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Kayron will return in a future Episode as the Big Bad.

Tenebria (and possibly Nilgal) will form an Enemy Mine with the heroes out of fear that Kayron intends to destroy the world and take her life away for good along with it.
  • Tenebria originally was all for the Archdemon wiping out the planet because it meant the suffering of mortals, much to her enjoyment. However, Yuna previously called her out on destroying the planet because it would mean the end of her own life as well, and thusly she would never be able to enjoy any of her pleasures again, which seemingly stopped her up short. Perhaps if this fear is hammered into her (and Nilgal), she may begin to change her mind about the world. It doesn't hurt that she went through some major Character Development during her time with Adlay at the Moon Festival, learning to love and enjoy aspects of human culture and not even killing or hurting anyone for once. Perhaps there is a chance for her to be something better than what she is now. If it's any indication, the Moon Festival certainly showed her to be less than pure evil.
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  • Nilgal also seems to enjoy his Resurrective Immortality. Wouldn't this cause a problem for him if Kayron made it clear that he intends to destroy these privileges along with the rest of the world?

Tenebria will, VERY slowly but surely, pull a Heel–Face Turn

Ilryos will be a future Big Bad.

The True Final Boss of Episode 2 (or possibly the entire series if he is not destroyed by the end of Ep 2) will be Faustus himself
  • As the one pulling Straze's strings, Faustus's Eye is no ordinary sword, desiring the destruction of all life in existence and speaking of the gods as though they are lower than itself. This also works with the below WMG...

Faustus is not a sword but an entity that uses the sword to see

Someday, Mercedes will need the power of the Archdemon once again and will reawaken her One-Winged Angel form, Archdemon Mercedes...
  • Only this time she will be in control of it. In addition, Archdemon Mercedes will become available as a Specialty Change - the most powerful one of them all, and will only be available for Meru once she reaches LVL 60 rather than LVL 50, along with completing a very long list of missions. Her final trial will pit her against her best friends and the celestial spirit lords in order to prove to them that she can control and master this power.

As Ras was the one to finish off Archdemon Mercedes in the final cutscene of Episode 1, Luluca will be the one to finish off Straze in the final cutscene of Episode 2.
  • Fully animated, along with her team of heroes backing her up from behind or from the sides.

Ras and Mercedes are in love and will become an Official Couple.

Luluca and Violet are in love and will become an Official Couple.

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