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Nightmare Fuel / Epic Seven

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This is the creature that came close to destroying the world once and for all.

  • Anghraf, the legendary Archdemon, pictured right. He's about the most terrifying Kaiju ever conceived in the history of man. A horrifying Eldritch Abomination created by the god Ilryos in an attempt to get the goddess Diche to forget about Orbis, return to the divine war and leave all mortals she raised to be slaughtered mercilessly.
  • At the end of the cutscene after the opening level (the final battle in the sixth world), Anghraf straight-up beheads Ras. There's a Gory Discretion Shot as we only see a blink-and-you'll-miss-it shot of Ras's headless corpse falling to the ground (everything is from the point of view of his head), blood spurting out from his neck. Thank the goddess that death is not permanent for him.
    • Fridge Horror in that the seventh world is his last chance, the entire world's last chance. If he dies here...
  • Anghraf inflicts his power of Nightmare Fuel on Mercedes as well when he possesses her. After Ras defeats Arbiter Vildred, Mercedes (with red eyes) impales Vildred from behind and effortlessly slaughters him, leaving a blinding X shape in his back, taking back the Archdemon's Might and erupting into a One-Winged Angel form that makes her look like a female Satan exploding out of hell.
    • The music in that scene is positively bone-chilling as a blank-eyed Mercedes slowly approaches her prey. Not to mention that Arbiter Vildred is a being on the level of the Acolytes, who are second only to Anghraf himself (and now Mercedes). Yet, Mercedes, gorgeous, sweet, kind, adorable, beloved Meru, blasts him through the back and takes his life away for good in a single shot.
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    • Anghraf speaks for the first time in this scene, ordering Mercedes to wipe out the enemies before her and purge every trace of the goddess from the world. She agrees, smiling calmly and announcing that it's all for Ilryos.
  • Sure, by the end of the epilogue, Anghraf is gone for good and Diche has left Orbis in the care of her creations in order to return to (and hopefully put an end to) the war of the gods, but can we be so sure that Ilryos is satisfied? What's to say he won't try to wipe out Orbis himself someday?
  • Faustus's Eye, the sentient sword used by Straze, is no ordinary weapon. In fact, it seems to be the one truly calling the shots behind Straze's ideals, using his might to wipe out the gods themselves. It seems to consider such beings as Diche, Orbis, Lunaris and even Ilryos to be nothing more than "lower gods", implying its true power may far surpass any and all of them, potentially making Anghraf look like a mite in comparison.
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  • You think facing a Wyvern is bad? How about facing an enormous dragon many times larger at the end of Godkiller Chapter 4? Worst part is, he wasn't even killed, just returned to the dimension he was sealed away in. Plus, he wasn't anywhere near his full power.

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