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SPOILER ALERT: As a Moments subpage for Spyro Reignited Trilogy, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. Venture past this point only if you dare! You Have Been Warned.


  • The simple fact that this remastered trilogy exists at all is cause for celebration, marking the original Spyro series' return to form after a lengthy absence.
  • The return of many voice actors from the original PlayStation games, notably Tom Kenny as Spyro, who adjusts his voice in Spyro the Dragon to sound nearly indistinguishable from Carlos Alazraqui. Kenny also reprises the Professor and Sgt. Byrd by proxy, and also voices some dragons and the Balloonists, who were previously unvoiced. Even where some voices have required new talent, skilled artists such as Cassandra Lee Morris for Elora have been brought in, sounding similarly faithful. It helps that some, such as Robbie Daymond for Hunter, have also voiced popular characters such as Tuxedo Mask.
  • Stewart Copeland himself returns to help compose the remastered tracks and creates some new ones, both of which have been receiving high approval. Reignited Trilogy also gives you the option to choose between the remastered soundtrack and the one from the original games, so now you have the epic, amazing original soundtrack as well as faithful, equally amazing tunes from the remakes.
    • The title screen music is a medley of the title screens from all three games plus the theme from Jacques.
  • The fact that Toys for Bob went above and beyond and redesigned every single dragon in the first game to the point that there's a Divergent Character Evolution page to explain everything. They also gave several members of Avalar's and the Forgotten Realm's species similar treatment.
    • If you stay close to a fodder and don't move, the fodder will interact with Spyro! That's going WAY above and beyond!
  • For some fun, nearly the entire cheat code repertoire has been retained from the original trilogy, including a new special one which turns Spyro into his PS1 model!

Spyro the Dragon (1998)

  • The first Spyro the Dragon has now added Skill Points of their own, making players think outside the box when exploring the various realms.
  • Most dragons in Peace Keepers will give you a warrior's salute after you rescue them.
  • One of the trophies you can collect involves you torching three of the nightmarish grown-up Demon Dogs. It becomes surprisingly easy to face your fears when there's a reward involved.

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!

  • This time, the cutscene where Spyro arrives in Avalar made Zoe's assault on Ripto even more awesome than it was originally. Here, she charges at Ripto mid-attack, zaps him and snatches his scepter, before she gets Crush to accidentally hit him like before. She was even about to make off with it before Gulp took a bite out of it. And she did all of it with no prompting!
  • In the same vein as the Demon Dog example, you get a trophy just for destroying every single one of the Robosharks.


Spyro: Year of the Dragon

  • Sheila, once freed, sends Moneybags flying dozens of feet up the air, instead of just into the closest rock formation.
  • The scene where Hunter saves Bianca from the mutated rabbit was made more cinematic and badass.
  • Greta taking on the ninja Rhynocs at the end of Fireworks Factory is just as awesome as it was in the original trilogy. Sure, we don't get any Bullet Time this time, but we got to trade it for more fluid animation.
  • When the Sorceress makes her true intentions for the baby dragons clear, the caged Agent 9 speaks his mind:
    If I had my blaster, you'd be singin' a different tune, know what I mean!
  • One of the gold hidden trophies?
    8000 reasons to kick butt: Get revenge on Moneybags.
  • The formerly Dummied Out "super whirlwind" in Midnight Mountain has been restored, though the portal to Super Bonus Round has sadly not been moved to the island as originally intended.


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