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There will be references to the Legend trilogy and Skylanders

The dragons introduced in Skylanders will appear in some capacity.
It would seem like a cute way to reference what the younger audience would most likely know Spyro from, plus, it would be an interesting nod to the series.

  • In a shot-for-shot remake, why would they bother? Especially because Skylanders is an entirely different series that's divisive amongst Spyro fans. Crash's trilogy remake didn't include nods to future titles, so why would Spyro's?
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  • Toys For Bob has also said that Classic Spyro and Skylanders Spyro are different/separate characters and different universes.
  • Maybe not directly. But some new Background architect and maybe some of the Elder Dragon's may have designs based on them (with the possible exception of Drobot)

The Year of the Dragon remake will have the additional assets included in the Greatest Hits version
  • Hopefully no Sunrise spring music for the sorceress fight.
    • This seems fairly certain, as the only reason those weren't in the original was time constraints. The Sunrise Spring music playing in the Sorceress fight in particular, was an obvious glitch that was exclusive to the first printing in the US only. (In the European version, the battle had the same music as Spike's Arena.)
    • Confirmed - the "Greatest Hits" music is indeed used.

Cynder will be an alt playable character, ala Coco from N. Sane Trilogy
Now, hear me out before people start condemning this theory on the basis that it's Cynder.

Activision is well aware that, while she has a hatedom, she's also extremely popular among Legends fans. Activision also seems to be aware of the fact that The Legend of Spyro also has a decent cult following, if her and Malefor being added to Skylanders is anything to go by. Since most Legends fans aren't usually interested in Classic stuff, adding her as an alt playable character would be a good way to entice them in. As this Tweet shows, they're not afraid to reference Legend of Spyro in the game.


Of course, there is the problem that Classic Spyro games are more dialogue heavy than Crash games but there's no reason they can't take the approach the N. Sane trilogy did with Coco, warping her out just before the cutscene starts, replacing her with Crash and then warping her back in after the cutscene ended. And also, of course, there's nothing outright stopping the devs from having her have her own lines when playing as her, even if it might be mildly impractical.

The Permanent Super Flame ability will be accessible in all three games
With the added ability to play a new game with it like in the original spyro 2
  • Jossed - it remains a Spyro 2 exclusive.

Toasty will make a come back in the commercial
And he will be nearly 20 years older becoming a bit of a preaching old man.

A Nintendo Switch port will eventually be announced
It would seem odd for the Crash trilogy to get a release on Switch, but not the Spyro trilogy. My guess is that with Toys for Bob doing the Switch port of the Crash trilogy, along with developing the Spyro trilogy for PS4 and Xbox One, they're too occupied with both to announce a Switch version at the moment. The Switch port will likely launch sometime after the Spyro trilogy's release on the other consoles, and we may see confirmation of this port in a Nintendo Direct or at E3.
  • Confirmed along with a PC port for September 3rd, 2019.

Some of Moneybags' dialogue in Year of the Dragon will be altered a tad
In particular the lines when you refuse to pay him involving "Saving for another sequel." and when refusing to pay for Agent 9 where he will ask if Spyro is jealous that "No one has made an action figure of him."

Some of the "Extinct" species from Avalar will be added back in.
Possibly with some bonus levels.

We could get an Enter the Dragonfly remake with better graphics, fixes to the bugs, story tweaks to make it better, and the extra content from the original development cycle.
Since so many people put things that are most likely not gonna happen, let me throw my hat into this ring. I fully believe Enter the Dragonfly was a game that suffered from its development cycle being shortened dramatically to meet a deadline, as I'm sure we all do. I played this game through the GameCube port way back. I never considered the game bad and it was years later that I discovered that there was anything legitimately wrong with it other than the bubble breath being terrible to try to use on the dragonflies. Since the Crash trilogy finally got "Stormy Ascent" as DLC, I'd like to think that the devs could remake Enter the Dragonfly with all of its restored content, and even a lot of improvements to the base game otherwise to make it better overall, as a remake should do. It was also the last game to feature Tom Kenny and some of the other voice actors as their characters, and be a part of the original continuity if I'm not mistaken, so being able to utilize all of the assets and talent from the remastered trilogy could finally make this game be what it was originally meant to be.

The Dummied Out "super whirlwind" from Midnight Mountain in Year of the Dragon will be restored
With the portal to Super Bonus Round in its originally intended location, on the otherwise inaccessible platform that remained in the original release.
  • Confirmed. The Super Whirlwind does indeed appear after defeating the Sorceress, and takes you to the far off tiny island. The Super Bonus Round is still in the same location, however, and the platform instead simply has 3 extra lives. Still, it's a great call-back.

More of the games' content will be censored or otherwise be edited for today's sensibilities
The devs already admitted to censoring the Gnorc Commandos' weapons for the children who play the remastered version of Spyro One. There's no grounds to think they'll stop there, and it's already been noted in the fandom how problematic the Scorch stage is for the Bombo character. The following will be subject to review:
  • Elora's Design: Elora in the PSX games is more or less nude from the waist down while also drawn as attractive accounting for technology and her species. The fairies' curviness will surely be more obvious than it was before and it's doubtful Elora won't benefit from the latest technology either, which runs the risk of drawing attention to her lack of clothing (especially considering how the fauns in Fracture Hills are more dressed). Expect her to be wearing a skirt (or even a kilt, hinting at her having Fracture Hills heritage) or loincloth or some other clothing article over her bikini zone and rear.
    • Jossed for Elora, besides gaining a bit more of a longer dress aesthetic to her top and seemingly smaller chest. She still lacks pants.
  • Scorch: The level is a Middle-Eastern fortress with two Nordic looking children infiltrating it. One of the sidequests has you chase an obviously Middle-Eastern looking bomb throwing man on a flying carpet who's named Bombo. Bombo alone screams for a reimagining into something that invites a little less danger of negative press, like perhaps being turned into a rhynoc or genie. Handel and Greta could be redesigned to look less like obvious European human children while still keeping their fairy tale theme (pointy ears, bizarre eye colors, or even keeping their proportions for the Uncanny Valley).
    • Played Straight with Bombo, who's had his design modified to look more inhuman (and to fit in with the game's visual style) and renamed to Bob the Flagkeeper. Handel and Greta have received new designs, but only to fit in with the game's art style and have received no major revamps otherwise (other than losing the muppet mouths and having more realistic proportions).

If the game were to put Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly and any game after it into Canon Discontinuity
Characters like Ember and Red would be introduced in much different circumstances.

We might get 4 worlds in Spyro 2's remake
...Rumors from Spyro fans remarked that Spyro 2 was rushed. We might get four worlds for all four seasons - Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter.

Spyro 1 characters with Shout-Out names get fitting lines.
For example, the game has dragons called Thor and Conan, both of whom use the same generic "Thank you for saving me!". Thor will have Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe accent (and maybe a hammer) and Conan will be sound like The Ahnold.
  • Jossed

If the game gains a Japanese version, Akiko Yajima will redub Spyro.

If the game does well, Toys For Bob will make a proper Spyro 4.

Spyro is Nestor's son.
  • While it's never actually stated due to the game being a remake, there are hints that Nestor is Spyro's dad.
    • Both are Artisan dragons.
    • Nestor heavily resembles Spyro, having near identical horn, muzzle, and wing shapes. This is especially apparent in his credits image in Spyro 1.
      • He also resembles a green Ignitus. Ignitus was planned to be Spyro's father, but that detail was ultimately scrapped.
    • Nestor's voice during his rescue cutscene has a hint of exasperation at Spyro's hot-headedness, suggesting he has to deal with him more than the others.

Alternativly, Nestor is Spyro's Cool Uncle.
And Spyro's father, Classic!Ignitus (who is, perhaps, a blacksmith), is Nestor's brother.

Crush is not actually a dinosaur, but a primitive dragon.
  • Crush's redesign in Reignited makes him look more dragon-like, right down to his head shape and the tiny wings on his back. Perhaps unlike Ripto and Gulp he is in fact some sort of less-intelligent, uncivilized version of a dragon, sort of like the draconic equivalent of a caveman? A Frazetta Dragon, even?
    • Crush had wings and a somewhat draconic head in the original game, too.
The adult dragons don't have dragonflies and that is why they were turned to stone.
  • So, some of the adult dragons give Spyro tips about Spark despite not seeing any reason why they should know this unless having a dragonfly isn't a unique occurrence. And in Enter the Dragonfly the exposition said that all baby dragons had a dragonfly companion... So the adult dragons are old and not seen with dragonflies, so maybe it was the lack of dragonfly protection that allowed the spell to take hold.

The reason Ripto's death was changed to be a Gory Discretion Shot was because...
Toys For Bob intentionally made it look vague as to whether he actually died, as to justify bringing him back for future games without anyone asking questions (as was the case in the original continuity). It would explain why his death was censored despite the Sorceress' death being shown in all its glory.

The Door in the Artisan homeworld will be used for a DLC realm. As for the realm...
It'll be based on the scrapped water dragon world originally planned for the first game, like how the N. Sane Trilogy restored a Dummied Out level in the first Crash game.
  • Alternatively, it'll be a realm based on the other two continuities. The former is more likely than the latter, given the number of fan art fans are making to adapt LoS elements into the classic continuity, as well as the fact that the Skylanders continuity is the least liked amongst the fandom.

There's an entirely separate set of homeworlds where female dragons live.
So it's a little odd that out of 74 adult dragons, all of them are male. The fact that some of the eggs from Year of the Dragon have female dragons proves it's not just that the dragons are a One-Gender Race, so they've gotta be somewhere. The dragons are already shown to sort of separate who lives where by profession, so it's possible that this also includes between male and female dragons. The two groups only meet up every year of the dragon to... continue the species. Now as for why all the eggs were in the male homeworld is a bit odd, but then again, maybe that wasn't the only place Bianca and the rhynocs took eggs from, seems a bit odd for all 150 eggs to be in one world alone, but since she accidentally woke everyone up in the prologue didn't get to close that portal/hole leaving Spyro all set to go save everything, again.
  • As a sort of extra bit, there's definitely seems to be dragons at least somewhere besides the first game's worlds, as Ripto clearly came from a world with dragons and happy to be away from them, but Spyro is totally unfamiliar with Ripto compared to knowing about Gnasty Gnorc, and Ripto's the kind of guy where if he was around you'd know about him whether you wanted to or not. Perhaps this would make Ripto the equivalent of Gnasty Gnorc to these other dragon realms, in which case the girls probably got a lot of peace and quiet ever since he got summoned into Avalar.

A future update will include a patch to include hovering in Spyro 1.
As You Know, the lack of said ability is (in hindsight, at least) one of the most infamous examples of Scrappy Mechanic in video game history. A lot of people are upset that Toys For Bob didn't just include it at launch, so it would make sense to include the option to hover, accuracy to the PS1 version not withstanding. And before it's brought up, I know this is a long shot at best, but a guy can dream.

A future patch will come with the announcements for PC/Switch ports.
This is most likely the reason we haven't gotten a patch yet and it's taking so long to get news on one: the developers are working on ports for the PC and possibly the Switch alongside the patch.

Most of Spyro 1's dragons are immigrants from each lands, or were taken far from their homes when they were captured.
First off, Word of God says that Revilo's design was originally made with the Artisan homeworld in mind, before being designed for a Dream Weaver dragon. However much more apparent examples would be dragons like Todor and Bubba. Compared to the rest of the Peace Keepers inhabitants, Todor is skinny, tall, and a little more mystic looking, bearing the same feathered wings seen on Dream Weavers dragons, so it's possible that he was born in the Dream Weavers land, before pursuing a future in the Peace Keepers world. Bubba moreso resembles a dragon from either Artisans or Peace Keepers, despite being found in a Beast Makers level. It could be the latter considering that he had a prominent feature in the opening cutscene of Spyro 3, which took place in the Artisan land.

Gnasty Gnorc will return in future games, but not as a major villain.
The lack of epilogues in Reignited suggests that the new continuity won't incorporate the twists in them not acknowledged within the games proper. Since Ripto and his minions were only shown after their fights in the epilogues, then their absences leads one to figure they've been Killed Off for Real.

Gnasty on the other-hand apparently traps the dragons in crystal again in Spyro 1's true ending. Showing he survived his boss fight with Spyro.

Gnasty therefore has a notable shot to show up again in the future. Perhaps he'll serve a role like when he was Red's henchman but for another Big Bad. Maybe he'll even go full Go-Karting with Bowser and aid Spyro against a shared enemy.

The Legend of Spyro will be remade next
It’s one of the biggest pieces of Spyro media out there and there’s plenty of fans who’d want it.

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