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  • List of characters that can be hacked into Fire Emblem: Path Of Radiance. The fact that one of these characters shares a name with a character from Radiant Dawn is probably just a coincidence, as the two have different classes. The fact that Zelgius and the Black Knight have the exact same affinity, weapon ranks, and growth rate? Not so much. Yes, Developers' Foresight includes putting in spoilers for the sequel.
    • The dev team didn't get sloppy in the sequel, either, as they included many scenes of dialogue which are incredibly hard to see, like characters on opposing armies having a unique conversation before they battle where it's incredibly hard to get them to fight (like Micaiah and Soren, where the former cannot cross a specific line which she must defend and the latter is an NPC which rarely moves) and the Black Knight having a unique death quote if he dies on the chapter where he's player-controlled and none of the enemies can kill him.
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    • Lethe is the boss of Chapter 3-5; a case where a character who was playable in an earlier chapter serves as an enemy in a later one. Because of this it is possible for Lethe to be dead, in which case a unique one-off boss, Kezhda, takes her place.
    • The Endgame chapters in Radiant Dawn have a lot of variant dialogue depending on who you bring, but the most notable is during Endgame-3. The boss, Deghinsea, normally gives a generic I Warned You speech to all the Laguz Royals, but if you only bring one royal to Endgame (something few players will do given how Purposefully Overpowered they are) he'll address them personally, and each royal has a unique response.
    • In Path of Radiance, there's a lot of variance in scenes depending on whether or not certain characters died. Even some Support conversations change to reflect who's alive and who isn't, most notable being Makalov and Astrid.
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    • If Ike fights the Black Knight when he appears in Chapter 11 (he's unbeatable at this point) and Ike somehow survives, there are a few extra lines at the end of the chapter where Ike's sister Mist gives him an Anger Born of Worry-fueled What the Hell, Hero?.
    • The tutorial chapter of Path of Radiance has a surprisingly large amount of dialogue covering the many ways a player could goof around, such as refusing to attack Boyd, moving away from him when you're instructed otherwise, or shoving Boyd. It even averts Unwinnable by Insanity: if you make Ike drop his only weapon, Mist will give him a new one.
  • In Chapter 1 of Genealogy of the Holy War, the boss of the final castle you have to seize is a Dark Bishop who uses long-range Dark Magic, which is very difficult for your party at the moment to contend with. The recommended way of getting around this is to have Sigurd find and recruit Deirdre, a Shaman, and have her use her Silence Staff on the boss so that you can fight him without retaliation. However, there's nothing stopping the player from either walking over Deirdre's recruitment tileNote  or having Sigurd stay behind and having other units defeat the bishop, and if you have Sigurd go back to recruit her after the bishop is defeated, her recruitment dialogue will be very different - in fact, it actually spells out more about her backstory than the pre-defeat dialogue does.
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  • Eyvel in Thracia 776 has Plot Armor rigging the ring to make sure she always lives in battle. Get her captured and the dialogue changes to reflect that she was taken to Mareeta and Nanna. Furthermore in chapter 5 there is unique dialogue for every possible way for the battle in the arena to end.
  • In Blazing Blade's penultimate level, The Value Of Life (32x in Hector's Story, isn't in Eliwood's), the mission is to kill the Magic Seal Kishuna, whose chamber is closed off by a door and who summons reinforcements when said door is opened. Using the Warp Staff to send a unit into Kishuna's room on turn 1? Not such a great idea: those who try had better be prepared to go right after him rather than wasting time so the other units can pick up the treasures in the level. Sending a unit to the space directly above the door while it is still closed causes it to not only open on its own, but four Berserkers that wouldn't otherwise be in the level show up as reinforcements. note 
  • In some titles, there are levels in which there is a door which opens automatically after a specific number of turns, usually by an NPC. Under normal circumstances at the points in the game which they occur, it is effectively impossible to get to the door before it automatically opens. However, if the player somehow manages to reach the door and open it themselves, an otherwise inaccessible cutscene is displayed to accommodate the situation. Chapter 16 in Blazing Blade is an example of this.
  • At the end of the prologue in Shadow Dragon, the players must choose a unit to use as a sacrificial decoy so that the rest may escape. It is possible to choose Marth, even though the decoy will be Killed Off for Real and Marth dying ends the game. There is a specific cutscene for this scenario.
    • Similarly, this fits into Foreshadowing on a meta-level. Since most players refused to kill off characters to unlock the gaiden chapters, their only loss was the sacrifice in the prologue. When the Aum staff was found later in the game, most players attempted to use it on the sacrifice... but their name would not show up (despite other units who died via other means during the prologue being available). All characters from Shadow Dragon return in New Mystery, including Frey, who was confirmed as the canon sacrifice (as he is not present in hard mode, where the prologue is skipped). Frey will explain to My Unit that when he was discovered, he was beaten up but was left for dead, and was rescued by some citizens. Thus, the player could not actually revive the sacrifice... since they never actually died! Thus, foreshadowing New Mystery.
    • A plot point in Shadow Dragon is that only a princess can use the Aum staff. If one reclasses Minerva (a wyvern rider) or Caeda (a pegasus knight) into a class that can use staves, she will be able to use the Aum staff — since both of them are princesses. And later on in New Mystery of the Emblem, Sheena (also a princess) can do the same thing.
  • There have been a few occasions in which a boss who is not supposed to be beaten actually has dialogue or a situation on what happens if the player does manage to beat them:
    • In Genealogy of the Holy War, the Final Boss appears on a map at a time far before the cast is supposed to be able to beat him. If the player somehow can, he'll laugh it off and leave the battlefield, tossing a snarky remark of "Playtime is over — I'm going home." over his shoulder.
    • The players are told not to kill Fargus in Blazing Blade. However, they actually can attack him (Which isn't recommended, seeing how powerful he is) and the game takes into consideration what happens if the players do attack him — it's a Game Over.
    • In Radiant Dawn, one chapter has Lekain on the map. While he is supposed to flee when someone shows up, the player actually can get over to him and beat him, causing a scene to play where he retreats.
  • In Fire Emblem Awakening, Chrom and Lucina's Falchions are both usable by Spotpass and DLC Marth. It was originally his sword, after all.
    • Chrom's promoted class' battle model uses the Fire Emblem as a shield. The Fire Emblem is first given to him in Chapter 7, but if the player manages to do a ton of Level Grinding and get Chrom promoted before then, the shield won't appear on his model until he receives it in the story. And when the shield is taken in a story event later, it will also disappear from his model.
    • In Owain's supports with his father, he eventually reveals that his father died in a Heroic Sacrifice to save him in the Bad Future he comes from. This backstory is the same for nearly all of his potential fathers, except a Male Avatar, as this obviously couldn't have happened: the Avatar got possessed by Grima and caused said Bad Future. In this case, the support is slightly altered to Owain mentioning that his father was heavily wounded in a Risen attack (something that could've perfectly taken place before the Avatar was possessed) and Owain never saw him again.
      Owain [to a non-Avatar!father]: It was just a normal Risen, but somehow I didn't see it coming. You had no business dying when I was the one too stupid to watch his own back!
      Owain [to a Father!Male Avatar]: It was a Risen attack... You saved me but were gravely wounded in the process... We were separated in the chaos of battle... I never saw you again.
    • Validar in Chapter 23 of Awakening is behind a barrier, preventing anyone in the army other than Chrom and the Avatar from reaching him. He has special boss quotes for both of them, so one can't normally get to see his "generic" boss quote, but he does have one: the only way to legitimately see it is to use the long-range tome Mire. (The line also seems to be subtly referencing the fact that you're not fighting him the intended way.)
      Validar: Destiny is your master, one way or the other!
    • If the player chooses a female Avatar, Lon'qu may not appear in the barracks very often. He's extremely nervous around women due to his Dark and Troubled Past, and may only start appearing regularly after the Female Avatar marries him.
      • Speaking of Lon'qu, if he does show up in the barracks (or is paired up and steps onto an event tile on a map) and is speaking to a woman, his dialogue will be more nervous or hostile compared to his dialogue with men.
    • If Chrom doesn't have enough love points with any of his potential girlfriends when Chapter 11 hits, there's a fall-back option to ensure that Lucina will be born: an until-then unseen Girl Next Door that he hitches with after the Time Skip.
    • In Paralogue 9, in which Cynthia (Sumia's daughter) is tricked into thinking that the leader of a group of bandits is actually Chrom, some dialogue will be changed if Chrom is Cynthia's father, with Ruger berating Cynthia for calling him "Father" around the men.
  • There is a surprising amount of this in Fire Emblem Fates:
    • Caeldori is an Expy of Cordelia from Awakening. Normally, all parents have unmodified supports with their children, but if Selena is Caeldori's mother, then the supports actually will change to reflect this, as Selena is in fact Cordelia's daughter. An additional line plays at her recruitment chapter demonstrating this. Plus, the supports between Selena and Caeldori's father Subaki have them remark on how Subaki is, well, a gender flipped Cordelia expy too.
    • The Before Awakening DLC map takes place literally before Awakening. If Odin, Selena, or Laslow are deployed on this map, they can actually speak to Chrom, and Odin to Lissa. Similarly, Lissa will also respond to Ophelia, her granddaughter if she's on the map, and Chrom will respond to Caeldori, who is a dead-ringer for Cordelia. The other two Expies of Awakening characters, Rhajat and Asugi, won't get a response from Chrom... since the characters they are expies of, Tharja and Gaius, haven't actually met Chrom yet.
    • One of the big things about Conquest is that the players have limited ways to gain experience. If Arena-abuse is attempted, the characters actually don't get experience at all, and if DLC-abuse is attempted as well, then there's no new experience either. (Does not apply to the Boo Camp experience map, logically.)
    • If the characters undergo Clothing Damage during combat, then their models will not only keep the Clothing Damage, but it may even follow over to cutscenes.
    • If the players manage to rush to Takumi on Chapter 10 of Conquest before he uses the dragon vein against the Nohr army in the seventh turn, then he actually won't do it anyway. In fact, there is dialogue for this.
    • Garon appears on Chapter 12 of Birthright. It's pretty clear that he is not supposed to be approached, since the objective is for the Avatar to escape. But, following the example of Julius from Genealogy, if the characters actually do attack and defeat him, there are lines for this.
    • The battle backgrounds as well. Not only will the ground and walls match the tileset used, but it will match surrounding landmarks (such as trees, walls, nearby buildings) and even showcase nearby hazards such as barriers or broken walls. If the characters are fighting in a cramped hallway or an alley, the camera will give the player a shot from above since the "Default" view would place the camera in the middle of the wall. Looking at the transitions, one can even make out where specifically from it zooming in.
    • On the first Hidden Truths map, Owain, Severa and Inigo’s classes all use the flavour text from Awakening rather than Fates. This is especially prevalent for the latter two, who are both Mercenaries, as enemy Mercenaries in the chapter do have the Fates flavour text.
  • Fire Emblem Gaiden's remake, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, has a bit of this too:
    • If the player skips recruiting Kliff and/or Faye as Alm, Celica can recruit them instead, provided she goes out of her way to visit Ram Village.
      • Also, if players pass over on Silque, Python, and Forsyth, they won't join Celica, but they'll still get unique dialogue with her.
    • Alm's Falchion is one of the only weapons that can finish off the Final Boss. An amiibo Alm is capable of dealing the final blow, but only if the Alm data saved to it had the Falchion.
    • There are several recruitment scenes that altered depending on whether or not certain characters lived through the chapter. For example, if Mathilda dies in her chapter, her boyfriend Clive will chew Alm out for not saving her in time, and then Clair (Clive's sister) will yell at Tobin and Gray when they step in to defend Alm. Also, Leon will be angry with Celica if Valbar dies in their chapter, while Kamui joins her solely because the guy who'd been paying him before is dead now.
    • There are even some other scenes affected by who's present. For example, if Kamui isn't present when Celica goes to the Seabound Shrine, Boey will be the one to freak out over the Necrodragon instead of him.

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