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  • In the introductory cutscene, Bianca and the rhynocs sneak in while everyone's asleep and capture the eggs. She accidentally steps on Hunter's tail, causing him to shout and wake everyone up. All the dragons are now eyeing her down, and just when it looks like they might finally do something after all this time... they all just keep staring, and one of them frantically stamps his feet and gestures Hunter to stop her.
    • When one of the adult dragons tries to leap into the hole after the villains, he gets stuck. When we cut back to the dragons after a brief introduction to our villains, a couple of his buddies try with all their might to pull him free, eventually succeeding. Then, when Hunter goes to leap in and follow the egg-nappers to wherever they've gone, he gets stuck too. A nearby dragon just shakes his head and then stomps Hunter down through the hole.
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    • Shortly afterward, after chasing her into the first level of the Forgotten Worlds, she warns that the eggs are so well hidden that Spyro couldn't find them in a thousand years. While some are well-hidden throughout levels, there are quite a few that are at ground level (more-or-less), in plain sight, and absolutely nothing stopping anyone from taking them. And by the time you meet Bianca in person, you've probably already found the first egg.
      • It gets better: if you think about it, a good number of eggs you obtain are from quests given by NPCs, who found the eggs before you did, and sometimes they even found them in places they check regularly every day. Bianca is just that bad at hiding stuff.
      • Even funnier? The Sorceress ordered Bianca to "Go guard the tunnels - stop anyone from coming through." There, in the background, floating in the window is Zoe. It's a little too late - someone has already come through, and she's not going to be the last either.
      • Then we eventually find out that the Professor didn't get in the Forgotten Realms via the tunnels but by trying to use Avalar's portal system to get into the Dragon Realms! Neither Bianca nor the Sorceress would have anticipated that.
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  • The Hunter's Tussle cutscene, just... here.
  • Pretty much any of the animals' revenges against Moneybags:
    • "No Hard Feelings". Sheila kicks Moneybags.
    • Bentley's, in particular, gives us this exchange:
      Bentley: (After bashing Moneybags several times) One more, perhaps?
      Spyro: At least!
    • Sgt Byrd claims he was saving ammunition "for this". *Cue rocket at Moneybags.*
    • After you pay off Moneybags to rescue Agent 9, he remarks "You ever seen a bear dance?" He then chases Moneybags around, firing lasers at his feet. It's funnier than it sounds.
      Agent 9: Good dancer, isn't he? Not much stamina, though. Too bad, I had a lot more ammo left! *Evil Laugh*
  • You would expect Sheila to live in an Australian-evocative area, right? Nope. Austrian.
    • If you refuse to pay Moneybags to free her, he casually mentions that Shiela is due to be executed "on Thursday".
  • In Sunny Villa, one of the resident lions asks you to find his girlfriend, Rapunzel. However, after locating her at the top of a tower, it's revealed that she has a restraining order against him.
    Rapunzel: If you see Marco, please tell him I've moved out.
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  • The epilogue you get for getting all the skill points. Special mention to the game of "Whack a Bentley", which shows a mole going after Bentley with his own club, and the seals inventing "squid-boarding".
  • Moneybags referred to Bentley, of all people, as a "dimwitted furball" while he was stuck inside his cage. When he got out, well, it appears he swallowed a thesaurus...
  • The Second Warning cutscene has this as well. Here.
  • Few villains make their Moral Event Horizon funny, but the Sorceress' giddy fit over her "monster to end all monsters", plus Bianca's reaction, is just priceless:
    Sorceress: Yes! It will smash them and crush them and grind them and tear them!!! Oh-ho-ho, yes!!! Smear them and smoosh them and crack them and crease them!!!
    Bianca: But, er... won't that kill them?
    • As well as this hilarious quote:
    Sorceress: What did you think I was going to do with them? Open a zoo?
    *One mook chuckles quietly behind them*
  • The cutscene leading up to the first boss is rather good. Bianca makes ready to transform a Mook into the first boss, but she botches the spell and instead turns him into a cute little bunny rabbit. The second time she tries, it works, producing a big, scary-looking toad monster... with a pair of little bunny ears still sprouting from atop its head. After it growls and thrashes around scarily for a few seconds, it abruptly freezes (along with the music) until Bianca magically removes the bunny-ears, at which point it resumes.
  • Despite being home of the Missing Gem Glitch, it's hilarious how everyone speaks in Haiku, even Moneybags and Sheila.
    • Even when Moneybags finally stops trying to speak in Haiku, he still somehow speaks in it twice in a row. Spooky Swamp apparently has Haiku magic.
      • Even better: when you take all your gems and eggs, he returns to Spooky Swamp to become a haiku poet. When you see him in Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly with not enough gems to pass, he provides a haiku...and he's gotten worse at it!
    • Sheila's Haiku:
      This swamp smells so sweet
      The springtime trees are fragrant
    • Also from Spooky Swamp, we have a Rhynoc who swore to to exact his revenge on whosoever awoke him by lighting the four lamps. A firefly had Spyro do it because, in his own words, "better you than me." The Rhynoc in question, Sleepyhead, turns out to be the easiest boss in the entire game. Yes, even easier than Buzz. What were the fireflies so worried about again?
  • Hunter's mission in Honey Speedway has him in a boat fleeing a flying saucer piloted by a sheep. If you ram your boat one too many times into the various things blocking the boat, the saucer will abduct Hunter. Hunter's reaction when he gets lifted in the air by the tractor beam? A broad smile and gently waggling his arms around.
  • In one of Icy Peak's sublevels, you have to protect you-sized Nancy the ice skater from some giant bullying hockey players. If you fail to flame one in time, they use her as a puck, sending her flying with a loud slap and leaving her knocked out face down on the ice. She then claims it didn't hurt as much as it looked.
  • Perhaps the funniest moment is getting your sweet revenge on Moneybags, chasing the greedy bear down and ramming/flaming the gems right out of him- repeatedly, no less. By the end, he's reduced to a panting wreck.
  • Greta in "Fireworks Factory". Pintsized Powerhouse Badass Adorable incarnate and played so over-the-top it's hilarious.
  • Frozen Altars is a fairly average level with a few funny bits.
    • The noises the mini-mammoths make while being lasered... and then they pop.
    • Getting shaken by the giant snowmen is accompanied by a stereotypically cartoonish noise.
    • Halfway through you'll encounter a penguin called Eustace standing next to a platform that's too high to reach. He tells you that you need something to stand on. While you can freeze the nearby mini-mammoth and use it as a stepping stone, Eustace's closeness to the platform means that you'll generally use HIM as the stepping stone. And when you talk to him after he's thawed out he shows that he has no idea what you just did to him.
      Eustace: "Brr, I don't know why but I feel really cold."

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