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  • xkcd #521: "Where did you get this Christmas tree?" "Nowhere." "Did you cut down the Yggdrasil?" "...Maybe."
  • Irregular Webcomic! features a crocodile hunter named Steve who has wrestled with Cthulhu on more than one occasion, and has yet to lose once. He also wrestled the Death of Being Wrestled to Death by Steve to death. Twice. Try not to think about that one.
    • The time a salt-water croc ate Cthulhu.
    • Steve also successfully wrestles a balrog, despite Terry's claims that it is impossible, to death in this strip.
  • The Adventures of Dr. McNinja: Dr. McNinja PUNCHED OUT DEATH.
    • So it was a slow work day for him, then?
  • The Seven Deadly Sins beat Death to death as well. Considering that the Sins aren't as powerful as you might think, this makes it more epic. Or would, if a certain Virtue didn't come in and make the finishing blow.
  • Gunnerkrigg Court: Kat punched the psychopomp Muut in its gut beautifully-sculpted abs after finding out what Muut and the psychopomps had done to tick off her best friend Annie. It didn't do anything to Muut, but more importantly nothing happened to Kat, who basically attacked (a) Death with her bare hands. As the author said, "Do you have a friend that would do the same for you?" A link for your amusement.
    • Also, who can forget Annie spanking Coyote?
      The Headmaster: Do you realize how many people could slap a creature like Coyote on the rump and live to tell about it?
      • And Jack forcefully tearing Reynardine from his assumed body.
  • In 8-Bit Theater, Red Mage cut open the head of a being capable of boiling the atmosphere. They would have achieved this again towards the end, but Sarda was beefed up from the orbs and had his power further amplified by Black Mage's super evil.
  • Sluggy Freelance (mind the spoilers for each story):
    • Chapter 10, "K'Z'K": Riff and Torg have just released the über-demon K'Z'K who is supposed to end the world. Then they hit him with the time blaster, freezing him in place. (But then he gets sent back in time to conquer the past.)
    • "The Storm Breaker Saga": K'Z'K is about to squash Torg and Zoë personally to keep them from preventing him from conquering the past, and swipes away the Book of Güd that they were about to use against him from Zoë's hands when she says she can't read it. The power of the pictures in the book reduces him into a bug-like creature, and Zoë steps on him.
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    • "That Which Redeems": The Talking Weapon Chaz, which when powered with the blood of the innocent can kill pretty much anything, suggests that Torg use it to destroy the Demon King. He doesn't actually follow on this plan, but during their escape, the Demon King intercepts them and strikes down at them with a sword formed out of his own darkness. Torg parries with Chaz, and just that is enough to throw the Demon King off and scar him.
  • This Sorcery 101 strip
  • One Two Lumps story arc featured a Cthuloid being that disguised itself as a mop to get into the house. Eben dealt with it in traditional feline fashion.
  • Problem Sleuth: Close, but it was actually Fluthlu.
  • In Tower of God, Enryu killed the Guardian of the 43rd Floor. That was one of the factors how Irregulars like Baam became The Dreaded.
  • Homestuck: The Black King of the Troll's session also counts. Twelve prototypings, one of which was an Eldritch Abomination, made it monstrously powerful, but they all still managed to lay the smack down and beat the game. And makes the denial of their ultimate prize for beating it all the more tragic.
    • In [S] Wake, Aradia, albeit temporarily, manages to timestop Bec Noir.
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    • Jack Noir, wearer of the ring of the Black Queen, powerful enough to slaughter two armies by gesturing and armed to the teeth with prototyping powers has his ass handed to him not once but twice by Bro Strider, Lil Cal and eventually Davesprite- a kernelsprite that isn't supposed to take out enemies above level 2, a guy who films ironic puppet porn and one of his most popular ventriloquist acts.
    • After interrupting the [S] 3x showdown combo. Kanaya crotch kicked Gamzee off a cliff and literally punched out God-tier Vriska.
    • Jade pulls this on Jack English. She teleported him three hours worth of flight away like it was no big deal. Admittably, Jade's pretty powerful herself, so it's a bit like Cthulu being punched out by Dagon.
    • Also in [S] Collide, Yaldabaoth, the most dangerous of all denizens, is beaten to death by an adolescent cherub with a crowbar juju.
  • In Mortifer, it was "Did you just shoot Lucifer in the face?" Of course, it only stuns him... Which is why Joey went to the precaution of having his girlfriend kidnapped. When we cut back to them a chapter later, Joey walks out of the room covered in blood, and asks his henchmen to deal with the body. Also, a flashback reveals that the reason that Joey became one of the fallen was because he killed a god and, it's implied, several angels as well. It seems that he's making a habit of doing this... Which is not a good thing.
  • In Panthera, Onca deals the surprise deathblow to Oosterhuis/Ari.
  • In the antepenultimatenote  storyline of minus, the green-haired girl tries to snap the title character out of her head-trauma-induced daze (which made her even more of a Cloud Cuckoo Lander than usual), by hitting her in the head with a rock. minus shatters.
  • In an issue of The Word Weary, Jason comes face-to-face with the Goddess Queen of the Sun while passed out drunk and opens a bottle of beer on her teeth. The trope is played with in that the sun goddess, while strange and hideous, seems kind and compassionate.
  • In Sinfest, done by MMX at the end of his run. Death gets right back up, albeit visibly worse for wear.
  • In Rusty and Co., an elder god is summoned by an amplified artificat, so Rusty eats the amplifier, and accidentally dismisses it.
  • In Gene Catlow, Crendall does this to the Leader of the quite insane Ancient Animen rather effectively, despite said Leader being considerably more powerful than him. Also counts as a Talk to the Fist.
  • Bram, of Bram & Vlad, was able to free his friend from Eldritch Abomination Zalgo's hold by being really angry.
  • In the opening of Far To The North Kelu, a girl with no martial training or supernatural abilities, attacks a dragon, one of the mystical fire-breathing progenitors of the entire goblin race, with her bare hands. It doesn't end well for the dragon.
    "Upon the end of my blade is a god, what side this being is on is the question. Is it the monster I see bleeding before me, or is it through the eyes of the monster of which I am in?" William
    "Dude, that's deep..." Blonde replacement
    "Deep? I was being Literal."
    — Useless Dumb Fucks redo [1]
  • Awful Hospital: Did you just destroy the gateway to the Burgrr Zone and put the entire Zone temporarily out of commission...with a sticky note?
  • Angel Moxie: Shortly after freeing the evil Vashi, Tristan punches her out of the window of her tower fortress. Vashi eventually lands in China.

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