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Fridge Brilliance:

  • Of course Spyro has thumbs in this version. Unlike the original 1998 version of the game where some were more anthropomorphic than others, every single dragon shown has been anthropomorphic and has thumbs themselves.
    • Strangely though, while all the adult dragons are depicted as bipedal, Spyro is shown to be a quadruped. Is it likely that younger dragons are more comfortable running on all fours? Spyro's never seen standing on two legs.
    • Maybe dragon puberty involves a shift from a quadruped shape to a more biped shape?
  • Reignited nicely and hilariously deals with the Fridge Logic of just exactly how did Gnasty Gnorc know that the dragons were badmouthing him: he had a TV in his room the entire time and was watching them!
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  • Crush's Dungeon was changed from being like a gladiator arena, to a more decerpit-looking abandoned sewer. Which would explain the rocks falling onto Crush: the whole place is dilapidated and falling apart.
  • Some of the redesigned Artisans dragons - such as Nestor - are some of the biggest and buffest of the dragons. This seems weird considering the Artisans are supposed to be the most peaceful, but some like Nestor are involved in very physical tasks, which makes sense they'd be buffer compared to the more hedonistic Beast Makers or the scholarly Magic Crafters.
  • Many fans complained about the machine guns of Gnorc Gnexus being changed to ooze cannons as bowdlerizing and "kid-friendly" editing, but it actually makes sense in context when you remember that puddles of the toxic pink goo are common hazards within the levels. Given the Gnorcs live in a scrapyard, using scavenged and improvised weaponry, of course they'd have figured out a way to weaponize the deadly slime so commonly found in their homeworld.
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  • As explained on the CMoF page, the visual upgrades to Sleepyhead the Rhynoc Wizard's model explain just why he's a simple boss despite the apparent threat he was to the fireflies of Spooky Swamp; having been disturbed from his slumber mere moments ago, he is still too tired to focus on devastating Spyro!

Fridge Horror:

  • Some of the dragon elders were redesigned with artificial wings (Ex. Marco's are mechanical and Zander's are made of magic crystal). At first, it seems like a cool design element, until you remember that the Sorceress' immortality spell requires the wings of baby dragons. Were they survivors of a previous attempt at acquiring components? If so, just how long has she been doing this!?
  • With the lack of Epilogues in this version, and the inclusion of only three games, is it safe to say that Crush and Gulp are indeed dead in this continuity? Note Ripto's more mournful scream of "NO, CRUSH!" after his defeat, almost like he's completely sure his henchman didn't survive.
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  • In the original game, Crush was just a generic horned monster with a club. In this, however, he's more explicitly dragon-like, which brings up questions on just what he is. A deformed mutant dragon? A draconic Frazetta Man? A formerly sapient dragon brainwashed by Ripto to be his mindless servant?
  • In Breeze Harbor, the NPCs are birds and the enemies are worms. In Zephyr, the NPCs are worms and the enemies are birds. Spyro is literally fighting on both sides of a war!
    • Not to mention the enemy chicks in Zephyr. Spyro is fighting and killing child soldiers.
  • Given the older dragons' lack of Dragonfly guardians, does that mean that Spyro will eventually outlive Sparx, given that real life dragonflies have a lifespan of only a few months?
    • Then again, Sparx is a magical dragonfly, so hopefully he'll be with Spyro for a much longer time.

Fridge Logic:

  • Several of the crystallized dragons mention hearing about Spyro's achievements once they're freed. How did they hear about Spyro if they were trapped in crystal this whole time?
  • So why exactly was Bombo the Flagkeeper bowdlerized to Bob? Some have suggested possible "terrorist" imagery, but given that he's a genie on a flying carpet throwing magical explosives, and that none of this was changed except his name, was it really much of an issue? Or perhaps Toys For Bob just sneakily stuck in a title drop to their own name?

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