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Numerous fan nicknames have been made by the Epic Seven community to help in distinguishing certain characters, items and combinations:

Game title nicknames

  • The game itself has been called "Anime Summoners War" or "Summoners War 2.0" because many of those who played Summoners War: Sky Arena saw a lot of similar contents and gameplay mechanics that Epic Seven seem to have copied from SW, but improving on some features and having an anime artstyle.
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  • The game is also called "Wyvern Simulator" because of the Complacent Gaming Syndrome effect wherein players (especially newcomers) are mostly just farming the Wyvern Hunts for Speed, Hit and Critical gear sets above all else.
  • For those who just hate the mechanic where gears could end up unsatisfactory due to the amounts of RNG involved in their stats, they call this game "RNG Seven".

Gameplay/Playstyle/Abilities/Meta-related nicknames

  • Because of the shape of its green icon, the Earth element gets jokingly called the "Broccoli" element.
  • Character skills are noted using digits, as in "S1", "S2", and "S3" depending on their order. Since the third skill is also the character's Limit Break, it is also called "Ultimate" or simply, "Ult".
  • "Tamaseria" - For the Tamarinne + Iseria combo. A Portmanteau of a rather Game-Breaker duo since you can have the former's team-wide buffs as early as turn one thanks to the latter's full Cooldown Reset mechanic.
  • Characters would often be categorized with unique fan terms other than the simple gamplay roles of tank, DPS, supports and healers to help in distinguishing their unique playstyles, namely:
    • "Cleavers" for those who rely on Area of Effect attacks that can clear waves in the fastest way possible. Most probably coined after Vildred being a common reroll target for beginners and him wielding a katana.
    • "Dog Walkers" for Cleavers who can carry the entire four-slot team on their own, with the other three party slots being the Phantasmas or fodder units that you want to be Level Grinding. The aforementioned Vildred gets commoly labeled as one since his 3 skills are all AoE attacks, make him your strongest DPS and he can farm the stage for your other 3 fodders by himself.
    • "Strippers" for those who strip off or dispel the opponents' buffs.
    • "Bruisers" in short for the Lightning Bruiser archetype of Heroes, those who have decent survivability, self-healing/defense or tanky stats while still capable of dealing satisfactory amounts of damage to their opponent. They are also interchangeably mentioned when players discuss "baiting" or "turtling" strategies as explained below.
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    • "Baits" for PVP units whose roles are to take advantage of the Artificial Stupidity that comes when the AI takes over the opponent team (Because the AI-controlled party prioritizes the Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors mechanics over the rest). For example - You don't want Tamarinne to die? Bring in a Fire-elemental unit with a preferable Counter Set like Ken so that the enemy AI's water unit will be fooled (for most of the time) to choose targeting between two Fire Units instead of just focusing on one. Likewise, the "bait" is usually the most durable unit in the team, with a Counter/Lifesteal set so that they can retaliate hard or survive longer respectively.
    • As a way to counter the Speed/Crit Set Metagame that a lot of players use, especially in PvP, there is a strategy called "Turtling" that involves increasing and/or prioritizing your party's overall health, defense, healing, and effect resistance for the sake of survivability and for shrugging off damage, even if one has to trade off Speed to achieve this. Sure enough, while the player may be relying on the long, patient game, it usually works, especially if the opponent team just relied on Speed and DPS and nothing else. It's a strategy of making your team full of Mighty Glaciers and Stone Walls if the opponent team is full of Glass Cannons.
    • "Control" - Refers to characters that utilize annoying debuffs like silence, buff block, unhealable, restrict, and decrease speed, hit chance, or attack to weaken or disable the opponent or prevent them from getting a turn (i.e. stuns and sleeps). Dizzy is infamous for this, as her ultimate inflicts a variety of debuffs to weaken the opponent as well as her standard that has a small chance to stun the opponent. Similarly, Mui and Benevolent Romann have similar tools to disable the opponent. Many of them are built with high speed and effectiveness for greater success in landing the debuffs.
  • World Arena is simply called "Real-Time Arena" or "RTA" when players point out its mechanics.
  • There are some gameplay terms and content that were converted into acronyms:
    • AT / ToA - Automaton Tower
    • EE - Exclusive Equipment
  • For those who focus on the PVP aspect of this game, it is common to call a newly-released Hero as a counter to existing overpowered units in PVP content. Mostly, fans give these nicknames as soon as the new character gets announced on a livestream, simply by looking on the Hero's skillset and utility. Some livestreams even directly demonstrate how the new Hero counters an older Hero in PVP.
    • "Arbiter Vildred Counter" / "Arby Counter" / Revive Counter - Lilibet, Specimen Sez, Sigret, Blood Moon Haste, Sinful Angelica, Top Model Luluca.
    • "Dizzy Counter" - Ray, Champion Zerato
    • "Basar Counter" - Lilias, Holiday Yufine, Ambitious Tywin
    • "Seaside Bellona Counter" / "SSB Counter" - Pavel, Roana
    • "Martial Artist Ken Counter" - Little Queen Charlotte
    • "Counterattack Counter" - Roana
    • "Debuff Counter" - Champion Zerato
    • "Immunity Counter" - Basar
    • "Tamaseria Combo Counter" / "Iseria Counter" - Sol
    • "CR Cleave Counter" - Elena, Celine
  • Some character builds also get nicknames
    • "Masochist Destina Build" - Building a Counterattack set for Destina, to capitalize on the heal of her first skill, healing her allies whenever she takes damage and counter-attacks. The Water's Origin artifact is also used to better ensure her survival.
    • "Tank healer" - Soul Weavers that are built with a lot of HP (generally either with full HP set or HP/speed sets) because their healing scales out of their own HP. Since their HP pool will be very high, this makes them viable as a frontline tank over knights. Across from the aforementioned Destina; Angelica, Achates, and Roana are popular choices for this role, as their healing scales out of their own HP.
  • Because of their dragon nature and animations, certain scream attacks by Yufine and Alencia are called "Fus Ro Dah!"
  • "Horse" - Krau's ultimate move where he summons the horse-like guardian Ziegfried. It's also called "Horsing" by some players, in other words, "Horsing the enemy".

Hero/Playable Character/Enemy nicknames

  • Fire, Earth and Ice Heroes are collectively called "RGB units" because of the red, green and blue colors of their respective icons.
  • There's a "NatX" notation for referring to the initial star rarity of Heroes in general, especially since this game's Promotion mechanic can increase anyone's stars and level cap. It is a shorthand for the word "Natural". For example, Heroes who started as 3★ are called Nat3, those who started as 4★ are called Nat4, etc...
  • Light and Dark heroes are often just called "Moonlight Heroes" or "ML Heroes". In certain cases, it goes along with prefixing "ML" to the original's name to denote their Alternate Self counterpart, like "ML Tenebria" for Specter Tenebria. Others are more of a shorthand way to refer to the Light and Dark units, mostly by making an acronym out of the first word:
    • "A. Cidd", "A. Cartuja", "A. Coli" for the Assassin units of Cidd, Cartuja and Coli.
    • "S. Rose" for Shadow Rose, "C. Armin" for Crimson Armin, "C. Dom" for Challenger Dominiel, "S. Tenebria" for Specter Tenebria, "W. Silk" for Wanderer Silk, "F. Maya" for Fighter Maya, "F. Ceci" for Fallen Cecilia, "DJ Basar" for Desert Jewel Basar, etc...
  • Like Moonlight Heroes, Specialty Changed Heroes are mostly just referred to by making an acronym out of their first name, such as "F. Kluri" (Falconer Kluri), "C. Lorina" (Commander Lorina), "M. Hazel" (Mascot Hazel), etc...
  • Portmanteau naming is also common for Moonlight Heroes and themed versions:
    • "Asscart" - Assassin Cartuja
    • "Stene" - Specter Tenebria
    • "Spez" - Specimen Sez
    • "Bingo" - Blaze Dingo
    • "Cerato" - Champion Zerato
    • "Singelica" - Sinful Angelica
    • "Bromann" - Benevolent Romann
    • "Riolet" - Remnant Violet
    • "Hyufine" - Holiday Yufine
    • "Biseria" - Briar Witch Iseria
    • "Jise" - Judge Kise
  • "Chocolate Silk" for Wanderer Silk, since she is an Alternate Self of Silk but now a Dark-Skinned Blonde. Others would go on to replace a single letter to give her the fan nickname of "Chocolate Milk" instead.
  • "Ass Coli" for Assassin Coli.
  • For players who don't prefer the "Biseria" portmanteau nickname for Briar Witch Iseria, they alternatively call her "Wiseria" or "Miseria".
  • Charles would often be called "Mr. Pringles" thanks to his cool mustache looking like the potato snack brand's mascot.
  • Khawazu gets the humorous connection, smile, and a suspiciously-similar overall appearance to a certain shirtless macho who also wears a red bandanna. Therefore, fans call him "Ricardo Milos".
  • Well of course, since Epic Seven has some Friendly Fandoms who also play other gacha games or watch some anime, there tends to be unique nicknames that such shared playerbases come up with regarding characters who look like a lot from a character of the other titles. However, these names are quite niche since they are limited to those who play E7 with the other media, or are aware of the similarities:
    • "Red Charlotta" for Charlotte - Similar-sounding names aside (which appear to be the most obvious hint), Epic Seven's Charlotte looks like a red-themed Palette Swap or expy of Granblue Fantasy's Charlotta (who is commonly depicted in blue). Both are also short, stout blonde knight girls who wield a giant BFS (Charlotte has 2 swords, Charlotta has a sword-and-shield combo), both have quite towering crowns and are commonly shown having child-like facial expressions.
      • On the matter of Charlotte, she is sometimes called "Pearl" as well due to both the Hero and the cephalopod being short, stocky young women with a small crown and disproportionally large forehead. Since this game in itself is often compared to Fate/Grand Order, she also gets the moniker of "Pearl Alter" piggybacking off the previous one. The Pearl comparisons only came faster and harder after Little Queen Charlotte was revealed.
    • "White Shuten-doji" for Yufine since the two share a similar anime depiction of a horned humanoid with a large weapon that is sometimes rested on their shoulders. It's just that Yufine has a white hair compared to Shuten-doji's black.
    • "Remia" for Specter Tenebria since she visually looks like an expy of Remia from Isekai Cheat Magician.
    • "Goblin Slayer" for Taranor Royal Guard. Even though the similarities are bit of a stretch (Both are nameless, fully armored, and use basic swords and shields), E7 fans stick to this nickname because there are also goblins and priestesses in Orbis. It's also joked that E7 doesn't need a Goblin Slayer crossover because there is already a resident "Goblin Slayer" here who can also kill Wyverns.
  • The Phantasmas are just easily called "Doggos" since they look like fantasy dogs with spiked fur. Sometimes, their variants are called using colors:
    • "White Doggos" - Mega Phantasmas
    • "Gold Doggos"/"Yellow Doggos" - Giga Phantasmas
    • "Black Doggos" - Tera Phantasmas
  • Lilibet upon release, had become a constant source of punny names and joke Portmanteaus such as "Lolibet", "Lil' butt", "Lolibutt", "Lilibutt". "Lolibet" amongst many other memes-turned-nicknames.
  • Adlay gets called "Chadlay" because he was able to spend some time with Tenebria of all people, during the "Chaotic Moon Festival" event.
  • Montmorancy's long first name gets shorted to "Momo".
  • Arbiter Vildred has the nickname of "Arby".
  • Fans of Gunther call him by an Affectionate Nickname of "Gunny".
  • Fans of Tenebria like to give her the Affectionate Nickname of "Tenebae", or "Tummybae" if they focus on her exposed belly.
  • "Axe God" - Chaos Sect Axe, the Specialty Change version of Church of Ilryos Axe. Named so because in his Specialty Change story, his path to become Chaos Sect Axe began after he received encouraging words from the God of Chaos.
  • Then there are characters that are simply given shorthand nicknames:
    • "Ange" - Angelica
    • "Baal" - Baal and Sezan
    • "Ara" - Aramintha
  • Characters may be labeled using acronyms, especially the alternate versions with long written-out names:
    • "BBK" - Blood Blade Karin
    • "SSB" - Seaside Bellona
    • "SSA" - Shooting Star Achates
    • "FCC" - Fallen Cecilia
    • "HY" - Holiday Yufine
  • Just on his release date, Remnant Violet already has a lot of fan nicknames based on his Darker and Edgier appearance alone, such as "Levi", "Sasuke", or "Arbiter Violet".
  • Characters are also called by their familial relationships with others, such as "Aunt" for both Alencia and Celine.
  • Baiken is sometimes referred as "one-shot Banshee killer" because her kit is incredibly good at one-shot Banshee hunt setups due to her extra turn with Tsurane Sanzu-watashi into her third skill, Garyo Tensei. note 
  • "Adds" for the additional enemies that accompany bosses in a stage.
  • "Gundam Lady" for Landy, since the Humongous Mecha she summons as part of her S3 rather resembles one, and she's also a Super-Powered Robot Policewoman.
  • Faithless Lidica's Victorious Knight outfit is called "Jeanne d'Arc" because she carries a flag to go along with her Battle Ballgown, making her similar to some pre-existing depictions of Jeanne d'Arc in anime-styled media, such as the Fate Series or Granblue Fantasy.
    • It's also called "Pantless Lidica" by players who mention how there's an opening/transparency on her armored skirt/faulds, showing that she wears a leotard.
  • Bomb Model Kanna goes by some variants of "Bazelgeuse/Robo-Bazelgeuse" or "The B-52" due to being a Mad Bomber Automatic Doll that carpet-bombs the battlefield in the animation for her third skill.

Item nicknames

  • Like other gacha fandoms, "Apologems" are premium/gacha currencies given out as a form of apology whenever a server maintenance gets extended from the initial schedule.
  • The game may classify all weapons, helmets, armors, necklaces, rings and boots as "Equipment", but players call them "Gear", similar to MMO fandoms.
  • "DPS Gear" - Equipment whose stats are a combination of the following damage-focused parameters: Attack, Speed, Critical Hit Chance, and Critical Hit Damage. Basically, it's equipment that helps the player in Min-Maxing offensive stats.
  • MolaGoras are sometimes called "Ginseng" since they look like one. However, most just shorten them to "Molas" instead.
  • Even the Artifacts also have shorthands or nicknames:
    • "R&L" - Rhianna and Luciella
    • "DDJ" - Daydream Joker
    • "MLDB" - Moonlight Dreamblade
    • "Tonfa" - Exorcist's Tonfa
    • "Portrait" - Portrait of the Saviors
    • "Rosa" - Rosa Hargana
    • "Elbris" - Elbris Ritual Sword
    • "1-Up"/"Angel Idol Statue" - Holy Sacrifice
    • "Drink" - Reingar's Special Drink


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