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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

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Main Story

     Episode 1: The Heir of the Covenant 
  • Ruele summoning the massive Guardian Zeaon to battle back the forces of the Archdemon in the sixth world. Zeaon floods the battlefield with giant laser after giant laser, wiping out multiple demons, while Krom Cruaz soars in on Judge Kise’s command and adds his own power to the mix.
  • Anghraf himself emerges in a terrifying manner, revealing himself to have an utterly horrific appearance, and the Guardians and their Heirs all go to town on him, ending with Ras’s blade piercing him and vaporizing him using the might of the heroes’ combined attacks. Then he reforms, far bigger and stronger than before...
  • Yuna finally standing up to her opposition and accepting the role of Student Council President, gaining the assistance of a proud Kazran.
  • Specter Tenebria using her ultimate ability, the Moon of Nightmare, and dropping it on the entire area before Kazran steps in for Yuna and reverses the flow of time, negating her best move entirely.
  • Ras, Meru, Arky and Iseria teaming up against the poisonous Acolyte Nilgal and surviving his Taking You with Me explosion.
  • Ras is getting absolutely crushed by Arbiter Vildred, and then Meru leaps into battle and saves his life, zapping Vildred and firing off bolt after bolt of lightning.
  • Acolyte Kayron blocks Ras's progress towards Mercedes, but then he finds himself surrounded by Krau, Yuna, Iseria and Ludwig - and somehow he still comes out of it unscathed by the end of the Archdemon War!
  • Ras has one more showdown with Arbiter Vildred. Having regained his true power, Ras manages to take him down for good, this being after Vildred has absorbed two of the Archdemon’s Might. Ras even comes close to persuading Vildred to come to his senses... and then a corrupted Mercedes nails the Arbiter with a devastating strike from offscreen.
  • The grand entrance of Archdemon Mercedes is as terrifying as it is breathtaking. Meru, now with a pair of red eyes, impales Arbiter Vildred from behind and absorbs the remaining Archdemon's Might into herself before erupting with demonic energy into a new One-Winged Angel form.
    Archdemon Mercedes: Kal... Destroy everything.
  • How does Ras finish her off? With a sword strike so powerful, she goes flying through the glass window and plummets hundreds of feet down, taking Anghraf’s spirit with her.
    • Even better, Ras finds out there's a chance to save Mercedes's soul and restore her to normal, without Anghraf’s corruption.

     Episode 2: Godkiller 
  • Even without the power of the goddess, becoming more and more human, Ras does not seem to be any less powerful or capable than before.
  • The heroes fight a massive dragon named Ranok the Walker summoned by Sage Rango, and manage to banish him back to the dimension he was imprisoned in before.
  • The dragon gets several moments of awesome in that he mercilessly slaughters Rango for trying to control him, takes on multiple heroes at once, and is only defeated because he was nowhere near his full power. The heroes weren't even able to kill him, simply banish him back once again.
  • The heroes’ first encounter with Straze. The man’s power is so utterly astonishing that he ends up blowing most of the main characters away while still massively holding back. He then impales the former Heir of the Covenant and brings him closer to the brink of final death than ever before with a single stab wound - this being while Ras unknowingly had protection from Kawerik!
  • Ras and Meru battling a second dragon by the name of Sentinel Zoranox. The music video “Promise” shows this battle in incredible detail, especially the scene where Meru keeps pace with Zoranox while they’re rocketing through the air before Meru rears back and blasts Zoranox with everything she’s got, all set to an amazing song.
  • Lilias, after betraying her fellow City Lords (as well as Ras, Arky, Violet, Cerise, and Pavel), teams up with Straze, Kawerik, and Lilibet, and they have the heroes on the ropes. But Violet isn't one to go down so easily, and he sends an emergency request for aid. Cut to Charles and Iseria leading a fleet of ships racing to Perland, stacked with some of the finest Ritanian manpower (that is, Ezera, Taranor, and Reingar) he could gather:
    Charles: "From this point onward, at the request of Sir Violet Harrison, the Ritanian Allied Forces... Declare war on Straze and the Kingdom of Perland. Soldiers, prepare for battle!"
  • In Chapter 9, the Flame Heart Chief shields Khawana from Lilias's attack and gets stabbed in her place. He urges the others to save themselves, declaring his faith in Khawazu's ability to lead and promising that he'll buy them time to run... while Lilias is twisting her blade inside his body!
  • Lilias’ schemes finally come to an end at the Temple, where not only do Violet and Pavel shoot down her speech with a Shut Up, Hannibal!, they end up absolutely whaling on her before Pavel coolly shoots her twice - over a cliff.
  • Ras, Mercedes and Arkasus working together and holding off a fully-powered Straze in time for Luluca, Violet and Pavel to arrive. Luluca proceeds to show her newfound strength and lead the heroes in unleashing the biggest beatdown Straze has ever received in his life, ending with Luluca skewering him through the heart. After this, Straze demonstrates how much of a Graceful Loser he is, crowning Luluca as a new Godkiller.
  • Fastus activates his trump card immediately after, unleashing his power from within the portal and sucking the main protagonists into his Distorted Dimension, where the heroes are given the Curb-Stomp Battle of their lives by Fastus himself (in an incomplete form, no less) and are separated and left to face illusions of themselves.
    • Mercedes notes that she was actually able to damage him before his Healing Factor kicked in.
  • Mercedes has an incredible standout moment in that she is the last hero to face an illusion created by Fastus and the only one to face an altered form of herself - Archdemon Mercedes. Empowered by the strength she needs to protect her loved ones, she ignores her evil self’s temptations of even greater power and proves her wrong by destroying her enemy in only her base form, showing just how powerful she’s become over time. She’s come such a long way from the beginning of Episode 1 when she considered herself “weak”.
  • The final stand-off. Luluca, Violet, Pavel, Arkasus, Mercedes and Ras (on the cusp of becoming Adventurer Ras) against Incomplete Fastus. While the other five go to town on Fastus with everything they have, Ras completes his Adventurer upgrade thanks to the combined powers of Diche, Ilryos, and Notos, nailing Fastus with a strike that shatters his physical vessel.
  • Far away in another world, Roana comments in stunned happiness that her best friend Luluca actually did it... she saved the entire universe (with help).

     Episode 3: Hymn of a Wailing Tundra 
  • Landy while having her body hijacked unwittingly demonstrates in an Offscreen Moment of Awesome that she has an arsenal powerful enough to render Meru unconscious for several hours, along with Chou.
    • Meru wakes up after Chou does, indicating that she did everything she could to protect her and take as much fire as possible while not wanting to harm Landy.
  • Mercedes is simply full of awesome moments this episode. One of her crowning moments is her nailing an enraged Luna with her signature third skill, the Blazing Eye of Kal. The attack scores Meru an incredibly satisfying KO on the bloodthirsty half-dragon, giving us all a firm reminder on why Mercedes is easily the most powerful homunculus of them all.
  • Queen Ilynav launching herself at a massive dragon at the heart of the battle, not to mention the stunningly gorgeous animation.
  • Adventurer Ras demonstrating his new powers granted to him by the combined efforts of three deities by summoning an entire wall of magical vines to stop a battle between two armies from breaking out.
  • Mortelix, the Great One, the most powerful dragon of them all. A horrifically strong foe who seeks a Worthy Opponent above all else, he is more than Strong and Skilled enough to dance in circles around Adventurer Ras.

Side Stories

  • The evil Zeno is powerful enough to KO Ras in a single blow, before challenging Notos, the God of Battle, as the former is still sore about losing a prior tournament. Notos ends up pulling No-Sell after No-Sell to all of Zeno's incredible attacks (and a giant monster minion) before grabbing Zeno's head and splattering it everywhere. While this may not be the end of Zeno, it was certainly a massive humiliation for him at the hands of Notos, and this in his very first cutscene!

     Reingar's Chaotic Moon Festival 
  • Adlay of all people accidentally summons Tenebria without realizing who she is. While she seems intent upon wrecking the city of Reingar, Adlay leads her around the festival and shows her how to have a good time and enjoy life without committing murder and destroying everything in sight, culminating in a fireworks display that shocks and stuns Tenebria into having actual Character Development. She admits that she underestimated how much she had in common with a human such as Adlay, saying that she loves the fireworks and genuinely had fun. She offers Adlay a genuinely positive and happy dream (although he just says he's happy that she's happy) and - get this - leaves without hurting a soul. Kazran informs Adlay that he inadvertently and single-handedly just saved the entire city of Reingar.
  • This is highly significant in that even beings born from evil such as Tenebria can learn how to be better and go against their base instincts, impulses, and urges to cause destruction and murder For the Evulz.


    Skill Animations 
If the game boasts its animation in its tagline, as well as having entries under Awesome Art and Visual Effects of Awesome combined, why not talk about them here, especially the full-screen animations of the characters' third skills?
  • Yuna summons a giant laser from orbit to blast her opponent.
  • Luluca's "Wave of Vengeance" - It's as beautiful as how she weaponizes water to pulverizes her enemies. But the build-up of it beforehand shows her in a calm, meditative-like state... and right when she opens her eyes and smiles, the wave comes crashing down.
  • Luna throws her spear down after flying so high. The result? Her spear breaks the ground so much after the impact.
  • Charles's ultimate skill starts off dramatic as he closes his eyes and images of fellow Ritanians appear beside him. Then when he opens his eyes for a serious glare, he lets out a slash that splits the ground apart, causing a rift.
  • Commander Lorina thrusts her halberd forward at such a force that it creates a purple piercing wave that's even larger than her.
  • Tenebria's Moon of Nightmare is beautifuly-animated as well - The ground gets replaced with water, and the reflection of the red moon is shown below along the real one, creating an illusion of two moons colliding.
  • Kise's Nocturne ends with her striking a pose with her scythe as the bright-moon shines behind her. It closely resembles a scene of Ruby Rose from RWBY.
  • Sinful Angelica slams her staff on the ground and warps the very area around her into a zone of hatred. It manifests itself in the form of bright purple backgrounds and ominous 3D-looking hands reaching up from the ground.
  • It's also interesting how they managed to integrate the Instant Kills of some crossover characters from Guilty Gear Xrd. Even if the animations are mostly sped-up or cropped to fit in this game, it still deserves notice on how they are able to recreate almost a one-to-one replica of the animations from the Fighting Game, especially when you consider that this game and Xrd run on different engines.
  • Seaside Bellona relaxes at the ocean, then she summons a huge one-eyed, whale-like creature that crashes down at her opponents.


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