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Divergent Character Evolution page for Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

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Spyro the Dragon (1998)

Originally, the dragons had designs that merely differentiated the five dragon groups apart from one another in general appearance. Except for some slight model variations, it was sometimes hard to distinguish individual dragons from one another unless they belonged to different groups. The dragons here are now much more distinct from each other, with more unique designs that better emphasize the different homeworlds they belong to and their respective talents.


In the original game, the Artisan dragons were rather standard looking, almost resembling what Spyro might potentially grow up into. The most, if not only noteworthy, distinctive feature they all had which differentiated them from the other dragons though was that they had sideburn-like neck frills that went along their jawlines. For Reignited, while some of them still retain these sideburn-like frills to varying degrees, they are now more diverse as well as wear clothing more fitting of artists and intellectuals.
  • In the Artisans' homeworld hub, Argus is now a glasses and scarf wearing frill-necked dragon beatnik with a beard of whisker-like spikes that carries a watermelon. Additionally, in the Reignited version of the third game, Argus is made the one who sends Spyro, Sparx, and Hunter off to retrieve the stolen eggs in the opening cutscene and who lifts up the burping baby dragon in the final one. Delbin is now an artist in a vest that carries a painting of Sparx. As his dialogue upon being freed involved talking about Sparx, his releasing scene now also has him briefly interacting with the dragonfly before leaving. Nestor is now a carpenter. He carries a carpenter's hammer as well as wears a vest with puffy sleeves and a tool belt. Lastly, Tomas is now a ram-horned bard with a lute. As in the original game, he and Argus appear in the 120% completion cutscene though now it's much clearer that it's them.
  • In Stone Hill, Astor, with the shepherd crook-like stylized cane and feathered hat he now possesses, now has a very elderly sage look to him that further emphasizes him being a really old dragon that spouts out stories that Spyro would rather not stick around for. Additionally in the Reignited version of the third game, he likewise appears as he originally did in a number of cutscenes and more, though he's no longer the one seen trying to pull out his fellow dragon that got stuck in the hole Bianca went through in the opening cutscene. Gavin now is a coffee-drinking, big, muscular, arm and wing membrane tattooed, mustachioed dragon with a nose ring and large nail-like ear gauges in his horns. He now overall looks like a barista especially with the apron he wears that has extra coffee mugs hanging on. Additionally, in the Reignited version of the third game, he now appears in a number of cutscenes. Gildas is now a paint splotch-covered dragon in a painting apron with an oversized paintbrush. Lastly, Lindar is now a goggle-wearing dragon with white-seeming Einstein Hair that appears to be a watchmaker or time-related inventor as evident by the various watches he wears on his apparel. As in the original game, Lindar along with Astor appear in the opening cutscene as the dragon who insults Gnasty Gnorc and the elderly dragon, respectively, however, it's now made clearer that it's them. Additionally, in the Reignited version of the third game, Lindar also now appears in a number of cutscenes. In particular, he replaces Astor as the one seen trying to pull out his stuck fellow dragon in the opening cutscene.
  • In Dark Hollow, Alban now wears a green scarf and monocle and has a feathery crest, mustache, and wings. He even uses one of his feathers as a makeshift quill pen. Darius now wears a blue scarf and has a small orange mustache and beard. Overall, he resembles a Shakespearean actor as he carries with him a dragon skull with a candle on the forehead, a script, and a rose. Lastly, Oswin now wears a red turban, as well as a cloak around his shoulders and arm gauntlets. Incidentally, his design is actually an orange version of the placeholder design Nestor had in the initial reveal trailer.
  • In Town Square, Alvar is now an apron-wearing barbecue chef that has a barbecue skewer with a chicken on it, as well as several peppers skewered on his tail spikes. Devlin is now a local baker decked in baker attire. Along with a large wooden peel, he carries a large Thank You cake for Spyro, of which served as the latter's 20th anniversary/birthday cake in a video and some artwork. Nils is now much skinnier than he was in the original game, wears a beret, and has a long Salvador Dalí-style mustache. He's a sculptor with a hammer, chisel, and a stone bust of Spyro that he was apparently making. Lastly, Thor is now an elderly cow-headed dragon in an apron with clay on it and his arms. He has cow ears whose furred tips are braided into pig tails, a tail whose tufted tip is likewise braided into a pig tail, and colorful back plate spines. The various pottery that accompany him as well as the artwork of him during the Reignited credits show he's a potter.
  • In Toasty, Nevin is now a painter with an artist's palette and paintbrush, apparently being responsible for creating the various paintings in the level. If one looks more closely, one would note that while his paintings are mostly landscapes, there are also portraits of other dragons, namely those of Bubba, Lateef, Lucas, Nevin himself, and Kelvin.

    Peace Keepers 
In the original game, the Peace Keeper dragons were differentiated from the other dragons by having leopard-like spots, short nose horns, and overall looked like they were suited for their home, a dry canyon environment. The majority of them also tended to be the most muscular-looking among all the dragons. For Reignited, they no longer have their original shared design and instead now come in a diverse array of redesigns. In general, they are now warriors with a number of them wielding weapons.
  • In the Peace Keepers' homeworld hub, Gunnar is now a tall, pirate-like dragon with an eyepatch. His body is adorned with several blade-like scutes from his massive crest to his axe/anchor-like tipped tail. Most of all, he has very prominent sharp teeth with those on his upper jaw notably jutting out completely thus giving him a skull-like appearance. Magnus is now a large, orange Ankylosaurus-like dragon with red and black striped wings that's a sumo wrestler in matching appropriate attire. Lastly, Titan is now a general of sorts based on the medals and epaulettes he wears. He also wields a battleaxe with a dragon face patterned on its blade.
  • In Dry Canyon, Boris is now a bull-headed dragon with a rattlesnake tail. Additionally, his right bull horn is broken, he wears a spiked collar with a cowbell, and he carries with him a lasso. Conan is now an elderly Dragon Knight that resembles Don Quixote, complete with brass basin helmet and lance. He as well carries a shield and has crooked horns, the two smaller ones of which serve as his mustache, and a frill goatee. Ivor is now an elderly dragon aviator in a bomber hat with goggles who carries a big Cartoon Bomb. He as well has small mustache horns, white vulture neck ruff with a couple of medals attached, bandaged wings, and a tailfin that resembles a plane's vertical stabilizer. Lastly, Maximos is now a barbarian that wields a stone mallet. He has a scar on his neck and wears leather straps and bracers as well as armor on his wings.
  • In Cliff Town, Enzo now looks like an Aztec-inspired warrior as he's a feathered dragon dressed in vaguely Aztec-like armor. His lower jaw is also covered in rocky scutes giving a sort of stubble and he wields a club with bull horn-like spikes. Halvor is now a purple dragon whose very prominent scutes give him a rocky appearance. He also wields a large warhammer whose head is based on a ram's. Lastly, Marco is now a helmeted Dragon Knight that wields a halberd. Noticeably, his wings are now artificial mechanical ones that are attached to him via straps.
  • In Ice Cavern, Andor is now a muscular blue dragon with an orange tail tuft and a lantern jaw with two jutting chin horns. He doesn't wear much except for a necklace and bracelets. Asher is now more muscular and something of an old warrior monk as he sports a beard, glasses, beads, and scars on his body. He also has large bisected antler-like horns and leans on a cane. Ragnar is now purple with a large hammerhead worn on the tip of his tail. He has nostrils that constantly puff out smoke and one of his chin spikes is chipped off. He also wears an iron necklace and iron arm guards. Todor is now a uniquely designed archer dragon in a fur parka. He has feathery wings, a snake-like head with rabbit ears and antlers that dons a circlet, and his tail is tipped with a rabbit tail-like puff. He also has on his person a bow and quiver. Lastly, Ulric is now a warrior dragon with smaller wings and a beard-like spike covered underbite who wields a sword and buckler. He as well wears a nose ring, a spaulder that covers his right shoulder, rope belt, and a buckler on his tail.
  • In Dr. Shemp, Trondo is no longer one of the slimmer Peace Keepers as he's now a knife-wielding, battle-scarred muscular Dreadlock Warrior with a Rambo-style headband.

    Magic Crafters 
In the original game, the Magic Crafter dragons, unlike the other dragons, had bisected antler-like horns, distinctive beady eyes, and were the only ones with actual hair as shown most prominently by their side hair and almost wizard-like beards. Several even have Trrrilling Rrrs in their speech. For Reignited, they no longer looked like they did in general and instead now come in a variety of designs as they wear various wizard and magic-related apparel.
  • In the Magic Crafters' homeworld hub, Boldar is now an elderly potion maker of sorts based on the cauldron and cane with a potion bottle for a head he has with him. He wears a bonnet and his horns spiral around a floating red crystal above his head. Cosmos now sports several sideburn-like facial frills, huge horns adorned with golden rings, and tattered wings, and wears violet pauldrons and vambraces. He also has a long magic staff with coiling designs at its tips that he holds and twirls around like a showman. Lastly, Zantor now is a very skinny dragon in a wizard hat and getup who uses magic to levitate cards and perform tricks.
  • In Alpine Ridge, Eldrid is now much older and is an alchemist in a tunic with Einstein Hair. He carries a potion in each gloved hand and holds a ladle with his tail. He also wears goggles, has potion stoppers in his nostrils, have horns that are tubes, and wings scrawled with various equations. Kelvin is now a tall feathery winged dragon with antlers in wizard garbs. Among his effects, he wears a key on his neck, has a large dangling blue orb carried by his tail, holds a scroll, and has some books. Zander is now a deep purple dragon in wizard clothes with crystal horns, a tailfin that's tipped with a floating crystal, and wings made up of floating crystals. Lastly, Zane is now a skittish dragon in a hood who magically levitates himself and a large book. He also has two side head horns and a top middle one which has a small lamp that tangles at its tip.
  • In High Caves, Ajax now has a very short and rounded snout, ram horns, wears a pointed hood, and carries a staff with a crescent moon pitchfork-like head that's topped with a floating lit flame. Cedric now wears a scarf, purple tinted glasses, a ring on his right horn, and a belt that holds a couple of potions. He also carries a book with him which he reads out of when he gives his advice to Spyro upon being freed, giving the vibe that he's a researcher of sorts. Lastly, Cyrus now is fatter and apparently a candle-related wizard of sorts based on the number of candles on him, all of which have blue flames. He wears a purple wizard hat with a candle on its tip, a hooded mantle, and arm gauntlets. He has antler-like horns with candles on them, and his belly is stripped. He also carries with him a candle on a holder, and a staff with a metal sconce-like head that holds a blue flame as well.
  • In Wizard Peak, Hexus is now a dragon in a druid hood and garb. He carries with him a staff whose head is topped with a golden figure of a falcon. He has a nose horn, a forehead horn, eyebrow horn, and two large horns that wear rings with tassels. He also has a book and some scrolls on his person. Jarvis is now a bright yellow dragon with feathery wings and a turtle-like beak. The attire he wears include among others a purple wizard bonnet and scarf. He also has several scrolls on his person and he wields a magic wand. Lastly, Lucas is now a wizard cloak wearing dragon with a number of ornamental astroglobes as his effects, with one in particular floating above his head. He also has a map painted on his wing which he opens up and shows Spyro. According to an interview, this new design of his is in line with Lucas being the one who tells where to find the secret location in the Artisans' homeworld. He's also meant to be a magical mapmaker by this redesign according to a character designer for Reignited.
  • In Blowhard, Altair now wears a wizard shirt and glasses and carries a crystal ball. He also has long, mismatched horns that curl around each other, one being adorned with an ornament. His new bird-like design with eagle wings and feathers makes him match his name, which means "flying eagle" in Arabic.

    Beast Makers 
In the original game, the Beast Maker dragons were very swamp-like compared to the other dragons via having distinctively colored neck frills, very noticeable dorsal sail-like back spines which gave them a sort of mohawk look, more reptilian eyes, and very dark crocodilian skin. A good number of them also tended to be the fattest among all the dragons and many had very noticeable Cajun accents. For Reignited, while aspects like some of them being fat and some having Cajun accents have been kept, they no longer all share the same basic features. They now instead have in general a swamp theme in their designs with many of them having a shaman-like style of dress.
  • In the Beast Makers' homeworld hub, Bruno is now a spotted dragon shaman who wears upon his head a bearskin with spikes. He also has long eyebrows, two horns in which the right one is larger than the left, and a spiky ankylosaurus-like tail. Meanwhile, Cleetus is now a gator-like dragon with wings resembling a frog's webbed feet, carries a pouch around his neck, and is covered in swamp vegetation, including algae on his wings and shoulders, a swamp plant on his head, and a lily pad on his stomach.
  • In Terrace Village, Claude now is a dragon tribesman of sorts with a beaked mouth and a spiky tail. He wears a necklace with claws and a bird skull, and carries a small spear-like staff of sorts. Meanwhile, Cyprin now looks like a purple winged ankylosaurus with his new tail design and the horns on his cheeks, and now wears a swamp hat and chews on a barley plant.
  • In Misty Bog, Bubba is now noticeably more muscular than his original design and chews on a leaf stem. He is also spikier with the tips of his wings and tail ending in prominent spikes, prominent crocodile-like scutes on his back and forearms, and spikes on his face that give him a sort of beard. Additionally, in the Reignited version of the third game, Bubba now appears in a number of cutscenes as he's made the sole Beast Maker who was seen in them originally but was unidentifiable. He's also made the dragon who that gets stuck in the hole Bianca went through in the opening cutscene. Damon is now a purple bearded swamp wizard of sorts who wears a wizard hat with a small potion strapped on, glasses, and a coat. He also carries a potion bottle in hand and a bindle with his tail. Rosco is now bright green and a shaman. He wears a beaded necklace with an eye, and bracelets. He also carries with him a small satchel with eyes, and a staff. Lastly, Zeke is now a turtle-like dragon wearing a lily pad for a hat. His head combined with his long thick neck looks like that of a mata mata's, the rest of his body is very crocodilian in shape, and a number of snail shells cover him.
  • In Tree Tops, Isaak is now very tree frog-like in design compared to other dragons with wings that resemble webbed frog feet as well as having other webbed and finned body parts. Jed now has feathery wings, a flame-like hairstyle, appears to be tattooed, and carries a scepter whose tip is made from a bird beak. Lastly, Lyle is now a fat triceratops-like dragon with a color scheme that matches the dragon fruit he carries. His feather-like structured wings and tail plume resemble segmented tree planks. He also a number of frills and protruding scales that resemble woody bracket fungi.
  • In Metalhead, Sadiki is now a dragon shaman with four large horns that jut from his head in an X formation, and skeletal wings.

    Dream Weavers 
In the original game, the Dream Weaver dragons, in comparison to the other dragons, were the most serpentine in body shape, since they were the tallest-looking, and a majority of them tended to be the skinniest among all the dragons as well as have very long necks. Apart from those characteristics, they were also differentiated from the other dragons by having long nose horns and spiky goatee-like horns on their chins. For Reignited, some of these features have been maintained for a number of them but there is more diversity in their body shapes and they have been given mystical attributes to fit with the dreamy atmosphere. In general, they now have an astral/nighttime theme as they either have accessories with celestial decorations such as star-studded clothes, or possess characteristics that have a celestial look such as a few having their tails tipped with crescent moons.
  • In the Dream Weavers' homeworld hub, Lateef is now a bearded, star studded feathery winged dragon with actual ears that's a mystical guru of sorts who balances upon his fur tipped tail. As in the original game, Lateef appears in the opening cutscene as one of the dragons in the background during the interview but now it's made clearer that it's him. Mazi is now a shorter, feathery winged, purple bearded and mustached magician dragon with a wooden wand. He has bull-like horns that have earrings and his tail is tipped with a duster of feathers. Also, among his articles of clothing are pointed curling tip slippers, a star and moon studded magician's hat with a moon tip, and a sleeping mask. Lastly, Zikomo now has feathery wings, a pink beard and sideburns, twisting horns, a floating star atop his head, horizontal extending spirals that line across his underside vertically in a button-like manner, and a giant hourglass which he carries. The hourglass in particular resembles the magic hourglass from Skylanders: Trap Team. He also seems to now have a vaguely Australian accent.
  • In Dark Passage, Apara is now a long necked dragon with feathery wings that have a galaxy-like texture. He has two horns that makes it look like he has a crescent moon on top of his head as well as crescent shapes on his skin. He also carries a swirling lantern. Azizi is now an Eastern-looking seemingly blind dragon with a wooden walking stick. His wing membranes and shades are adorned with constellations. His long mustache is also beaded in some parts, making them look like constellations. Bakari is now an elderly swirly patterned skinned dragon with a very bedtime look. Two of his four sleeping hat capped horns, specifically the one jutting from the back of his head and the one on his chin, make his head resemble a crescent moon with a face. His unique looking wings resemble the sleeping scarf he wears. He also has a sleeping mask and sheep slippers. Kasiya is now a very fat dragon with butterfly-like feathery wings that rests and balances on his fat tail whilst having a bottle do likewise on his stomach. He also wears a star-studded cap that has a crescent moon on its tip. Lastly, Obasi is now a magical staff wielding feathery winged dragon in a star and moon patterned jester attire with his jester hat in particular having stars that dangle from its tips.
  • In Lofty Castle, Baruti is no longer one of the more muscular looking Dream Weavers. He's now more lanky, wears suspenders and pants, and has feathery wings. He also carries a fishing rod and what appears to be a bucket-like cauldron of bait. Mudada is now a huggable, even chubbier dragon that has pillow horns and wings, a pillow star at the tip of his tail, and a fairy doll. Lastly, Useni is now a darker green, more muscular, shorter necked, stripped dragon that has a fu manchu mustache, a topknot, uniquely looking wings whose "thumbs" have a distinctive hook appearance, and horns whose tips are sparking with lightning. He also wears a skirt and slippers.
  • In Haunted Towers, Copano is now a cloud spotted light blue dragon with ram horns and star studded feathery wings. He wears a star studded scarf and holds a cup of tea. He also has a bell on the tip of his tail as well on his right horn. Kosoko is now a bluish purple, star studded feathery winged, long necked dragon with a long beard. He carries a candle on a holder, and has candles on the tips of two of horns, all of which have blue flames. He also wears a long sock of sorts on his tail. Lastly, Lutalo is now basically a Grand Vizier straight out of Arabian Nights, complete with a seemingly magic lamp. Along with being dressed in regal accessories, he has star studded feathery wings, actual ears, thick eyebrow horns, a goatee, and his belly has a night scene patterned on it.
  • In Jacques, Revilo is now a long serpentine bodied dragon knitter with big glasses in a full body stocking-like sweater that rocks back and forth on his back. His horns form a crescent moon and attached in between the two of them is a big ball of yarn. As in the original game, Revilo appears in the opening cutscene as one of the dragons in the background during the interview but now it's made clearer that it's him. Meanwhile, Unika is now a feathery winged musician dragon with a harp. His underbelly is patterned after a cello, complete with F hole-like notches, while his tail resembles a cello tip as it scrolls at the end and has several tuning pegs at the side.

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!

    Summer Forest 
  • With the exception of Bounsa who wore a red helmet instead of a yellow one, the Gemcutters in Glimmer all looked the same in the original game. For Reignited, they now each have differently colored helmets to distinguish one another. Pogo retains having a yellow helmet, Whiskers now wears a red one, Twitchy now wears a blue one, Kanga now wears a green one, Roo now wears a white one, and Bounsa now wears an orange helmet instead of the red one he had in the original game. Additionally, all but two of the Gemcutters retain their fur color of brown which they had in the original game. Whiskers is now white while Twitchy is now gray.
  • The foremen in Idol Springs all looked the same in the original game. For Reignited, they each have been given some slight differences to distinguish each other. Bob now has a beard, Bud now has a silver helmet, and Max now wears glasses.
  • In Sunny Beach, the turtles that Spyro can talk to originally all looked the same. For Reignited, they've been given extra details to differentiate each other. Firstly, Prince Tortiss and King Fromit now have crowns, Tortiss' being a traditional looking one and Fromit's being a tall telescope shaped one. The two royals also have more detailed robes with Tortiss' being blue in color and Fromit's being purple. Advisor Gromit and Advisor Moppet meanwhile don't have crowns, and their robes are more simple in design with Gromit's being white and Moppet's being yellow. Apart from that, the turtles also have different colored eyebrows with Tortiss' being black, Moppet's being gray, and Gromit and Fromit's being white.

    Autumn Plains 
  • The Bonebuilders that Spyro can talk to in Skelos Badlands all looked the same in the original game. For Reignited, each of these cavemen have been given clothes that differ from one another depending on the abundance and pattern of spots on them. Additionally, instead of the random smaller Bonebuilders who appear in the outro and intro of Skelos Badlands, they've been replaced with the bigger ones. Lumpy is made into the one who appears in the intro. Meanwhile, Glug and Gronk are made into the one who holds the camera and the one who feeds the Lava Lizard respectively in the outro.
  • In the original game, the Ice Builders of Crystal Glacier came in two different types, the smaller ones and the bigger ones who served as their shamans. Other than that, there was no other distinction to differentiate individual Ice Builders. For Reignited, the Ice Builders' now each have parkas that come in different patterns and colors. The bone accessories for the smaller Ice Builders also now come in different patterns. Meanwhile, the shamans have different sounding voices, the skulls on their staffs come in different patterns, and Tok is the only shaman with dark eyebrows. These small differences makes each Ice Builder slightly more identifiable such as Chief Shaman Tuk being made the shaman who appears in the outro of Crystal Glacier.
  • The Breezebuilders in Breeze Harbor were all similar looking pelicans in the original game. For Reignited, each now wears slight accessories to differentiate one another a bit. Both Beaky and Gobble now wear bandannas but only the former also has a canteen while the latter has a pair of binoculars instead. As for Fisher and Squawk, both now wear helmets but only Squawk also has a pair of binoculars. Although these differences make each one identifiable to an extent within the realm itself, there's still a bit of ambiguity as while the intro of Breeze Harbor now features a Breezebuilder that can be identified as Gobble, the outro, however, features two Breezebuilders that both use Gobble's model.
  • With the exception of Little Bo Peep, the Land Blubbers in Zephyr in the original game all looked the same, purple and wearing pots for helmets. For Reignited, they now each have individual looks. Corporal Glug, Sergeant Tub, and Colonel Blub are now respectively blue, pink, and green. Each also now wears apparel scavenged from junk shaped to resemble military uniforms that match their respective ranks. Romeo meanwhile alone retains being purple and wearing a mere cooking pot for a helmet. Additionally, Glug is made into the Land Blubber who appears in the intro of Zephyr. The outro however features an unidentified Land Blubber with Romeo's model but with Glug's colorscheme.
  • The Fauns of Fracture Hills originally all wore green dresses in the original game. For Reignited, each one now wears a different colored Garden Garment to distinguish one another with Lila's being yellow, Krista's being brown, Spinner's being green, and Sheila's being violet. With this, the Faun who appears in both the intro and outro of Fracture Hills is now easy to identify as being Spinner.

    Winter Tundra 
  • The Robot Farmers of Robotica Farms all looked the same in the original game. For Reignited, they've each now been given slight color differences to distinguish one another. Farmer Greenbeene now has a red shirt and orange suspenders, Farmer Applebee now has a green shirt and blue suspenders, and Farmer Barleycorn now has an orange shirt and white suspenders as well as black buttons. Farmer John meanwhile now differs from the others more noticeably as he has not only a pink shirt and suspenders, but also pink pants as opposed to the blue ones worn by the rest. As such, Applebee is now identifiable as the Robot Farmer who appears in the intro of Robotica Farms. He also is identifiable along with Greenbeene as the two Robot Farmers in the outro.
  • With the exception of the Inventor Droid, the Droids in Metropolis all looked the same in the original game. For Reignited, they've each now been slightly different color schemes to distinguish one another a bit. The Manager Droid and Maintenance Droid now have dark red and purple suits respectively as well as both possessing blue and violet stripped ties. The Logistics Droid meanwhile retains the original look the Droids had in that he has a blue suit, and a red and yellow stripped tie. He's also now identifiable as the Droid who appears in the intro and outro of Metropolis.
  • The Showman Gnorcs found in Dragon Shores were all identical in the original game. For Reignited, they've been given some amount of individuality. With the exception of Gniles and Gnick who have the exact same ensemble, each Gnorc now has a different combination of effects on them to distinguish one another a bit. Each Gnorc also now has a slightly different voice whereas in the original they all sounded alike.


Spyro: Year of the Dragon

    Sunrise Spring 
  • In Sunny Villa, all the male lions looked alike in the original game. For Reignited, they are now slightly distinguishable from one another via each coming in slightly different shades of fur as well as each having different colored eyes, eyebrows, and laurels. The white togas the male lions wear also each differ in supplementary colors from one another.
  • In the original game, the Tikis from Molten Crater that Spyro can talk to were all practically the same. For Reignited, they've been given a complete redesign with some small differences to slightly distinguish one another. Each one now has a different colored mohawk with Rocky's being blue, Clay's being red, Stoney's being yellow, and Shale's being orange. They also each have slightly different sounding voices. As for the other Tikis whose heads have been hidden, they've all been given blue mohawks.
  • The seals of Seashell Shore all looked the same in the original game. For Reignited, they've been given some slight difference from another as each one now comes in varying fur colors. Aside from that, Snappy and Smelt are the only ones that have non-stripped shirts and don't have any tattoos, and Stu is the only one with glasses.
  • In Sheila's Alp, the three Mountain Goats had the exact same design and shared the same exact voice in the original game. For Reignited, they now each have distinct designs as well as have different sounding voices. Each of them have different shaped horns and different goatee designs. They each wear different colored vests with Billy's being red, Pete's being violet, and Bobby's being green. Each of their shirts has a different symbol with Billy's having a red triangle, Pete's having a violet diamond, and Bobby's having a blue circle. They as well differ in eye colors with Billy's being blue, Pete's being brown, and Bobby's being green. Each one also vary in tufts of hair with Bobby having a tuft of white hair, Pete just having some strands sticking out, and Billy having none. Lastly, Billy is the only one whose goatee is tied and Bobby is the only one with an earring.

    Midday Gardens 
  • Bob and Doug the polar bears from Icy Peak used the exact same model in the original game. For Reignited, they now wears clothes that are slightly different in color from each other.
  • The purple villagers from Enchanted Towers were pretty much the same in the original game. For Reignited, they've now been given some small variation to slightly differentiate one another. Pablo and Jasper have yellow hair and sandals while Mowat's are green. Jasper and Mowat also have blue shirts while Pablo's is yellow.
  • With the exception of the bomb carrying twins, the fireflies of Spooky Swamp all looked the same in the original game. For Reignited, they can now be identified by their facial markings. Homer has white markings on his eyes, Shiny has a black marking on his right eye, and Bubba has no markings on his face. The twins meanwhile no longer have a different colorscheme than the others and now wear pants like the rest but they still differ from the other fireflies by having glasses.
  • The pandas that Spyro can talk to in Bamboo Terrace all looked the same in the original game. For Reignited, not only do they now have clothes but the clothes they wear differs with each individual, the majority differing in shirt colors and patterns.
  • Zigzagged with the Hummingbirds of Sgt. Byrd's Base. In the original game, only Cpl. Gabrielle differed from the other Hummingbirds by having a different colorscheme. For Reignited, Gabrielle has been given the same colorscheme as the other Hummingbirds however she now wears a military beret with a certain rank insignia that distinguishes her from the others. As for the rest, two of them each wear a short shako, two others wear a tall shako, and one wears a military beret like Gabrielle but has a different rank insignia on.

    Evening Lake 
  • The penguins of Frozen Altar were all the same in the original game. For Reignited, each one now has a different tuft of feathers and different colored suit to make themselves distinguishable from one another.
  • With the exception of Princess Ami, the fairies of Charmed Ridge were all identical Palette Swaps of Zoe. For Reignited, though they are still Zoe palette swaps, each one now has their own individual color scheme to differentiate themselves with Liz having pink hair and purple clothes, Eileen having blue hair and clothes, Alicia having dark brown hair and green clothes, Molly having blonde hair and yellow-green clothes, and Isabelle having blonde hair and orange clothes.

    Midnight Mountain 
  • The Gnome Wizards in Crystal Islands were all identical looking magicians in the original game. For Reignited, the ones that can be talked to have been given some individuality to differentiate themselves. Each one now has different colored clothes and different wand designs. Also, while the majority of them have the same purple hair, two of them have different colored hair from the rest with Zamboni's being white and Marvello's being brown. The other gnomes in the mole whacking side mission though all use Magnifico's model.
  • In the original game, Gus from the Desert Ruins reused a slightly altered character model used for the Gemcutters from the second game. For Reignited, he's been given his own unique model completely different from the Gemcutters.
  • The dogs in Haunted Tomb all looked the same in the original game. For Reignited, they've now been given some differences to make each one stand out from the others. Each one of them have unique clothes designs. Jamal has a golden postiche and Allgeier has a small beard while Dan and Ali are beardless. Jamal is the only one with a cloth back covering accompanying his hat. Lastly, Ali is the only one with a shorter hat and the only one who wears torso straps.
  • The NPCs and a couple of enemies in Dino Mines now have designs that make them more distinct from one another in Reignited.
    • With the slight exception of Deputy Holiday who wore a Fishbowl Helmet as he was underwater, the rabbits looked exactly the same in the original game. For Reignited, Sheriff Wyatt and Deputy Roy were each given distinctive designs to distinguish one another. Wyatt now sports a mustache and wears a red hat and shirt while Roy now chews on some wheat and wears a brown hat and shirt. Holiday meanwhile retains his distinction of wearing a glass helmet but now additionally wears a scuba tank on his back with a hose connected to his helmet. He also wears a yellow shirt designed slightly differently than those worn by Wyatt and Roy.
    • In the original game, the Gunfighter Dinos and TNT Dinos were mere Palette Swap enemies. For Reignited, in addition to being redesigned to be more anthropomorphic, they now wear more clothes that make the two enemy types more distinct from one another than just simple palette swaps. The green Gunfighter Dinos now wear Texan gunslinger ensembles that include Crocodile Dundee-like cowboy hats whose bands are strapped with claws. Meanwhile, the blue TNT Dinos now wear predominately yellow Mexican attires complete with sombreros and serapes. They also carry on their back barrels that have rope fuses sticking out of them.

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