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Unmarked spoilers. Read at your own risk!
Gnomeo: Just think of all the adventures we're gonna have.
  • Gnomeo and Juliet's first scene together starts off with them climbing up a step stool for the view of London.
    Juliet: I guess it's a fixer-upper?
    Gnomeo: Well, I think that it's the most beautiful garden in the world because you're standing in it.
    Juliet: Oof, that was super cheesy.
    Gnomeo: Aw, seriously? I practiced that line in the car for about 10 minutes.
    • When Lord Redbrick demands Juliet down off the stool before she might fall, Gnomeo quietly calls him out.
    Gnomeo: When is he gonna realize you're the toughest gnome in the garden?
    Juliet: (whispering into his ear) Now, that was a good line.
  • Lady Bluebury gives out an announcement that she and Redbrick are retiring as leaders and she passes the job to none other than her son and daughter-in-law.
    Bluebury: We have an announcement. Lord Redbrick and I are officially retiring. We both think a new garden is the perfect opportunity to name new leaders: Gnomeo and Juliet! ... Gnomeo and Juliet will lead us in preparing the garden for winter. As soon as the garden blooms in the spring, we'll have a Seedling Ceremony to celebrate.
  • Benny's crush on Nanette. At the start, he was pretty ominous about it so she wouldn't know. Still, she was curious.
    Nanette: Ooh, I think someone's got a crush on someone.
    Benny: Mm...maybe.
    Nanette: Oh, well, maybe they have a crush on you back.
    Benny: Do you really think so?
    Nanette: I don't know. I don't know who it is, do I?
    • Later on in the movie, Benny gives out his decision to kiss Nanette when doing the Princess & the Frog play to distract the gargoyle guard for Gnomeo to escape. In other words, he's wanting to kiss her if she feels the same way about him.
    Nanette: Why can't you kiss me?
    Benny: Because if you love someone, you only want to kiss them if they want to kiss you back.
    Nanette: But this isn't the girl you love. It's just me! Me! ... Oh.
    • As the gnomes are being freed by Watson after being trapped under the bridge, Benny tries to carry Nanette to safety.
    • After the main heroes have saved the gnomes and thwared Moriarty, Nanette reiterates the moment in the play to Benny.
    Nanette: So, Benny, you know how you said you only want to kiss someone if they want to kiss you back? Well, now is that time.
    (Benny leaps in and kisses her on the lips)
    Nanette: Where did you learn to kiss like that?
    Benny: Eh, the Internet.
    • During the Seeding Ceremony, Benny cries in happiness for Gnomeo and Juliet as the new leaders, then Nanette comforts him.
  • Watson giving Empress Pom-Pom flowers to make up for what Sherlock did on his last case for her.
  • Despite Sherlock being a condescending gnome with a big ego, he genuinely cares about Watson to the point where he fell to his death at one point after Watson was confronted by one of the gargoyles. Even focusing on his case wasn't enough to ignore the heartbreaking grief of losing his long-time friend.
  • During the climax, Juliet is reunited with Gnomeo after he was kidnapped by one of the gargoyle henchemen.
    Juliet: Oh, Gnomeo, I'm so sorry. I thought I'd lost you.
    Gnomeo: That's never gonna happen.
  • Sherlock and Watson eventually make up after the latter faked his death and tricked Sherlock into thinking Moriarty was behind kidnapping the gnomes.
    Sherlock: I suppose somewhere within that haystack of emotional twaddle there may lie a thin needle of truth.
    Watson: (sticks out his hand) One last case.
    Sherlock: One last case. (shakes his hand)
    • During the climax, Sherlock tasks Watson with saving the gnomes while he takes on Moriarty.
      Sherlock: I'll draw his fire, you rescue the gnomes.
      Watson: You trust me to save the gnomes?
      Sherlock: Well, of course. You're Watson.
      • This even resulted in the gnomes giving him accolades for their rescue.
    • And after the climax, Sherlock saves Watson from Moriarty and promises to be more respectful to Watson from now on.
    Watson: You'd give your life for me?
    Sherlock: Of course.
    Watson: Because you're the sworn protector of London's garden gnomes?
    Sherlock: No, because we are the sworn protectors of London's garden gnomes. Watson and Sherlock: partners and friends. And I promise to treat my partner a lot better. That is, of course, if you'll have me back.
    Watson: "Watson and Sherlock"? I rather like the sound of that.
  • The Seedling Ceremony at the end has Benny giving Gnomeo and Juliet a Cupid's Arrow Orchid for then to plant.
    Gnomeo: Is this what I think it is?
    Juliet: A Cupid's Arrow Orchid. Our flower. (she and Gnomeo bury it)
    Gnomeo: So I guess this is officially our garden now.
    Juliet: It is. And I'll never forget the most important thing in this garden is you.
    Gnomeo: Ooh, that was super cheesy.
    Juliet: No, it was extremely romantic.
    Gnomeo: Grade-A cheddar.
    Juliet: Will you shut up and kiss me? (they immediately do so)
    • Sherlock and Watson look on before they leave.
    Sherlock: Watson, do you see how they look at one another? Recalculating likelihood of breakup at 0%. Could that possibly be right?
    Watson: Elementary, my dear Sherlock. Elementary.
    (they simultaneously do an "after you" gesture and walk off.)