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Unmarked Spoilers! You Have Been Warned!

Even if this sequel has a serious and eager tone to it, there are still a few hilarious moments around.

  • The movie's opening sequence with the Red Goon gnomes. As the main Goon is explaining about the title character, two of the other Goons are shown interrupting the other's introduction in starting the story. They even suggest on re-telling the first story, including mentioning other stories like Game of Gnomes, The Gnome Ranger, The Twilight Gnome, Spider-Man: Gnomecoming, and Indiana Gnomes.
    Goon 1: No! Because our Sherlock is a garden gnome! He's a garden gnome! Okay?!
    Goon 2: Oh, well, why didn't you just say that?
    [The first Goon sighs in frustration.]
  • With the gnomes, they're now living in London after the destruction of the old gardens caused by the Terrafirminator lawnmower.
    Fawn: What a dump! Where's the new garden?
    Goons: This is the new garden, Fawn.
    Fawn: No, I'm goin' back in the box.
  • Paris’ reaction to Gnomeo and Juliet being picked as the new leaders of the garden:
    Paris: Hooray for nepotism! Unbelievable.
    • Mankini sunbathing.
      Gnomeo: Don't work too hard, Mankini. You've only been lying there for four days.
      Mankini: Sun's out, buns out! (falls in a flower pot; Beat) I'm okay!
    • Juliet and Gnomeo use the Goons as trash pick up sticks for the leaves.
      Goon 1: I feel sick.
      Goon 2: Me, too.
    • This scene with Gmomeo and Nanette.
      • Gnomeo tells Nanette about his concern that prior to moving, she hasn't been listening to him. Only for the frog to respond with these words.
        Nanette: Oh, sorry. I wasn't listenin'.
      • Nanette then gives him some suggestions for him:
        Nanette: You should do a grand romantic gesture. Something reckless and life-threatening! I've got it! Go to the zoo and steal a lion, then, fight the lion in front of Juliet.
        Gnomeo: I'm not fighting a lion.
        Nanette: It doesn't have to be a lion; it could be a tiger, or an angry penguin!
  • Sherlock's Never My Fault to Watson between a plastic globe.
    Sherlock: Watson, look what you've done to the globe.
    Watson: Me? You're the one who kicked it.
    Sherlock: Because you ducked. The very reason you're wearing padding is so I can kick you.
    Watson: I'm not your punching bag!
    Sherlock: Don't be absurd, of course you are.
  • The news report about the missing gnomes.
    "Breaking news! While London prepares for its largest fireworks display ever, something very newsworthy is happening in the gardens across the capital: Someone is out there stealing innocent gnomes! Like Barry. Barry was just sitting there doing nothing. Now he's gone, and Barry is the tip of the iceberg! Susan, Tim, Brad, gone! This weird gnome and his sparkling piano, gone! These three gnomes on a pig for no reason. I hope that's not ham on that pizza! ALL GONE!!! And this goes on. When contacted, the police said, "We don't have time for this. Please don't contact us again." They're clearly swamped. Some say it's a job for Sherlock Gnomes! Others say... it's a slow news day!"
  • When getting Benny's help to get the Cupid's Arrow Orchid for the garden, Benny opens up the laptop he found in the shed which was somewhat accidentally left by the previous owners. After opening it up, it has Nanette's face as the desktop screen (pictured above), complete with Benny's voice on the laptop singing his and Nanette's names.
    • When Gnomeo asks Benny to type it in and the search suggestions pop up, he doesn't bother clicking it.
  • Benny's codename for Gnomeo is "Tiny Dancer"note , and his codename is Benny101-[TheBenlord]!😊$$.note 
    Benny: There's no time.
  • In Curly Fu's Emporium, they meet the empress Pom-Pom, along with a salt and pepper shaker who is able to understand her.
    Salt-Shaker: Empress Pom-Pom remembers you, Sherlock Gnomes.
    Sherlock: Oh, good, good.
    Salt-Shaker: Not fondly.
    Sherlock: Ah, well, that's less good, isn't it?
  • The dynamic between Juliet and Sherlock.
    • While Gnomeo and Watson fend off the cats, Sherlock looks for the next clue.
      Juliet: What are you looking for?
      Sherlock: An assistant who asks fewer questions!
      Juliet: Are you always this rude?
      Sherlock: That's a question.
    • In Green Park, the gnomes disguise as a squirrel to look for the next clue.
      Sherlock [whispering]: Left, right, left, right. Now, scurry... stop! [Juliet bumps into him] Careful. Now wag your tail. Go on, wag it, quickly. Wag it!
      Juliet Just when I think you couldn't get more annoying. [shakes it slowly]
      Sherlock: Oh, that is the least realistic tail-wagging I've ever seen.
      Juliet: Oh, forgive me. I've never been the back end of a squirrel before.
  • The Princess and the Frog play, with Benny as the princess and Nanette as the frog.
    Nanette: [reading lines] "Oh, alas! Cursed am I! Transformed into a frog." Wait a second. What's wrong with bein' a frog?
    Paris: Oy, Meryl Streep, just read the lines.
    Nanette: Oh, this is so frogist!
    • When the play reaches the scene where the princess must kiss the frog, Ronnie chants for Nanette and Benny to kiss.
  • Moriarty's plan after revealing he faked death.
    Moriarty: It's got a double-cross, it's got a triple-cross, I was smashed, he was smashed...! I mean, to be fair, it is needlessly complicated, but that's what supervillains do!
    • After explaining about manipulating Watson into betraying Sherlock...
      Moriarty: Never trust a gargoyle, or prunes past their sell-by date.
    • "Selfie time!"
    • And finally, his plan to destroy the gnomes!
      Moriarty: "Screen-share, screen-share. How do I screen-share?"
      • His screen-share video shows a crudely-drawn animated sequence that the HMS Nimrod will pass through and the bridge will rise shattering the gnomes, framing Sherlock as the one responsible for their deaths.
  • Getting off the Nimrod, they spot a drone and we cut to the three gnomes on it, with Sherlock exclaiming in fear.
    Sherlock: Uh, Miss Juliet?! Maybe we should slow down!
  • During the climax:
    • Gnomeo assigns the Goons to create a diversion to prevent the bridge from opening. As one of them agrees, Gnomeo leaves and the Goons immediately either forget or have no idea what to do.
      Goon 1: So, uh, what are we doing?
      Goon 2: I don't know.
      Goon 3: Well, we gotta do something!
      Goon 1: Well, we are on a river. A five, six, seven, eight!
      [the Goons start river-dancing]
      • Moriarty notices this, yet isn't aware that the Goons are behind preventing the bridge from opening.
      Moriarty: Can you be a lamb and get me a weapon? Something lethal, but, ooh, fun!
    • Moriarty's first encounter with Gnomeo.
      Moriarty: Who the heck are you?
      Gnomeo: I'm the gnome that's gonna...
      Moriarty: No, this is my show! I do the one-liners; you don't get one-liners!
    • Watson rescuing the gnomes.
      • When Watson goes down to save them, a gnome points him out.
      • As he starts pouring the soap on them...
      Fawn: Oy! Why's he pouring soap on us?
      Paris: I don't know. Still, we'll smell nice.
      • "FOAM PARTY!"
      • When the gnomes get freed, Benny tries to carry Nanette, only to instead have Nanette carrying him because she's bigger than him and no doubt heavy for him.
      • After they escape, Barry (the gnome on the toilet) is still attached to the filling.
    • Moriarty and Sherlock's final duel:
      • Moriarty tries to say his boast to Sherlock, yet immediately gives up while Sherlock keeps a straight, scowling face.
      Moriarty: Sherlock! Surely you didn't think it would be that... easy to... Know what? It doesn't feel organic anymore. Look, I'm just gonna smash you.
      • During the chase...
      Moriarty: I know you, Sherlock! Because I know me. We are the same. ♪ You are the sun and I am the moon! ♪
      Sherlock: Those aren't the same.
      Moriarty: They're both round things that...! You know what I mean!
      • During their duel, Moriarty was about to finish Sherlock, until the gnome retorts that there's "one small twist in the tale". Cue Watson snatching Moriarty's rolling pin out of his hand via his cane, followed by the antagonist glancing down at the freed gnomes. Followed by Moriarty spewing out this:
      Moriarty: You saved them?! My life's work's ruined! The Sistine Chapel of evil plans and you'd just spray-painted a cartoon cat all over it!
      • Upon taking down the heroes' drone, Moriarty goes down and prepares to finish off Watson until Sherlock prevents him and charges at him.
      • When Sherlock was fortunately saved by the other four heroes, Moriarty hits of side of the Nimrod ("Ow!") and lands in the water.
      Moriarty: Sherlock Gnomes, I shall retu... [tipping in the water] Ugh, this water is disgusting...! Oh, it's gone in my mouth, it's gone in my mouth! [his selfie stick holding his phone falls in] Oh, no, my phone!
  • At the end, the gnomes are all back at Gnomeo and Juliet's garden for the Seedling Ceremony. And what's surprising is all the people they've met have visited. Including the Maneki-nekos.
    Red Maneki-neko: ("This is nice.")
    Black Maneki-neko: ("Yes. ... When do we attack?")
    Red Maneki-neko: (gives the black one a look)
    • As the gnomes cheer on Gnomeo and Juliet, Berry jumps off his toilet and briefly dances before being eyed by some surprised gnomes that didn't know he could come off it at any time.
    Berry: What?
  • The post-credits scene, in which a bunch of gnomes make a giant Sherlock bust, and Moriarty, who is smaller than the bust, walks over to him, blows a raspberry, and laughs. He is then crushed by the bust’s magnifying glass.
    Moriarty: Ow! I hate you, Sherlock Gnomes.