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Fanfic / First Contact: A Gemini Story

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Name: Jessica Grace Fletcher
Gender: Female
Age: 11 ½
Relation: Unknown
Time to Location: 1.47 Hours

Ferb's GPS

First Contact: A Gemini Story is a Phineas and Ferb General Fanfic, written by a user named Fossils Da Da Da (Who also happens to be a troper) that is currently posted on It can be read here.

In it, Ferb wakes up in the middle of the night after having a nightmare. To keep his mind of the bad dream, he re-calibrates his GPS so it will track family members. He ends up getting a signal from a girl named "Jessica G. Fletcher" that's only a few miles away from him.


The fic has received primarily positive reviews, being called "Well written with a very interesting plot and terrific story."

Note: This page contains many unmarked spoilers. Read at your own risk.

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