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Lance Solomon Reddick (June 7, 1962 – March 17, 2023) was an American actor and musician.

He was best known for portraying Cedric Daniels in The Wire, Phillip Broyles in Fringe and Charon in the John Wick film series. He was also known for his roles as Det. Johnny Basil on Oz, Matthew Abbadon in the fourth and fifth seasons of Lost and Chief Irvin Irving in Bosch, along with voicing characters such as Commander Zavala in Destiny and Sylens in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Due to his tall stature and imposing baritone, Reddick was often typecast as figures of authority and/or enigma, but he was also One of Us, playing Destiny regularly (and sometimes posting joking videos of his character interacting with Zavala).

He passed away from heart disease on March 17, 2023, at the age of 60.


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