiggles his fingers to give the image of a bird, and a birdcheep is audible at this moment! In addition, when he says "I genuflect", he really does kneel to Spyro.note 
  • You thought the original Agent 9 was crazy? Meet this version! This version of Agent 9 is extremely hyper and psycho in this remake! In the scene where he's freed, there's a moment where he stands on Spyro's head and looks down at him!!


  • Near the end of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy Launch Trailer, the scene where Altair asks who Spyro is again is played and then followed with a scene of Spyro and Sparx looking at one another. What proceeds next is a montage of elder dragons all saying Spyro's name. This culminates with Alvar saying his line of getting a little winded.


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