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Nightmare Fuel / Sherlock Gnomes

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I'm a gargoyle, mate! Also, your worst nightmare!
As the first movie was more lighthearted in its own right, this movie, while not without its emotional moments, takes a Darker and Edgier tone, so there are some moments to make you jump out of your seat.
  • It is unknown how Gnomeo and Juliet’s friends and family were kidnapped. However, this deleted scene showing how a garden of gnomes got kidnapped in an earlier draft of the film shows how terrifying it could have been.
  • Moriarty's goal in smashing each and every gnome in London. His origin story told by Watson is worth noting.
    Watson: Some ornaments are just manufactured evil. And Moriarty, he was the most evil of the lot. For years, Moriarty terrorized the ornamental world. Until he met his match in Sherlock Gnomes. Suddenly, he had a worthy opponent. And beating Sherlock became his obsession. So Moriarty began to play his terrible game. He would kidnap gnomes, leave a trail of clues as to their location, and challenge us to find them within 24 hours or he'd smash them.
  • The gargoyles are very terrifying to say the least.
    • Reggie, one of them, has a deep threatening voice that makes him sound more terrifying than how he looks.
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  • Watson's confrontation with one of the gargoyles ends with him plummeting from the building of the Natural History Museum, and a shatter is heard afterwards. This is followed by Juliet covering her mouth in shock and Sherlock saying his name in heartbreak.
  • Reggie and Ronnie’s lie to the gnomes about how there will be a “big surprise” before they are taken home, which turns out to be death. This could be seen as highly disturbing, since it makes it seem like Reggie and Ronnie think something as gruesome as death is a good thing.
  • Moriarty’s plan is to crush every gnome in London inside the Bascule Chamber, which would be a very painful death for the gnomes.
    • This is heightened by the goobarb filling gushing out like blood when the gnomes are escaping the bridge, since you can imagine what it could be like with the gnomes, with shards of their bodies flying all over the place.