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Fridge / Sherlock Gnomes

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  • The previous movie deviated the original "Romeo and Juliet" by allowing both of them to live towards the end. So this movie deviates the "Sherlock Holmes" franchise by making Gnome Watson the true mastermind.
  • Irene is a random mass-produced Barbie doll. What is she doing in the Doll Museum? Answer: Running it. She's just that badass, she pretends to be a valuable antique and manages to fool everyone.
  • The movie takes place on a night in London with a huge fireworks display. This night is likely Guy Fawkes Night, aka Bonfire Night, which celebrates a thwarted attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament, which mirrors Sherlock Gnomes attempting to thwart Moriarty‚Äôs plan to smash all the gnomes in London.
  • Ronnie loves fairy tales. Fairy tales are known to have dragons in them, and Ronnie is a dragon-like gargoyle.