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Who's the Eggman now?

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    Main Game 
  • When carrying Sonic around, Tails puts on a very strained face. In prerelease footage, it seemed that Tails reacted with shock if Sonic started moving while he was in the middle of his yawning Idle Animation. In the final game, it's seen that Tails jolting awake is part of his Idle Animation... which might be funnier since Tails becomes aware that he started sleeping on the job.
  • The Orbinauts in Studiopolis Zone get increasingly worried expressions on their faces as you bust their bumper barriers. Once they're all gone, they look so defeated one could almost feel guilty about finishing them off.
  • In the opening animation, when Sonic's fighting Heavy Gunner in Studiopolis, Knuckles looks into a warp ring to see the commotion, only to be knocked away with a face that just screams "OH NO". And as Sonic leaps to the air, he can be seen hanging on the same ring as it's spinning.
  • After the Death Egg Robot is defeated, Sonic and Tails watch Eggman on the wreckage giving orders to the Hard-boiled Heavies. They seem like quite quirky guys, as Heavy Shinobi juggles the Phantom Ruby on his head and Heavy Rider races around atop a Motobug with bloodshot eyes.
  • As pictured, Hydrocity Zone's Act 1 boss involves you turning Eggman's machine from the original game against him.
  • When starting Chemical Plant, a cutscene plays where your character of choice gets splattered by chemicals just before starting the stage. No matter who you choose, their reaction is priceless. Tails even had a Dummied Out animation for this cutscene where he dries himself off with his tails. (In the final game, he simply looks up.) Plus brings this back with a slightly different animation.
  • Sonic's expression over the Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine boss fight is priceless. He's completely thrown off-guard by the whole situation, like he's thinking the same thing as the player, namely "Did I fall into the wrong game?!" or "Where the hell am I?" Even more hilarious if Tails is with him, since his sprite remains normal and his Idle Animation kicks in where he starts falling asleep.
    • Tails looks just as confused, if a little less so since him being a lot smarter than Sonic means he's probably more familiar with Puyo Puyo than Sonic was. It's a battle of the geniuses!
    • Knuckles' expression is just as hilarious. It's less "Where the hell am I?" and more "What the hell am I doing?"
    • The boss fight, in and of itself, is also funny in its simplicity: Eggman SUCKS at Mean Bean! And he was the Final Boss of said game!
      • Eggman's lack of skill only gets funnier when you apply Fridge Brilliance: it's been twenty-four years since Eggman's last had a crack at using the Mean Bean Machine to fight anyone; it only makes sense that Eggman would be extremely out of practice when he decides to bring it back to battle Sonic!
    • Just the fact that Eggman was considerate enough to lower the controls so all the playable characters can use it.
  • In Mirage Saloon Act 1, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are flying over the desert in the Tornado. But the Heavy Magician suddenly swoops in and knocks Knuckles off. Sonic's Idle Animation kicks in right after this, suggesting he's quite annoyed. It's even funnier if you're playing as Knuckles, where the music just stops as it happens.
  • The shrink ray gimmick returns in Metallic Madness Act 2. If Tails is "dead" while Sonic passes by the beam that reverts him back to normal, Tails won't revert, leading to a tiny Tails following Sonic around. The inverse can also happen, letting a normal-sized Tails follow a tiny Sonic around. The PC update fixed this and the AI controlled characters change their size depending if you're normal sized or not.
  • In yet another case of Bond Villain Stupidity, Dr. Eggman finds the most interesting way to confront the aforementioned tiny Sonic is to drive a gashapon dispenser machine called Gachapandora. Several miniatures of the rides he had in Emerald Hill and Marble come out of capsules to attack you, along with Amy dolls sporting Tails Doll's vacant eyes and antenna which try to hug you to death (by explosion). To cap it off, once the dispenser runs out of stuff, you must spin the crank one last time for Eggman himself to slide out.
  • One of the Medallion unlockables is "& Knuckles" mode, which puts Knuckles by your character's side even if your character is already Knucklesnote . Because of this, it's possible to have THREE Knuckleses appear in the normal ending (the playable Knuckles, the AI-controlled Knuckles, and the NPC Knuckles driving the escape vehicle).
    • The ending is also hilariously cute, as Knuckles reads his own embellished version of the game's events, aptly titled "Sonic Mania & Knuckles", to the animals while Sonic and Tails just look at him in confusion and doubt.
  • In Lava Reef Act 2 as Knuckles, you actually revisit the Hidden Palace Zone from Sonic 3 & Knuckles as Heavy King moves to grab the Master Emerald. Cue Knuckles actually remembering the last time Eggman stole the emerald with a Thought Bubble (that resembles the Mega Drive comic's art style) before flipping out and smacking him right off of the Emerald.
    • And the normal boss fight for the act when playing as Sonic and/or Tails isn't a slouch either: Heavy Rider, riding a frenzied and pumped-up Motobug named Jimmy on top of a platform that's rising higher and higher, pretty much zooming back and forth trying to smack you with her flail. Except occasionally she takes a high ramp, and jumps clean over fire-spewing hazards while confetti and the cheers of an unseen crowd go out, making the boss like less of a knight and more of a stuntwoman. In what's also a moment of heartwarming, Jimmy the Motobug is named after a rom hacker who made the Motobug in Sonic 1 hack.
  • Kind of an unintentional funny, but in older Sonic games note , dropping a monitor on yourself resulted in getting crushed. In Mania, doing so just causes the monitor to bounce repeatedly on the character's head.
  • After defeating the standard final boss, Dr. Eggman's "Phantom Egg" battle suit cracks in half. The literal Eggman then falls out and starts flopping in frustration like a baby.
  • Additionally, in said boss fight, you can collect rings in two the other areas that it warps you to in between charges. If they bring you above 100 rings, the extra life music jingle plays and interrupts the intense final boss battle theme, then it goes back to that as if nothing had happened. Way to lighten the mood.
  • The intro and entire premise for the True Final Boss is as hilarious as it is awesome. After the Titanic Monarch is destroyed, the Phantom Ruby warps Sonic and Eggman into its own rubified realm. Sonic has the Chaos Emeralds with him, but doesn't transform, instead just floating there and letting Eggman dwell on his failure. Then Heavy King swoops in, snatching the Phantom Ruby and just sort of backing off with it, then Eggman rushes him with a hastily-thrown-together Eggmobile, grappling Heavy King on its arms before being thrown off. This isn't two titans of evil having an epic clash for ultimate power, this is two manchildren squabbling over a shiny rock that neither of them can use any longer. Sonic finally snaps from this nonsense, transforming and charging in to beat the living daylights out of the both of them.
  • In the final zone, you encounter several Egg-robos inside sleds who, when you jump into their vehicles, give you a ride to the other side... only to end up crashing to pieces at the end of the track as your character remains fine. It's made even better by Sonic and co's mildly surprised expressions during the ride, which they maintain even after the sled has crashed.
  • Deflecting the Heavy Gunner's missiles back at him results in a hilarious Oh, Crap! reaction from him. It gets even more humorous when he's on his own and you deflect the final missile at him, leading him to fly away from his own helicopter as it crashes on the ground.
  • Studiopolis Zone's Act 2 boss is... the weather report.
    • Funnier still: When you defeat the boss, the giant monitor in the background displays an "off the air" test pattern. The numbers on that pattern's bottom-right corner are the date (July 22nd, 2016) of the infamous livestream during which this game was announced. To drive home the point, the game plays a specific noise in the background — the omnipresent buzzing that plagued said livestream. Guess that really is the sound of 25 years of Sonic!
    • The scene is topped off by a breaking news report of the Flying Battery returning. Cue the player character(s) moving offscreen and suddenly appearing on the monitor and jumping onto the ship.
  • In Mirage Saloon Act 1, the goal sign at the end lands on the the bottom of the screen, making it appear to be floating in midair. However, the transition to Act 2 reveals that the sign landed directly on the Heavy Magician's hat.
  • You can get a Trophy/Achievement for riding boats in Hydrocity Zone. The description for it? "We really like boats."
  • Another bit of unintentional funny involves activating a crumbling platform on Green Hill when a Moto Bug is on that piece of land. It'll stay suspended for a second before actually falling. Sadly this seems to have been patched out as it was likely unintended behavior.
  • There's (or rather was) an Easter Egg in Hydrocity Zone where, if you input the Sonic 3 & Knuckles Level Select codenote  while holding onto a hook, you will hear a ring sound. The next time you're grabbed by a speed booster, the regular sound effect will not play. Instead, it's a voice clip of Video Game Dunkey mimicking the booster. Hear it for yourself. It was sadly removed in an update, as it was likely that the devs had snuck it past Sega's approval process.
  • A rather obscure one, one Dummied Out mechanic in the debug mode (although it could only be found in the PC version) is a Love-Tester Slot Machine which pairs your currently played character with other characters. You get bonus points for getting the best combination for each character, and zilch for the worst. If you forget that the machine is made from Eggman's perspective, you might get caught off guard when testing it as Knuckles, as he has Eggman as the best pair and Sonic as the worst.
  • The Continue? screens from "No Save" mode for Tails and Knuckles are funny. Tails looks like he's ready to doze off (and is startled when you choose to continue) while Knuckles throws a tantrum and stomps his feet (and clenches his fist if you choose to continue). If you've downloaded the Encore DLC, Mighty's screen adds to the humour; he is facepalming throughout and choosing to continue makes him breathe out a heavy sigh, as if he knows Continuing Is Painful.
  • After defeating Metal Sonic in Stardust Speedway in Sonic Mania Plus, the Phantom Ruby looks ready to be taken out of Eggman's hands... only for a Dango to randomly appear and knock it offscreen before the player can get to it. It then hops in place for a few seconds before rolling away, almost as if it's laughing at you.
  • The all-Emeralds ending to Encore Mode: As your two current characters watch as the Phantom Ruby opens a portal that starts sucking everything in, Eggman literally tiptoes away and steals the escape car from the normal campaign. It looks like he's about to make a clean getaway... until the five heroes zoom by in their Super modes and bop him into the portal to suffer a fate unknown.
  • The Stinger that plays once Encore Mode is completed. The whole gang kicks back with some sundaes at the Mirage Saloon bar and pose for a group shot, only to be surprised (and photobombed) by the saloon's bartender — Heavy King!
  • When Ray is crossing the hang bars in Flying Battery, rather than simply pulling himself along with his hands like the other characters, he uses his hands and tail to flip across them. It looks adorable, too.

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