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As is the case will all pages detailing Moments of Awesome, Spoilers Off

Being a crossover between DxD and Persona 3, of course the fic will have this.

  • Any time a Persona is summoned to do battle.
  • The battle with Nyx. After some encouraging words from Belial and Metatron, Minato calls forth EVERY SINGLE ONE of his Personas to battle her.
  • The Siege of Kuoh Academy. The devils and their allies each get an individual scene of them defending the school, and doing a marvelous job of leveraging their advantages against the Fallen Angels.
  • Minato's reaction after Raynare's death. The spoiler below? That's his second reaction. His first? Megidolaon
    Minato: Thanatos. Give her back to me.
    • What happens after she gets brought back to life. She gets turned into the Archangel of Vengeance and gives us this gem:
      Raynare (Wielding Inaerion): Kokabiel, you have hurt me. Allow me to return the favor. And to do that, I'm going to ram this right up your ass.
  • Seven Archangels and Thanatos against around a hundred Fallen. It is glorious.
  • The Hero Faction suddenly shows up in Minato's house and try to gain Minato as a member to their team for the best of humanity, as they consider Devils, Fallen Angels, and even the Angels to be humanity's oppressors who discard their lives while giving them little value. He then logically tells them off by claiming humans are Not So Different as they have also fought against wars in their own, as well as discard their own people like trash, and that he has already seen a number of redeeming traits from a few people of all different sides.
    Minato: "They have shown me their courage, their honor, and their willingness to sacrifice for one another. What have you shown me, Cao Cao?"
  • From Chapter 15: Just as the peace talk is breaking down, Minato calmly walks into the room and take the unclaimed seat. This exchange happens:
    "You dare?" the man who had remained standing within the lowered platform spat those words out as though it were a curse, "You dare show your arrogance like this? What right do you have to claim that seat? What right do you have to imply you are superior to us all?"

    "What right," the priest received his answer from a mask of gleaming silver, "do you have to deny him?" metallic wings cut their way into existence and the stern unyielding frown curled into view, "What right do you have to challenge him?" Metatron folded his plated arms across his chest, "What right do you have to defy the one who commands beings from both Heaven and Hell?"

    "THE PROBLEM WITH MEN IN BIG FUNNY HATS," Belial chose to manifest in vaguely humanoid form for the simple fact that its demonic body could have never fit in the antechamber. Even so, the Archdemon's frame was still a monstrous block of blackened scale and crimson, smoldering skin. Spikes adorned its immense shoulders, jutting out like spines from a porcupine's back, "IS THAT UNDER THOSE BIG FUNNY HATS, THERE EXISTS NOTHING MORE THAN HOT AIR AND A LIFETIME SPENT DWELLING IN INADEQUACY."

    • Then when Azazel challenge Minato for a representative for the Fallen, well…
      "Greetings. I am Helel, the one they call the Morning Star," it smiled at the utter, utter silence its appearance caused, "Please do continue this line of conversation. It is always amusing to hear talk of status from those who possess so very little of it."
  • Minato's recount of sealing Erebus. It involved summoning all of his Personas that could ultimately stall for time for the seal to complete itself. All that remained were Thanatos, Metatron, and Belial against a horde of Shadows. But they won in preventing Erebus' escape, and the latter two decided if they would go down, it would be laughing and giving all they had against Erebus.
  • Between Chapters 17 and 18, Issei, in a desperate plea, borrows Minato's Persona Nidhogg to go against the DxDverse's Nidhogg himself, complete with a "The Reason You Suck" Speech. And it's not just a Mirror Match, the main cast decides to intervene once more with feeling.
    • Give the Paladin some credit. Missing an arm that has yet to regenerate he goes up to the dragon and breaks every tooth on one side of its face with a swipe of his mighty shock maul.
      Paladin: "Though verily I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for I wield a hammer full of fuck you."
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    • Issei shoves the broken blade of Ascalon straight into the evil Nidghogg's head.
    • Rias blows apart the other half of its face.
    • Zeruel literally makes Nidhogg impale himself on Bellum to slice open his entire body.
  • Chapter 16's ending. What Minato says while facing off against the Hero faction leaders and their army... alone and tired after summoning a Demon, seraph, and Lord of Hell.
    "Come then, and try to kill me."
    • And then, because of his nigh-immortality, despite having hundreds of blades slashing him, his skin burned and sliced all over, and Cao Cao stabbing Longinus through his heart, Minato DOES NOT DIE. All the while, he takes down hundreds of Mooks by himself and even basically the entire Hero Faction by summoning the most fitting personae (Guan Yu for Siegfried, Jeanne for present Jeanne, Achilles for Hercules, and Mordred for Arthur and his sister) while slowly eviscerating all of Cao Cao's bullcrap. It ends with a hilarious, awesome and almost LITERAL Armor-Piercing Response from Minato's Persona.
      Cao Cao: Look who you choose to associate with! I have the descendants of humanity's greatest heroes at my back! That alone leads credence to my beliefs! Where are your heroes? Where are the champions of your cause?
      Achilles: Here I am. I do hope I fit the definition of a hero.
      Other Persona dynamically enter.
    • And then of course, there's Cao Cao's hilarious reaction to Issei summoning Nidhogg. Minato begins Laughing Mad and all of the other Persona jeer Cao Cao. Mordred sums it up best.
      Yes. You are, indeed, fucked.
  • In Chapter 21, Minato's challenge to Sairaorg's and Rias' peerages. The former features Personas of legendary heroes and warriors—among them King Arthur, Joan of Arc, Guan Yu, and Achilles—as befits Sairaorg's reputation as the strongest devil of his generation. Against Rias though? The Personas of SEES. Best of all: Rias leads her peerage to victory, the strength of their bonds and teamwork overcoming Minato's might. And to cap it all off? The chapter closes on one final showdown: Rias and co. against Orpheus Telos.
    • Penthesilea's battle with Rias and Akeno is awesome on its part. No matter how much Rias and Akeno batter her, she refuses to stay down, and since Penthesilea is a representation of Minato's bond with Mitsuru, it says something about how powerful their connection still is. Penthesilea only deigns to fade away after Minato assures her that he's finally ready to forge new bonds with people, instead of clinging to his past. Rias and Akeno don't "beat" Mitsuru's memory, Minato learns to let her go and move on.
  • In Chapter 22 we finally see the Ultimate Persona in action and it doesn't disappoint. Until Issei Boost Rias' power multiple times they can't even touch him. Even after that and they're actually able to land some hits it almost literally means nothing because Minato is actively holding back so he doesn't win too fast. By the end of it everyone except Minato is either knocked out or to tired to get up. And while Minato used a bunch of defensive spells including the null/reflect abilities. Not once did he go above the medium tier abilities.


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