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     Episode 1. The Heir of the Covenant 
  • Ruele summoning the massive Guardian Zeaon to battle back the forces of the Archdemon in the sixth world.
  • Yuna finally standing up to her opposition and accepting the role of Student Council President, gaining the assistance of a proud Kazran.
  • Specter Tenebria using her ultimate ability, the Moon of Nightmare, and dropping it on the entire area before Kazran steps in for Yuna and reverses the flow of time, negating her best move entirely.
  • Ras is getting absolutely crushed by Arbiter Vildred, and then Meru leaps into battle and saves his life.
  • Acolyte Kayron blocks Ras's progress towards Mercedes, but then he finds himself surrounded by Krau, Yuna, Iseria and Ludwig - and somehow he still comes out of it unscathed by the end of the Archdemon War!
  • The grand entrance of Archdemon Mercedes is as terrifying as it is breathtaking. Meru, now with a pair of red eyes, impales Arbiter Vildred from behind and absorbs the remaining Archdemon's Might into herself before erupting with demonic energy into a new One-Winged Angel form.
    Archdemon Mercedes: Kal... Destroy everything.
  • How does Ras finish her off? With a sword strike so powerful, she goes flying through the glass window and plummets hundreds of feet down, taking Angrahf's spirit with her.
    • Even better, Ras finds out there's a chance to save Mercedes's soul and restore her to normal, without Angrahf.

     Episode 2. Godkiller 
  • Even without the power of the goddess, becoming more and more human, Ras does not seem to be any less powerful or capable than before.
  • The heroes fight a massive dragon summoned by Sage Rango, and manage to banish him back to the dimension he was imprisoned in before.
  • The dragon gets several moments of awesome in that he mercilessly slaughters Rango for trying to control him, takes on multiple heroes at once, and is only defeated because he was nowhere near his full power. The heroes weren't even able to kill him, simply banish him back once again.

     Side Stories 
  • The evil Zeno is powerful enough to KO Ras in a single blow, before challenging Notos, the God of Battle, as the former is still sore about losing a prior tournament. Notos ends up pulling No-Sell after No-Sell to all of Zeno's incredible attacks (and a giant monster minion) before grabbing Zeno's head and splattering it everywhere. While this may not be the end of Zeno, it was certainly a massive humiliation for him at the hands of Notos, and this in his very first cutscene!

Reingar's Chaotic Moon Festival

  • Adlay of all people accidentally summons Tenebria without realizing who she is. While she seems intent upon wrecking the city of Reingar, Adlay leads her around the festival and shows her how to have a good time and enjoy life without committing murder and destroying everything in sight, culminating in a fireworks display that shocks and stuns Tenebria into having actual Character Development. She admits that she underestimated how much she had in common with a human such as Adlay, saying that she loves the fireworks and genuinely had fun. She offers Adlay a genuinely positive and happy dream (although he just says he's happy that she's happy) and - get this - leaves without hurting a soul. Kazran informs Adlay that he inadvertently and single-handedly just saved the entire city of Reingar.
  • This is highly significant in that even beings born from evil such as Tenebria can learn how to be better and go against their base instincts, impulses, and urges to cause destruction and murder For the Evulz.

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