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  • Roughly half of the scenes with the Yarders - they really have a thing for witty banter...
  • The narrative looking through Lestrade's point-of-view tends to be very dry.
    • Especially when he's trying to go to sleep and his wife is keeping him awake...
      • It was nearly midnight, and Geoffrey Lestrade had only just gotten into bed at last, with every intention of dropping off to sleep immediately. Alas, life rarely went the way he intended.
      • To borrow an expression from his wife — oy vey.
      • Geoffrey started counting in his head. If he got up to one hundred, he was in trouble.
      • Equally Celt, equally Jew — ever an interesting combination.
  • Wiggins has really grown up to be quite the snarker.
    • "Smith, Culverton. Quit University of London, etcetera, etcetera, monographs on Asiatic diseases — cor blimey, sounds like you — amateur student — of course — further etcetera…"
    • "That's a question as loaded as Dr. Watson's service revolver, Inspector."
  • The conversations between Holmes and Watson tend to be combination of funny and heartwarming...
    • This:
    Holmes: "Watson, let no one say you do not possess a streak of deviousness in you. Tempting me with my favourite restaurant is most unfair."
    Watson: (smirks) "'All's fair in love and war,' old man."
    • This:
    Holmes: "Even I cannot always predict myself."
    Watson: (groans) "You truly are incorrigible, Holmes, do you know that?"
    Holmes: "I've heard it said many times. Half from you, in fact."
    Watson: "And the other half?"
    Holmes: "From Mycroft."
    • And last but not least:
    Watson: "Well, I rather think you'd be proud of me, old man — I made quite the actor."
    Holmes: "What? My… good man… acting…"
    Watson: "I know, I know: prevarication finds no place in my many talents." (wicked grin) "I beg to differ, O Brilliant Detective — I managed to work my way into Moriarty's own organisation."
  • Getting back to Lestrade, this little quote is in the middle of a serious conversation: "As Sherlock Holmes could tell you, I have a hard enough time keeping up with amateur geniuses, let alone thinking like a criminal mastermind."
  • Not to mention when Lestrade doesn't recognize Watson in disguise... When Dr. Watson showed up at New Scotland Yard in his disguise, Lestrade was prepared to commit the man to St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
  • Mary gets a funny Pintsized Powerhouse moment when her husband tells her Holmes has been rescued - even Watson ends up chuckling.
    Mary: "John Hamish Watson! You did not think to send me word?"
    Watson: (winces) "I did not want you to come to Baker Street just yet — it's been too dangerous."
    Mary: (raised eyebrow) "John, in the event that you have somehow forgotten, I am now quite capable of defending myself. You made certain of that, and I believe I proved myself last Christmas."
  • In the aftermath of an arson scare, Watson comments, "Wiggins is not going to be happy at a second assassin getting past his defences."


  • Further snark from the Yarders... heck, just call it an Organization of Snark.
  • Watson can be pretty dry, himself.
    Lestrade: "Devil of a bedside manner, there, Doctor."
    Watson: "A decade with the world's worst patient corrupted it. Now lie down!"
  • And the wives of the good inspectors!
    • First:
    Annie Lestrade: "And they say that Christmas is a time of peace on earth."
    Lisbeth Gregson: (grins) "It is, and you sound like my Tobias."
    • A couple of minutes later:
    Ellie Bradstreet: "I plead that living with a giant for a husband has skewed my view."
    Annie: "Skewed your view…"
    Ellie: "That's what I said."
    Annie: "That was… strangely poetic, Ellie."
    Ellie: "Heaven help us. Annie, do not use that in one of your poems."



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