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  • Issei and Saji's brother in arms moment. Over perversity. Minato's reaction said it all.
    And then the realization hit. Oh god there were two of them.
  • The entire first part of Chapter 4. Rias and Sona both try, very unsubtly, to recruit Minato into their respective Peerages while he does his best to avoid them and their Peerage members. Hilarity Ensues.
  • In Chapter 9, during the meeting with the pillars and lords of the Devils, they decide that Minato, being a reasonable, powerful individual who holds Belial, might as well have the fame and awards amongst the Devils... with Lord Gremory subtly approving to take Rias' hand. Lord Phenex tries to reconvince Minato to have someone in Riser's peerage to be with him instead, but he says it without the subtleties, allowing Minato to catch on.
    The meaning hidden behind those words were about as subtle as a brick smashing into a window.
    He would have to respond in an equally eloquent and subtle manner.
    • In the same chapter, when Sirzechs previously heavily pushed him towards Rias as well.
    Sirzechs: If she chooses you, you will let me know, yes?
    He would not judge. He would not judge. He would not judge.
  • Uriel pretty much trolls everyone he meets in Chapter 12, when not killing people anyway.
    Uriel: Why, just before I was summoned I passed Belial coming the other way. He complimented me on my fine armor. I told him he had a very ugly face.
    • And his joke to Asia about cats in heaven leads to the Knights Templar revering them, which is extra hilarious considering that worshiping cats was one of the things King Philip accused the real Knights Templar of to get them disbanded.
    • Akeno and Rias have found Minato's apartment, and when he gets back start a catty game of one-upmanship with Raynare over who he's closer to. When they leave, Rias expresses her feelings for him by kissing his cheek...and squeezing his ass. He's still trying to process what just happened when he turns around and sees his resident Fallen Angel staring where Rias groped him...
    The expression on her face told him exactly what she wanted.
  • Issei's cannon attack against Kokebiel. A Double Entendre, a suggestive name for a final attack (Oppai Tiamat Cannon), scenic destruction of the school, and...
    Kiba: You missed.
    Koneko: We have lost.
    Kiba: How could you miss?!
    Issei: It was the first time I shot it at full power.
    Kiba: He was right there in front of you!
    Dohnaseek: Even I didn't miss.
    Issei: Oh, not you too!
    Templar: Back in our monasteries, we have a way of dealing with such situations. It is called the Litany of Aiming. Would you like us to recite it for you?
  • During the Siege of Kuoh Academy, Kalawarner's battlecry.
    • Earlier in the same siege, the Templars are contemplating what to do with Asia, a devil, while still recalling their encounter with Uriel. She is still a witch in their eyes, but then one of them asks "What if... What if she is a holy witch?" One beat later...
    "Protect the holy witch!"
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  • In chapter 4, Minato channels Metatron for a second to break up a fight between Kalawarner, Dohnaseek and Mittlet before it could start. While the latter two Fallen Angel were suitable astonished, Kalawarner has a "thing" for the Voice of God and thus reacted... differently:
    They nodded dumbly. All except Kalawarner, who watched him with a flushed expression.
    "Ah," the woman seemed deliriously happy, and to his mild discomfort one of her hands snaked down and began to rub her thigh seductively, "to be scolded by Metatron-sama."
    [Minato] shuddered. Fallen Angels. Not even once.
  • Kokebiel's Humiliation Conga is pretty funny in itself, what with him being skewered repeatedly by a giddy Raynare with Metatron's spear.
    Raynare: This is wonderfully cathartic.
  • After the Siege of Kuoh Academy, Minato falls flat on his face. Thanatos pokes him with his swords like they were sticks to check on him.
  • When he wakes up after spending the last four days after a coma, he notices Rias is sleeping at his side, and has a long chat with Sirzechs, who was watching over the both of them. Then he realizes that he's naked under the sheets of his infirmary cot.
    "Why am I naked?"
    Then a far more pressing thought concerned him.
    "Who stripped me naked?"
    By his side, still sleeping, Rias let out a sudden, perverted chuckle.
    Sirzechs saw the expression on his face and tilted his head to one side.
    "If it is any consolation," the devil lord said brightly, "the others helped."
    It was not of any consolation at all.
    • Now that he's woken up from his coma, in order to keep him entertained while resting in the infirmary, everyone decides to give him books to pass the time before he leaves. Except Akeno.
    Akeno got him a whip. He had no idea what to do with the whip. He couldn't read the whip so therefore he ignored the whip. The girl seemed acutely disappointed when she discovered it lying unused by his bedside the next time she visited him.
  • Raynare comes onto Minato hard and has no intention of stopping even if she Falls again. Minato tells her Metatron is behind her. She thinks he's jesting, but Metatron really is there. It's his line that sells it.
    Metatron: I have been Called into Existence to Face the Accumulation of Man's Worst Emotions. I have been Tasked to Stand Against the Essence of Death Itself. And Just Recently, I was Asked to Bring to Justice a Heretic Who Called Himself the Slayer of God. This is the First Time I've been Summoned as a Diversion.
  • Remember the Evil Pieces that Minato got? He uses them as ordinary chess pieces. Michael laughed at that.
  • Kiba's surprise at how Minato trains Issei. By using dragon Personas and smashing him around minute by minute.
    Kiba: This is how he gained the arm cannon?
    Minato: How did you expect he gained it?
    Kiba: Something more... tame.
    Minato: I suggested that as well. He said no.
    Kiba: I don't know if he's being brave or being insane.
    Minato: I believe it is both.
  • Once training is over, Kiba helps Issei up with a How Many Fingers? act, followed by a wrong number. Then Fafnir looms over Kiba.
    Fafnir: And What of This One? Has He Come to Test His Puny Little Swords Against My Golden Skin?
    Kiba: Please don't eat me.
    Fafnir: Do not Presume Me to be as Barbaric as My Kin. I am a Far More Civilized Dragon.
    Kiba: [sigh of relief]
    Fafnir: I Roast Them before I Eat Them.
    Kiba: [pulls out the Excaliburs in a panic] I've got two Excaliburs, and I'm not afraid to use them!
  • When Fafnir calls out Issei for missing with his cannon again, Issei gets depressed (notably not afraid) for disappointing Tiamat, but Fafnir assures him that she's more mad at Ddraig for allowing him to miss. Cue Ddraig sweating bullets from within Boosted Gear, and Fafnir laughing at him in his fear.
    I Almost Pity you, Great Welsh. A Woman Scorned Is One Thing. A Woman Scorned With The Ability To Breathe Lightning And Make Hurricanes From Her Mood Swings Is, Altogether, A Far More Frightening Thing.
  • After the Peace Conference, both the Knight Templars and the Knight Hospitallers decide to fall under the command of Minato. His response:
    The boy looked at the figures kneeling before him, armored and unarmored, fist clasped around enchanted blades, hands cradling assault rifles to kevlar-protected chests. He turned to the waiting faction leaders standing nearby. "Help Me" was plainly over his face.
  • The Running Gag of Minato finding uninvited guests in his apartment continues in Chapter 18.
    • First, Issei is originally found stocking his fridge. Then, Kida materializes out of thin air and has to explain to Minato that his apartment has now become Bigger on the Inside (the rooms actually teleport to one of Rias' mansions). Finally, when Minato asks them where his bedroom connects, out comes Rias. Their reaction to being found is exactly the same.
    Issei/Kiba/Rias: Ah, no, wait, Arisato-san, I can explain!
    • Next, the devils show Minato his new bedroom... and its varied decor due to a case of Too Many Cooks Spoil the Soup. He just silently leaves. After a little speculation as to why he didn't like the room (with Issei's being the most perverted of all, of course), he returns with them staring at him and him responding with a small "What?" Turn outs he was just getting his stuff.
    • Finally, Issei begins his harem with a whimper as he and Asia awkwardly chat about a few things for more than thirty minutes. With a little bit of Obfuscating Stupidity, Minato decides to turn "wandering the mansion halls" into a little nudge for Issei to fall lips first into Asia's. Both are surprised, but also enjoy their first kiss. Doubly funny when their kiss is interrupted by the rest of the peerage, but also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment from Minato to Issei and Asia.
    • Minato explains his theory about how Social Links appear to work in DXD world and allowed Issei to proxy-summon the Persona Nidhogg. Cue Issei's less-than-ideal interpretation of it.
    Issei: So it's like having you inside me.
    Minato: [long beat] That is one way of putting it. [winces] …Don't tell Akeno you said that.
    Issei: Alright, Arisato-san, but I don't think Himejima-san is the type to get jealous just because I have you inside me.
    Minato: Please stop saying those words.
    Issei: [looking hurt] But Arisato-san, I like having you inside me.
  • Azazel trolled the Knight Templars by telling them to greet everyone they came across in a loud boisterous voice in Japan in Chapter 19. And then they start talking about utilizing the power of holy cats as weapons. Seriously at that.
    Azazel: You are, in essence, asking me if I can devise a weapon that can shoot cats.
    • And then Minato and his Persona get hit by a Gender Bender ray and switch genders. Even Thanatos, Metatron, and Belial. Issei and Uriel (or as she prefers to be known as, Uriella) love it.
    Metatron: [gestures her chest] Do you know how many of these... things... Belial has?
    Issei: Can I guess?
    Metatron: [glares] No you may not.
  • The following chapter, Issei and the guys all try to peek on the girls by feigning ignorance. Fem!Minato responds by emulating Mitsuru and executing them. Only he does so with Genderbent!Mara.Explanation 
    • Her peerage, Raynare, the Knights Templar and the Sword Brethren all decide to spy on Rias' shopping trip with Minato. Upon realizing that they were going to a love hotel, well... Hilarity Ensues, much to Kiba's chagrin
      Adelmar: [to exasperated Kiba] My boy, sometimes a man must simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the chaos for what it is.
      • The kicker? Rias knew they were watching and decided to troll them, leading to this exchange:
      Minato: You know, you can be quite evil sometimes.
      Rias: [smirking] Of course. I am, after all, a devil.
  • When Minato and Issei have their rematch, Minato expects his friend to go for something flashy and over the top. Instead, he kicks him hard in the shin. Minato angrily responds by Megido-ing Issei's shin and they both hop in pain. After they recover, Minato lays down the ground rules; nothing below the belt. Issei agrees... before kicking his other shin. And then Minato responds by doing it again.
    Koneko: Those two are idiots.


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